Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rare View of Liberty Street Before the South Tower Fell

(My definition of rare: something I've never seen before.)

First off, why is the parking lot only one-third full? Was that standard for the start of a normal working day there?

Secondly, note the nature of the debris and the lack of it. This is, approximately, (according to the various stories,) where fireman Danny Suhr was struck by someone who fell from the South Tower.

Now notice the near absence of people. The headquarters for the 10 & 10 firehouse is one block away to the right. There doesn't appear to be any response taking place on this front. The man seen running along the sidewalk is over 150 feet away from the tower. The man walking away from the action is about 250 feet from the tower.

Let's hope some more images get released soon from data central.

On edit: Hopes fulfilled! I just found a new (to me) resource, at www.swulinski.com, with lots of fresh tidbits of info. (H)e says, this view shows the south (Liberty Street) pedestrian bridge after the first building fell, so it is either facing south on West Street from above the corner with Vesey, or he's mistaken/lying. I wonder if this isn't the sign for the parking lot seen above, but that would mean it's facing east, not west, unless the image was flipped. Doesn't that strong black horizontal member look like the overhang from the Deutsch Building we see above? The white car also seems like the same.

Aren't I clever?

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