Saturday, August 11, 2007

Memo to Southold Supervisor Re: NSA

I want to inform whoever supervises the diligent round-the-clock computer tech people who until recently have had what seemed like unlimited access to my hard drive, where they deleted files almost as fast as I created them, that this last go around was very successful for your team. I currently have no Pentagon image files remaining on my computer at all--nada. Hours and hours of work have been cleansed/purged, douched and denuded of all things remotely Arlingtonian. Are you happy? Have you earned your keep? Good. Have a medal cast and be awarded.

But every time I recreate an archive from scratch, I grow a little bit more attuned to the potential contained within it (and I think I finally have you bastards locked out of my computer, for the time being at any rate.) So go on--destroy, it's all you can do--whatever made you think you could "create" democracy in the Middle East? Or were you just going to "bring" it on, which is different?

But yes, Praise Jesus! I'm finding important stuff I uploaded to flickr beforehand and you can't touch it once it's up on the web, can you? Or are you choosing not to reveal certain abilities until a critical moment?

I'm glad that Í saved the following Jason Ingersoll image, which is numbered DM-SD-02-03928 in the official DoD archives, although it hasn't been seen there in quite awhile. Some important narrative is being exploited in it, which I'd like to explain.

First off, I've named it "Hoodies and Homies" in tribute to some of the younger men shown in it. It appears to have been shot late on September 11, the day a galvanizing event changed the world's political reality. Here at the epicenter of a momentous crime scene, which the FBI has kept strictly privileged, three younger guys who look like they're working off some community service in lieu of doing jail time, can be seen laconically posed around an Arlington fireman who appears to be giving a lesson in flag etiquette, while older guys looking like camp counselors in navy-blue knit shirts avoid the camera.

Adding to the overall lack of focus, off to a side, members of the Old Guard regiment look to be helping fix an ignition problem in a fire-chief's vehicle, while in the background the Pentagon building cools off unattended.

Is this not a central tenet in secret hierarchal organizations? The methodology of bringing up the next generation--like a Jesuit's "give me a boy until the age of seven," here translated into "give me a needy Arlington youth, raised in the shadow of this edifice"--an essential passing on of accumulated knowledge, the links in a covert chain. A teaching of tradition to troubled lads with the discipline of structure and an occasional reward, like maybe an eight-ball and a $1000 hooker after they've been ordered to do something especially heinous but necessary.

On related message boards I was always getting my authority fetish triggered by this sort of shit. Most recently, after I was banned from vlv, a thread was started there, did steven warran take out adpsace on vlv to harass us? (answer: yes.) Some headmaster type named treymon pops up and storms, "i demand an explanation of this ad," which causes the senior boys, Caliphate and epheron to snap to attention. treymon than takes all of six minutes and eight seconds to read and reply, "yeah i just sort of read that blog, i kept thinking it was funny but then i realized somebody wasted hours of time on it. i'm baffled."

What somebody wastes hours of time on is recovering from the low-grade warfare of harassing computer assaults. The baffled treymon had better be at least as cute as this guy if he expects to get anywhere in life.

John C. Inglis

My minder, whom I call "Southold Guy," is someone from that Long Island town who keeps tabs on me, checking in every day or two, but rarely staying long. Google analytics tells me that I've had 25 individuated ip's visit me between 101 and 200 times each, but Southold Guy is nearby, and he is the only one to also pay such scrupulous attention to my gay-shit blog. I hope he is bearing up under any pressure, It can't be easy.

He doesn't use the local ethernet cable service, optonline, instead his address appears like this:

New York, Southold, United States (
But then his ip address changes with each visit, so he rarely gets counted as a repeat visitor. These are from the last several days: ( ( (

cryptome tells us that the NSA uses that range of ip addresses

NSA IP Packet Tracking and Analysis

Level 3 Communications, Inc. -

Then I find out that Grace Slick is a spook!!! How do you think that makes me feel?

The operative information in the following goo-gaw would be the numeral zero at the end of the vivalavinyl address (absolutely horrible name, what could they have been thinking?) which is actually, ahead of "NumberOne" (whoever it is,) which when combined with the dead giveaway of "Mt. Laurel New Jersey," (which rhythms with Laurel Maryland) gives us official confirmation that vlv is NSA. See. I could have said it in eight letters and two spaces.

Number of Entries:
Entry Page Time:
Visit Length:
11th August 2007 17:51:47
7 hours 12 mins 29 secs
Safari 1.2

United StatesRet
urning Visits:
Entry Page:
Exit Page:
Referring URL:
New Jersey, Mt. Laurel, United States ([Label IP Address]

It's nice to get to know where my board and blog acquaintances are coming from, although isn't NSA snooping on Americans said to be limited to their international contacts? Did I once click on a web page that originated overseas? Is that how it is justified?

What operational relationships does the NSA have with entities or organizations outside of government, i.e. who is truly served?

When is the New York Times going to out the NSA as not just mere observers, recorders and decoders, but in fact, active participants in info-war? I hope it happens while I can still habeas my own corpus.

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  1. You always do that, Steven, save the best damn line for last (or near last) so I have to read the entire thing to get to it.

    That's okay. Lovin' every minute. Being the absolute word whore and thief that I am, I am now officially stealing "I hope (blah blah) happens while I can still habeas my own corpus" as my new mantra. Thanks...