Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Anonymouses Wed at Windows on the World, Bastille Day 2001

What kind of a person would want to advertise their perverse stroke of good luck and bad taste by submitting a wedding picture taken in the North Tower of the World Trade Center less than eight weeks before the building was targeted for destruction, while at the same time keeping their identity a secret online?

That one's easy! A clandestine agent of the New World Order! Fulfilling the necessary task aspects in an operational hot spot with some personal/professional overlap, with the aim one of vicsim stabilization. Have a nice life together misfits, says Ms. SayHey!
"We were married at Windows on the World, 107th floor of the WTC North Tower, on 14 July 2001. Our thanks and prayers go out to Jackie Sayegh, our wedding coordinator at Windows who perished in the tragedy, as well as the Windows staff who helped make our wedding a truly memorable event." Cite as: Anonymous, Image #1465, The September 11 Digital Archive, 13 September 2002. Name Withheld
Did anyone check to see what kind of bookings Windows on the World had upcoming in the fall of 2001 and into 2002? It's an important detail in insurance fraud you realize. Was there much discomfiture as other such elaborate upcoming do's were "bumped?" (Really, I should have written this drama. I would have done a much better job. Damn straight people.)

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