Monday, August 13, 2007

Aziz ElHallan, Aziz ElHallan, Aziz ElHallan

The following 5 minute FOX studio interview with Aziz ElHallan, which aired live at 4:39 on the afternoon of September 11th, 2001, surely was never broadcast again. It is perhaps the most important and damning of all the eyewitness interview videos. Google his name in quotation marks and only three hits return, and since Afework Hagos returns 1000 that is proof of suppression. And corruption. But those come from within the ranks of the 9-11 truth movement, advocates who go on endlessly rehashing the most inane details of this or that, while sitting quietly on powerful evidence such as this.

It takes an oleaginous and fidgety Arab, Americanized in all the wrong ways, teamed up with the master's of media manipulation, the Fox Network, to finally reveal the truth of Arlington: that these people are profoundly stupid; moreover their hubris blinds them to how poor an effort they put in. It wasn't a part of the plan to wind up here, six failed years later, with a failed war, but the failed Constitution was planned. Everything failed for the same reason: the motivations were bad and ego led them to under perform. Noam Chomsky can't grasp 9-11 skepticism because to do so would mean America's leaders are insane. Did he stop to think they could be dumb?

It is clear now, to me at least, who is who. The staged exchange in the Fox studio, where ElHallal brings a piece of aircraft skin, which he says landed near his car, as show and tell, or show and smirk actually. Like Rumsfeld's mounting of a piece as a coffee-table sculpture, or Elgass's making a museum donation out of a piece. If a plane didn't crash at the Pentagon, where did they get the pieces of airplane from?

We can see in the first moments of the interview, when ElHallal can't get the intended word out of his mouth, eight instead of nine, south instead of north, that his demons are so near the surface. Than note the emotional falsity and the planned and coordinated bits. The equilibrium is kept but it belongs on another planet. We need an exorcism here, not an investigation.

That they thought an apparent Muslim would be useful for this says everything about the kind of operation they had.

Some of the eyewitnesses are lying and some are telling the truth. You must decide for yourself who is who, and these videos are a great source of information.

One of my most powerful emotional memories from 9-11 has to do with a studio interview. After escaping the towers, a young guy had walked all the way uptown to his sister's apartment in the West 60's and rang the bell. She was dumbfounded with joy, but since she was a producer at ABC, she rushed him over to the studios around the block and had him on live before noon. Now I may have redacted some memories in here, but my recollection is the guy had taken pictures on his way down the staircase, including the famous image of a fireman in full gear walking against the crowd, with his face turned upward, expressing many things to the camera. Blessedly, that fireman survived, if I'm not mistaken, but that wasn't known then, and you could see the exact moment when the survivor put two and two together in his mind, the fireman whose duty it is to enter burning buildings, walking up the stairs, and the buildings falling down, and the guy just burst into tears and sobbed. You don't get to witness emotional reality like that very often, especially on TV, especially when the tears are for somebody else.

The comparison between the two leaves me feeling shaken.

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He brings a piece of the plane to the studio


  1. A little gift from CIT...

    Less than 5 minutes after. We're better photo starers than you.

  2. "most of the cars had the front windshields broken cause of thenoise of the airplane?" And he has a stack of these plastic sheets the same day - and a guy who looks like hiim wearing the same type of shirt is seen at the wrong place and time, and I haven't heard of him anywhere until just now? And he was news to everyone else back in August?

    Thanks for this post Steve. I'll have to look into this some more sometime. And good work in general - you've written and found a lot of good stuff and it's perhaps jealousy as much as anything that keeps me from appreciating you work closer. That and time...

  3. oops I meat a sheet, not a stack. Still - never seen that before.