Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Vulvet Underground: A List of IP Addresses

Already being called in certain circles the “Dr. Judy Wood of Arlington, Virginia” banned poster stevenwarran kicks it up a notch as he takes revenge on the covert message board that thought it could invite him in to toy with—vlv! The Velveeta Vulvas of the intelligence community, who mocked when he said the real men at critical thrash had banned his deserving ass, hissing “It would take a rerouting of relayed buffer data in, like, 20 different cycles to ban you. Fucking bu$h league!” Bam! Bam!

But left holding the cock cheese 20 cycles later, as pouty co-eds, with undergrads at the helm, were forced by synthetic interior mechanisms to take similar action in response to a single minor, socially acceptable brush off by Warran to user:epheron, who's now whining did steven warran take out adspace on vlv to harass us?

Alerted by specific, if anonymous notice on June 22, 2007 at 6:10pm, when they came to him, stevenwarran blew through vlv like a twister looking for trailer parks. He'll now will do what he did once before, while passing on the same advice he was given: tighten up vlv, and emf.

A list of innocuous IP address’s which accessed starting on June 22, 2007, as part of what he took to be an international welcome wagon extending warm personal interest, all linking through a gratuitous epheron thread with a title as poorly researched as it was spelled:

conspriacy theorist believes vlv(yes this website is funded by

(Notes on the list. Times are EDST. The sequential numbers following an = sign, are specific to vlv and may carry some meaning to others. A few function as a link back to the original thread. Information in tawny brown comes from a secondary tracking service, OpenTracker, which picks up many overlooked visits, and adds some useful additional information, especially concerning visits routed through NSA facilities in Herndon, Virginia and Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Secondary tracking often returns alternate place names, which can be nearby routing centers, but as in the case of Southampton NY, which OpenTracker returns mistakenly as upstate “Warwick NY,” there may be errors. Yellow highlight on second appearance of an address and thereafter. Hours and minutes reference a few exceptionally long visits.)

6:10pm Spain

6:10pm =1
Canada 15hrs 41mins.

6:11pm =1
Duvall WA 3hrs 20mins.

6:12pm =3
Irvine CA

6:17pm Rancho Santa Fe

6:18pm Franklin Square NY

6:18pm =4
Bridgewater NJ

Mt. Laurel NJ

Nashville TN@6:24pm

Herndon VA
Akron OH

6:23pm =5
Elkton MD

6:24pm =5
Chicago IL 17hrs6mins

6:24pm =5
Chicago IL

6:26pm Minneapolis MI

6:26pm Montreal Quebec

6:28pm =5
Bellingham WA

6:30pm =6
Mt Laurel NJ
Tanner AL

6:31pm =6

6:31pm =6
Mt. Laurel NJ

6:33pm =7
Miami FL

6:33pm =6

6:33pm =9 Stratford CN

6:34pm =9 ool-43508b73.dyn.optonlin67.80.139.115
Stratford CN

6:34pm=9 Mason OH
Loveland OH

6:37pm =9 Wayne NJ
Medford NJ

6:39pm =11
St Louis M
Eau Clair WI

6:39pm =11
Mt. Laurel NJ
Tucson AZ

6:43pm =12 District of Columbia RCN Corp.

6:43pm =14 Derby England

6:49pm =15
Mt. Laurel NJ
Red Lion PA

6:52pm =15 Charlotte NC

6:55pm =15 ??

7:02pm =16
Tyler TX
Parkersburg WV

Ottawa Canada

7:05pm =16
Tyler TX

7:11pm District of Columbia

7:12pm =17
Greensburg PA

7:25pm =18 Pppox Pool - Rback15.emhril
Plano TX

7:26pm =18 Irvine CA
Tustin CA

7:28pm Schaumburg IL

7:52pm =21
San Diego CA

7:53pm =23
Fresno CA
Amherst Mass.

7:55pm KmfTV Montgomery MI

7:58pm =25 Irvine CA

8:09pm Kmf Tv Minnesota


8:11pm Los Angeles CA

Los Angeles CA

8:14pm =30
Somerset NJ

8:20pm Long Beach CA

8:21pm =23
Chicago IL

8:23pm Staten Island NY

8:27pm =34
Sarasota FL

8:27pm Charlotte NC

8:31pm =35
Herndon VA

8:31pm =36
Bakersfield CA

8:32pm =36
Atlanta GA

8:35pm =34
Sarasota FL
Savannah GA

8:37pm =38
Colonial Heights VA
Richmond VA

8:37pm =6
San Fran CA

8:38pm =11
Mt. Laurel NJ

Leeds GB

8:38pm =5
Chicago IL

8:38pm =39
Irvine CA

8:39pm =39
Herndon VA
Austin TX

8:43pm Gainesville FL
see Atlanta GA above

8:46pm =39
East Smithfield PA
Schnecksville PA

8:55pm =39
Herndon VA
Austin TX

9:06pm =44
Milwaukee WI

9:08pm =44 Waukesha WI
New Berlin WI

9:11pm =50

9:14pm Long Beach CA

9:15pm =50
South Jordon UT

9:18pm =56
Holland MI
Jamestown MI

9:18pm =56
Holland MI

9:20pm Stsn Geberal Holdings (
see South Jordon UT above

9:28pm =59

9:29pm =59 ??

9:32pm =59
Duvall WA

9:32pm =59
Charlotte NC

9:48pm =67
Newburgh NY Oneida NY

9:57pm =71

9:06pm =74
Oceanside NY
Mineola NY

9:28pm =84
Ottawa Canada

Herndon VA
Akron OH

9:34pm =41 ??

9:41pm =85 Stratford CN

9:47pm =85 ??

9:07pm =88
Mt. Laurel NJ
York PA

9:14pm =88
Riverside CA
Long Beach CA

9:15pm =1
Victorville CA

9:47pm =91
Cape Coral FL

9:53pm =94 Eastpointe MI
Bonita Springs FL

June 23, 2007 12:00am

00:10am =97
Mountain View CA

00:27am =97

2:01am =102 ??

2:15am =103
Fairfield IA Dysart IA

2:16am =103
Windsor CN

2:32am =103 Okinawa

2:43am =107
Mt. Laurel NJ 19hrs22mins
Tucson AZ

2:43am =107
San Francisco CA
Oakland CA

3:19am =107
Mt. Laurel NJ 9hrs0mins
Nashville TN

4:36am =110
Mt. Laurel NJ
State College PA

5:55am CPE0016ecf20718-CM001404598640.cpe.
Crestwood KY

5:58am =11
Garden Grove CA
Huntington Beach CA

6:06am 82-47-119-42.cable.ubr08.dudl.blueyonder. London England

Oslo Norway
Telenor Business Solutions

6:32am =111
Portland OR

6:33am =111
Portland OR

6:40am =111

Baden-wurttemberg Esslingen Germany

7:13am Bellingham WA

7:13am =111
Raleigh NC

7:19am =111
Sydney Australia

8:26am =111 Apple Austin TX

9:10am =111 Reston VA

9:11am =111 VA

9:20:am =111
Sydney Australia 53mins

Montreal Quebec
Canada 15hrs41mins

10:16am =111
Minneapolis MI

10:25am =111 New York NY

10:26am =112
Lee Enterprises Inc US
Davenport IA

10:27am =112
Long Beach CA

10:31am =112
Chicago IL

Reston VA

Brooklyn NY

10:38am =112
Embarq Corporation

Herndon VA
Charlotte NC

10:50am =112 host86-140-247-27.range86-140. London England

10:50am =112 host86-140-247-27.range86-140.

11:13am =113

11:17am =113 Stratford CN

11:28am =113
Chicago IL

11:29am =113
Chicago IL

11:31am =113
Chicago IL

11:43am ??

11:45am 204-85-74-61.uw.charl-nc.ntc-com.netNorth
CarolinaResearch And Education Network
Kannapolis NC

11:49am =113

11:53am =113

11:53am =113

Oceanside NY 13hrs54mins

12:10pm Miami FL

12:11pm Brisbane Australia

12:27pm Piotrkow Poland

12:15pm =118 Tokyo Japan

Canandaigua NY
Penfield NY

Plano TX
Schaumburg IL

Los Angeles CA

1:06pm District of Columbia

1:08pm =130
Miami FL

1:13pm =130
Albany NY
Round Lake NY

1:29pm =131 Dumont NJ 13hrs32mins

1:32pm =131

1:50pm =135
Charlotte NC

1:50pm =135
Greensburg PA
Manor PA 18hrs38mins

1:51pm =135
Charlotte NC

1:54pm =135
Mt. Laurel NJ 19hrs22mins

2:00pm =135
Charlotte NC
Chapel Hill NC

2:08pm =137
Silver Spring MD

2:29pm District of Columbia

2:38pm =139 Atlanta GA

2:39pm =139 Atlanta GA

2:41pm =139 Atlanta GA

3:34pm =144
Los Angeles CA

3:49pm =144
London GB

3:56pm =144

4:21pm =144
Dundalk MD

4:52pm =144
Seattle WA

4:58pm =144
Dallas TX


5:18pm =144
Dallas TX

6:48pm =3186
St. Louis M
Eau Claire WI

7:48pm =149 ??

7:32pm =157
New York NY

7:35pm =154
Metuchen NJ

7:37pm =157
Indianapolis IN

7:40pm =157
New York NY

7:43pm =157
New York NY

8:15pm =152
Manchester GB

8:16pm =152
Manchester GB

8:17pm =152
Manchester GB

10:19pm =172
Pasadena CA

10:05pm Bloomingburg

10:17pm Breedon Derby England

10:05pm =152

11:16pm Titusville FL

11:38pm =178
Herndon VA

11:46pm =178 pool-70-108-239-198.
District of Columbia

June 24, 2007 12:00am

00:23am =178
District of Columbia

07:36am Port Washington NY

07:37am Indianapolis IN

07:43am Franklin Mich.

08:04am West Lafatette IN

08:19am Gaithersburg MD

09:52am =179
Manchester England

09:53am =179
Manchester England

09:54am =179
Manchester England

11:38am Akron OH

3:27pm =181
Irvine CA

3:38pm =182
Irvine CA

4:27pm =183
Valdosta GA

4:30pm =183
Valdosta GA

4:33pm =183
Valdosta GA

4:38pm =183
Valdosta GA

4:42pm =183
Valdosta GA

5:12pm =186
Charlotte NC

5:48pm =187

5:56pm =187
Cape Coral FL

6:30pm =187
San Diego CA

9:17pm =189
Vancouver British Columbia

9:45pm =189 pool-71-247-240-100.nycmny.east. New York NY

June 25, 2007

09:38am =193
Bucknell University Selinsgrove PA

11:53am =195
Oconomowoc WI

:09pm =195 host86-138-37-185.range86-138. London England

June 26, 2007

2:58am =2
Mt. Laurel NJ

2:58am =2
Mt. Laurel NJ

2:59am =2
Albany NY

3:24am =3
San Francisco CA

3:47am =3

4:45am =3
Dallas TX

7:36am Accutrade Inc New York NY

I hope this cast a bit of sunlight onto the pentagram of scum.
A lot has changed since I blog posted critical thrash ip addresses (to much scorn then, so go ahead, heap, heap away!) Much information about sites used to be picked up from a surface reading, but now, only the higher educational entities, Bucknell University and Valdosta State University, and the media whores Lee Enterprises and
KMF -TV: Mokihana Media reveal themselves.

In my time on vlv I started only a single thread The Escape Routes at the Pentagon were blasted (92 views). I remember that evening well, with its very painful insight.
It didn't go anywhere, so it's clear we're better off apart
after all.

I wonder, if I made confession and did penance, would the criticalthrash guys let me back on their board? They'll never get another thread like my masterpiece Hi Boys! I hope you're watching Discovery Channel..., which bests their stodgy old warhorse
the 9/11 pentagon conspiracy by a long shot. Ah, the good old
days--when threats were threatening instead of sad.

Two threads were started in February pertaining to stevenwarran. On February 8, tryviolencestarted a crewcial thread called has this response to bco/riskus been posted?!! and it ran until February 26.

On February 9 Riskus started a thread called have you guys seen this yet? on the critical thrash message board, which is a subordinating grouping within the larger bco community, its ostensible focus on skateboarding, but overall more tolerant of vulgarity, scatology, latent homosexuality and ultra violence. The thread ran until June 12, 2007 when it petered out.

Riskus founded the criticalthrash message board on September 10, 2001, and is listed as its first member. imeyer, the founder of, is listed as criticalthrash's sixth member. They are the only two who belong to both boards under the same identities.