Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Don Wright: Another Eyewitness to the Pentagon Attack Gets an Entire Blog to Himself

Because we’ve got some serious problems here gang. I ain't fooling!

I had no desire to debunk this testimony. It unequivocally supported my bias for a small commuter jet being the honest, if sometimes confused, eyewitnesses, leaving the 757 American Airlines eyewitnesses as the log-throwing liars. But now it would appear we have double strands of black op dis-info working at parallel cross purpose.

Below is a transcript of an interview ABC’s Peter Jennings conducted over the telephone with a man named Don Wright, very early in the day on 9-11 (exact time under research) Read the transcript first please:

Pentagon Eyewitness Don Wright

ABC’s Peter Jennings: OK, then let me go quickly to someone named Don Wright, who saw the plane crash into the Pentagon. Don are you there in Washington??

Wright: Yes I am.

Jennings: Can you tell us what happened?

Wright: Yes, it was about 9:35 and I was looking out our 12th floor windows at 1600 Wilson Blvd in Roslyn VA, and I watched this...it looked like a commuter plane, two engine, come down from the south, real low and proceed right on and crashed right into the Pentagon.

Jennings: Went directly into the Pentagon?

Wright: That is correct.

Jennings: Looked like a deliberate act?

Wright: A deliberate act, sir.

Jennings: And can you tell me what direction it came from Don?

Wright: It came from the south.

Jennings: It came from the south. Up along the river, or across the land?

Wright: (pause) It came…it came from the south.

Jennings: (pause) OK. Did you happen to look at your watch? We thought it was just a little bit before ten o’clock.

Wright: (Quickly) Well I was watching ABC news, watching the twin tower (slows down)…ah… and about...(long pause)...(then very quickly) and about that time I saw the plane, I watched it come in real low over the trees, and it just dipped down, and came down over 395 straight into the Pentagon.

Jennings: And are you fairly sure that it was what we commonly recognize as a ‘commuter plane?’

Wright: Yes it was.

Jennings: Thank you very much.

Now listen to the video. There are some very strange things going on here. First, when Wright answers that the plane came from the south, and Jennings asks a follows up,“It came from the south. Up along the river, or across the land?” It leaves Wright speechless, only able to reassert his original line. This can mean only one thing: that he hadn’t seen a plane in the context he claimed, he was just repeating a line, and apparently he didn’t even have a general understanding of the lay of the land. So he had no way of knowing if the question was a setup, and wisely shutup.

And it happens a second time, when Jennings offhandedly brings up the issue of the timing of the plane attack (apparently having forgotten Wright had mentioned it at the start.) Nothing could be more momentous and singular than the exact moment a 757 airplane crashes into a solid masonry fortress, but in the early hours after the attack, we have credible time stamps placed on the event by the networks running from CNN’s Bob Franken’s “9:20” to ABC’s Peter Jennings' “just before 10am” How is this possible people? Bombs and missiles can come in multiples, but not 757’s. Not here at least.

But when Jennings asks him if he happened to look at his watch, Wright is glad for the opportunity to move on from the previous fiasco and quickly launches into a story, not recognizing a new danger, but somebody is advising him over his shoulder and as he stumbles, slows down, repeats a word, then a very long pause, as somebody feeds him exactly what to say, he restarts in a fast declaration completely avoiding the question in the process. Hello?

Next, I wanted to see things from his viewpoint, so I Google mapped 1600 Wilson Blvd, Roslyn VA.


But with Google satellite, 1600 Wilson doesn't look 12 stories tall. It don't believe it can half that. And between 1600 and the Pentagon there appear to be some other buildings blocking the sight lines, and shouldn't properly from this perspective it be said, the plane was coming from the west? .

The problem now is that while the number of testimonies asserting a small commuter plane is growing, at the same time many more of the 757 testimonies are being exposed as fraudulent, enough so that a logical argument that the official story is based on a pack of lies could be won, we now are on much shiftier sand.

Let's continue with the work. And God Bless each and everyone!

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