Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pentagon eyewitness: Don Chauncey

Don Chauncey, a blogette if you will, on a name infrequently encountered on the lists. His witness seems credible, calling in to CBS News9 from his office near the beltway. He saw a white "Gulf Stream type" commuter jet, flying a route at a high rate of speed that ended in a "big yellow ball of fire." My only problem with him may be personal, but I find vexing any mention of "picking up speed" as it approached its target, as if anybody could distinguish speeds over 400mph, or for those close-by witnesses, changes in the pitch of jet whine, when with the Doppler effect everything would over within the microseconds the event lasted. To me it was a planted meme meant to induce maximum steroidal muscle flexing on the part of America's retaliators. As such it was one of several shibboleths. Personally, slowing down would make for a better meme, as the culprits finessed the blow.

But then for some reason (utter confusion) I wound up making a full transcript of the clip and I was amazed at a fact which literally popped out at me. (Popped isn't exactly the right word. After listening 30 or more times to, Don: (Emphatically) No, no, absolutely not! I finally just paid attention.)
Andrea: Don Chauncey, are you there?

Don: Yes I am.

Andrea: You witnessed what happened at the Pentagon. What did you see.

Don: From my office I was able to see ah A white jet, like a gulf-stream type commuter jet, I guess, just came at a high rate of speed, ah, I can see National Airport’s tower from our office, and it just increased its speed as it got closer to the Pentagon, and then I just saw the big yellow ball of fire.

Andrea: Don exactly where is your office? From where are you watching this?

Don: …ah, we’re, our, offices are off Brannon? and St. Barnabas? at the Beltway, so I overlook the Beltway from my office.

Mike: Could you tell Don, did the plane come out of National?

Don: (Emphatically) No, no, absolutely not! (Quickly) There was a, it appeared to be, a US Air commuter jet that went over the top of our building, which is a normal flight pattern, I guess for the commuters. And this looked like it was coming…from (pause) I’m guessing, coming down Columbia Pike in Arlington, down that way, and then just picked up a high rate of speed, I mean from my desk right now I can see the Pentagon, basically where the metro station is, and the buses, I can see that and to the right, but I can’t see the, I guess, the south parking area.

Mike: Right.

Andrea: Don what’s the reaction of others in your office? I mean watching the world trade center and then seeing this right, literally, in your own backyard

Don: Well myself and another coworker who sits beside me, both of us were actually on the phone looking out the window when it happened and we both dropped the phone, and we picked it back up, and said we got to go, it looks like somebody…there’s been a plane crash at either the airport or the Pentagon.

Don Chauncey speaks in my kind of emotional truth, for what it's worth. I can hear a reality that I can identify with. So when he responds to a question--one that means nothing to me--with a most emphatic opinion, what I hear is I'm missing out on something.

The story behind these interviews, how they emerged, who brought them forth, is as important to know, as pixel resolution would be in spotting doctored photographs. That is why these videos reveal so much more than context-less lists. Perhaps when this examination is finished, it will be in the cross references, or in patterns, that something conclusive will arise.

Don and Mike seem to be finishing some sort of advance briefing. The issue of a second plane is no laughing matter. That the discussion was sanitized by advanced consent seems a given after the slip--I'm just curious what Don's demons are. Otherwise we are just continuing in covert loops here and only blowback will win.

Having spent some time with Andrea and Mike I can say, I really don't like them as professionals. They display what I think Luce and Time magazine were criticized for--putting too much of themselves into the product. Regular viewers of this pair wouldn't know what to feel without Mike's sighing, and Andrea's emotional determinations. I also have a hunch they're cut in on the deal in a big way, but that's premature--I've just gotten started.

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