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Dawn Vignola Throttles on the Internets

A mirror bookend to Tim Timmerman's testimony, except hers went out on local and not network television, is the account of Dawn Vignola, who along with her roommate--he is a plane person, she tells us--saw the jet impact the Pentagon from their hi-rise apartment. The first words out of her mouth are "American Airlines 757," while her "friend" can't keep his mouth shut, as he repeatedly prompts her to repeat entire catch phrases: He actually added power right by the Sheraton....It came right down Columbia Pike, low and with throttles on. Throttles on? oh, you mean full-throttle!

I wondered for a second why the guy wasn't just giving the report, but then I caught on: his name isn't on the lease. If you Google "Dawn Vignola"+Arlington, a single hit returns--her phone number and address, and I call that making it easy for 9-11-truth advocates.
Dawn Vignola (703) 920-8936 1600 S Joyce St, Arlington, VA 22202 Map

Tim Timmerman said in his CNN interview that he was "about a quarter mile, maybe a little closer" to the Pentagon, but the apartment at 1600 Joyce is more like three-quarters of a mile away. Not having been down to study the lay of the land in person myself, unlike some truth advocates, I know I go out on a limb by insisting the design and layout of the apartment buildings is a telling indicator of the Pentagon's desire for maximum privacy--to what end we must attribute a motive.

That Tim's panorama was the same nickelodeon view as Dawn's could justify their similar attempts to explain away an apparent lack of damage, which must have been perceived by the perpetrators in the first hours as a failed strike. That is, the shock and awe of a 757 had better leave suitable Sturm und drang of damage.

In an effort not to succumb to the other side's heavy-handed tactics, I'll only allude with a subtle tap on the gentle reader's shoulder, by quoting Dawn's last observation,
"This was right, aimed right at it. But unfortunately I think it hit the heliport,and it didn’t look like it damaged too much of the Pentagon"
This was followed by her prompter's (Tim Timmerman's) correction: "Fortunately."

You do get it don't you?

Pentagon eyewitness: Dawn Vignola
Uploaded by Ashoka_lc

Andrea: We have Dawn on the phone now who is another witness to what happened at the Pentagon, Dawn, can you hear us? Dawn?
Dawn: Hello?
Andrea:Yes Dawn, this is Andrea in the newsroom with Mike Buchanan. What did you see?
Dawn: I saw the, it was an American Airlines 757 and it came in and hit the side, it hit the heliport…(coached)…came down Columbia Pike and hit the heliport, next to the Pentagon I live in an apartment building on that side of the Pentagon and it just crashed right into it, I don’t know if it damaged the side of the Pentagon, it doesn’t look that badly damaged but I know it hit at least the heliport on the side of the Pentagon.
Andrea: You stated it was a 7….
Dawn: (Interrupting) American Airlines..
Andrea: …57…how could you tell? How could you tell? Could you see that?
Dawn: Yes, I could see it…un huh…(Coached) And my roommate is an airplane person and he saw it to, I mean, we saw the whole thing.
Andrea: OK
Mike: It didn’t come, come out of National? It came out from the west?
Dawn: No it didn’t, (coached) It came right down Columbia Pike, low and with throttles on.
Mike: With like, the...full throttle?
Dawn: Ya... (with coaching overlapping) He actually added power right by the Sheraton.
Andrea: And that’s what we heard from Don as well, he added power and went straight for the Pentagon, so this was no accident.
Dawn: No, No.
Andrea: It was deliberate
Dawn: This was right, aimed right at it. But unfortunately I think it hit the heliport,and it didn’t look like it damaged too much of the Pentagon
Andrea: Alright Dawn, thank you very much for calling us with that.
Mike: Andrea, ya…listen, thank you very, very much.

I'm getting tired of Andrea and Mike. All their sighing and clucking is getting on my nerves. I wish they'd stop the case-building on motive and intent, it implicates every testimony that states the plane revved up its power and speed as it neared the building. From what? From 415 to 523 miles per hour? How much can the pitch of a whine vary in a few seconds given the Doppler effect?

With later research it turns out Dawn's prompter was Tim Timmerman, who gave his own interview on CNN. Compare his more composed version with Dawn's.

Pentagon eyewitness Tim Timmerman

Compare the two video clips and check out the comment section of this blog.


  1. My father and older brothers are all airplane fanatics, and I can remember spending a good part of my childhood just sitting on the hood of a car near the end of a runway (Long Beach Airport, mostly, and then LAX on special occasions) watching the planes land. My memory may be playing tricks on me (I wasn't as into it as my brothers and dad), but I think in this case you can hear the pilot throttling up and down, etc., as he/she tries to land.

    Normal landing is probably much different from a plane going 400mph, though, as you say, but maybe that is not an accurate number for the speed, too. I thought it was not possible for 757's to go that fast at a low altitude because the air is too thick. Just one more thing to have to look up. I suspect it's all been done before. What a pain.

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  3. The 9-11 Commission Report has Flight 77 as going at 530 miles per hour at impact, which is hard to believe. I wonder what purpose an inflated speed serves?

    I'm not used to being kept up on my toes like this girl! Sincere thanks nonetheless, but remember, I don't work with children or animals.

  4. I feel like I am crashing a great party here. Just boot me if it gets to be too much of a pain.

    Here is an excerpt from an official propoganda site promoting a plane wobble. You introduced me to Hagos, thank you, but I am not familiar with the rest of the cast of characters here. I am still recovering from Penny Elgas's "Patriot Box," if you have not Googled her yet...


    One of the most interesting quotes comes from Afework Hagos who commented on the plane see-sawing back and forth, suggesting that the pilot was struggling to keep the plane level in either pitch or roll or perhaps both. Hagos was stuck in traffic near the Pentagon when the 757 passed overhead. He reported, "There was a huge screaming noise and I got out of the car as the plane came over. It was tilting its wings up and down like it was trying to balance." Another eyewitness named Penny Elgas also referred to the plane rocking back and forth while Albert Hemphill commented that, "He was slightly left wing down as he appeared in my line of sight, as if he'd just 'jinked' to avoid something." These observations were further confirmed by Mary Ann Owens, James Ryan, and David Marra who described the plane's wings as "wobbly" when it "rolled left and then rolled right" and the pilot "tilted his wings, this way and in this way."

  5. Nichole--you can come and cry at my parties anytime.

    Excellent explanation on aerodynamics but disinfo. The credible comment on the pilot's competency came from the air-traffic controller who said "all of us professionals in the tower thought it was a military pilot because of the skill displayed," or some such, and this was in reference to the 360 degree turn.

    I'll get you a link to the page in the commission report taht attests to the plane's speed as 530. If the black box facts hold true ( is who I trust mostly) than that discrepancy alone would be grounds to redo the Warran Report, ah...excuse me...a study. Penny Elgis?

    My dear, Penny and I go way back.

  6. "Here is an excerpt from an official propoganda site..."

    "Excellent explanation on aerodynamics but disinfo."


    That's rich! You people are crazy, believing the ramblings of uneducated conspiracy theorists but discounting the knowledge of experts who actually work on aircraft!

  7. Where to begin. It's tiresome responding to people who are hell bent on fomenting conspiracies where common sense and facts are more revealing.

    You criticize Ms. Vignola's report but admit to not having contacted her nor visited the location directly. That immediately invalidates much of your babble. Common sense informs you that she is placing the call shortly after witnessing the horrible event in full close-up 3-D. A certain amount of emotion can deny someone the perfect words to use. Furthermore, she was diligently reporting the events to the first news agency that picked up the phone. Timmerman (apparently a business associate of the other person on the lease), was in a remarkably excited state and could not help ranting while Dawn attempted to carry on a conversation. Again, look at this with common sense. I'm sure you know how difficult it is to carry on a telephone conversation while someone is loudly babbling at you. In fact I was told that Timmerman was so loud that she could "barely hear herself think". Add to that the fact of just having witnessed a plane load of people die in a fiery explosion, and this allows for a certain amount of awkwardness to be inserted into the conversation. So rather than describe her report as being coached, you should have gotten the real story and applied common sense to discover that the highly emotional pilot, who was in fact interviewed separately, was attempting to share his story at the same time, thus making it awkward for Ms. Vignola.

    From the vantage point of that apartment, it does indeed appear that the plane hit on or about the helipad before slamming into the building. Also, the readily recognizable rapid increase engine noise, according to both of these witnesses, does indeed indicate throttling up. Common sense once again. If you've been in an airplane that has increased power, you can in fact hear it within a second, just as you can while stand inside the terminal. Your Doppler effect bit doesn't fit given the very short distance involved between the plane and the apartment.

    It is evident that Dawn and Timmerman, a long time pilot and aeronautical enthusiast, are the only two credible witnesses for the full approach, turn, and crash that occurred. All witnesses on the ground would not have had time to get their bearings and truly note direction, speed, coloring, etc. Another poster mentioned a man hearing a loud noise and then getting out of his car to look. I think his credibility is questionable given the mere seconds involved. If sitting in a car, by the time the sound registered in his ears, the event would be over before he could have gotten out of his car, looked around, focused, and spotted the plane. Certainly the people at the gas station lacked credibility given that they would be under the car port and thus unable to see the airplane. No matter which edge of the car port they may have been at, they would have been unable to see both the approach direction and crash. Only one or the other and merely a few seconds of the event. Look at these reports with common sense please.

    As for the plane wobble, Timmerman reported at having seen the wing dip and appear to hit the ground the moment before full impact. There is no reason to doubt this nor additional wobble given the plane was not attempting to land but rather hit the building and thus the pilot would have fought the large plane to turn it as desired.

    It's time to let it go. It is not by any stretch of the imagination difficult to believe that some people were able to gain sufficient pilot training and fly a plane in a relatively straight line into a huge target. No conspiracy, just the results of decades of poor foreign policy.

  8. Who the fuck are you? Tiresome to respond? Why are you bothering then? Want to tell us your name please?

    No? Then understand my common sense please. This pair (along with the likes of Dave Winslow) created the myth of a plane in Arlington on 9-11. Well under 200 so-called "eyewitnesses" on that brilliant, sunny autumn morn--a record with such consistent inconsistencies the entirety is damned as a synthetic construct. Dawn and Tim go to the gallows my friend, after a trial and verdict by their peers. That is the way we begin.

  9. Listen to the fucking tape!

    She says "unfortunately."

    He prompts "fortunately!"

    Pathetic MF.

  10. "Apparently he was a business associate of the other person on the lease?" Well, why then, did Timmerman speak in the first-person singular in his CNN interview as looking out his window? He said I live on the 16th floor.

    The fact these two were in the same apartment damns them. What were they doing looking out the same window together at the same time?

    Now we do also have somebody to talk with us who was an eyewitness to the actual crash, he was watching from Arlington VA which is a suburb over…his name is Tim Timmerman. Mr. Timmerman are you with us right now?

    I sure am.

    You’re a pilot. Tell us what you saw.

    Well I was looking out the window. I live on the 16th floor overlooking the Pentagon, in a corner apartment so I have quite a panorama and being next to national Airport I hear jets all the time but this jet engine I heard was way too loud. I looked out to the south, to the southwest and it came right down 395 right over Columbia pike and as it went by the Sheraton Hotel the pilot added power to the engines I heard it pull up a little more and then I lost it behind a building and then it came out and I saw it hit right in front of, it didn’t crash, it didn’t appear to crash into the building, most of the energy was dissipated in hitting the ground, but I saw the nose break up I saw the wings fly forward and then the conflagration took…it just engulfed everything in flames. It was horrible.

    What can you tell us about the plane itself?

    It was a Boeing, 757, American Airlines, no question

    You say that it was a Boeing…you say a 757…or 767…its hard


    7…5…7...American Airlines

    Which is…American Airlines one of the new generation of jets

    It was so close to me it was like looking out my window and looking at a helicopter, it was just right there.

    We were told that it was flying so low that it clipped off a couple of light poles on its way in.

    That might have happened behind the apartments that occluded my view and when it reappeared it was right before impact and like I said I saw the airplane disintegrate and then just blow up into a huge ball of flames

    So there was a…a fireball that you saw.

    Absolutely, and the building shook and it was quite a tremendous explosion.

    What did you see after that?

    Nothing, but the flames, and I sat here and I took a few pictures out my window and I noticed the fire trucks and the response was just…wonderful. Fire trucks were there quickly, um, I saw the, the area. The building didn’t look very damaged, initially, but I do see now looking out my window there’s quite a chunk in it. But I think the blessing here might be the airplane hit, before it hit the building, hit the ground first and a lot of energy might have gone that way, that’s what it appeared like.

    Of course we’ve heard some discussion about the fact that it could have been worse had it gone a little bit higher and gone into what is called the E ring


    This is a five-sided building

    Right. As you know the rings are labeled A,B,C,D, E, and it just caught the E ring on the outside and that’s why I felt it didn’t look as damaged as it could be, it hit on what looked like the helipad, which is on that side.

    Right. Did you see any people being removed, any injured being removed? That type of thing?

    No sir, I’m, um, up at about a quarter of a mile from the Pentagon, maybe a little bit closer and at that point I saw nothing like that.

    Tim Timmerman, thank you.

  11. And dear anonymous Fort Meade comment poster, I never said "coached," I said "prompted." When Dawn's credibility in ascertaining the make and livery is challenged, Tim even prompts in the second-person disjointed: "My roommate is an airplane person."

    I don't point out any emotionalism in Dawn or Tim, which anonymous uses to explain any "awkwardness" in the conversation, but the utter lack of emotion. We can tell each other apart now. Even when anonymously covering up.

  12. An excellent dismissal of the Fort Meade, 911 cover up creature Steve.

    Time to let it go... it said.
    I dont think so.
    Timmerman and Vignola went on air
    to say that any jet seen to impact before the building HAD to be a 757.
    No other type of twinjet was allowed.
    Go back over their accounts and count the number of references to
    a ground strike before impact.
    The groung strike was true, but the twinjet plane was not a 757.

    'Team 757' comprised of Timmerman, Vignola, Roanne, Buchannan and Winslow.

  13. This is a weird situation because I didn't understand that word, what I know it was a terrible event that day, I had been so scared.

  14. An excellent dismissal of the Fort Meade, 911 cover up creature Steve.

  15. I just love how you write. Reading your blog for me is like sitting down and having a conversation with you. You always make me smile and you have a way with words.

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