Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Don't Believe Tom Stewart For One Instant

"On Sept. 25th I traveled to Ground Zero with my two sisters. One of my brother-in-laws died in the attack. He worked on the 105th floor of the north tower for Cantor Fitzgerald. The photo was taken a few yards from where the north tower stood. It was taking with my camera by the fireman who escorted us." Cite as: Tom Stewart, Image #970, The September 11 Digital Archive, 4 September 2002, .
So, is that what the firemen were really doing down at the site? Functioning as public relations toadies? Are there any bone fragments under that firmly planted dirt beneath their feet? Can't the lazy firemen at least pick up their donated water bottles?

Are we supposed to derive meaning and respond emotionally based on how these three break at the hip, or how well their jeans fit? We can't see their faces to judge their plastic surgery scars. They're trying to signal something, given the quality of their outerwear, but the effect is of low-class bounders---coming, or going.

This image is false on so many levels. Fake people in a faked locale not even trying. Boo.

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