Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Does Louis J. Briendel Understand Physics?

Even crack whores don't sell themselves out as cheaply as does Mr. Briendel, in the narrative element he pimps for. (Calling him Louis J. just makes him sound like a jurist.) He informs us that on September 11th 2001, he was working on a rooftop 3 blocks away from Ground Zero. Was he stock piling the orange plastic netting in advance of the attacks?

Because in his operative contribution to the 9/11 bottom line, Briendel says this very heavy airplane landing gear was gently placed in this rooftop position of the Federal Building by the loving hand of God---and like Loyde England's taxi, the surfaces received nary a scratch in the process...no wait a minute, I'm saying that.
"This is part of the landing gear from one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11. I was doing the orange safety netting on the Federal Building, which is directly across the street from Ground Zero. The FBI and Postal Inspectors didn't allow anyone on the upper roof where the landing gear and other airplane parts had fallen. I had access because we were putting up the safety netting to keep the broken glass from falling on the rescue workers in the street. As of this date, I have not seen another picture of this landing gear on the Federal Building!" Cite as: LOUIS J. BRIENDEL, Image #402, The September 11 Digital Archive, 17 June 2002,
I didn't know that certain workers earned an "outdoor rooftop specialist" credential. Briendel is on roofs all around the site. But what do you make of the details of his toy bus story? Was it found, or was it placed there? And if placed, then...by whom, and what does it mean?

"While working on the Millenium Hotel roof, which is directly across the street from Ground Zero, this tiny toy rubber bus was found. The toy bus was placed on the ledge of the Millenium roof wall so that Ground Zero could be seen in the background. This picture was donated to the September 11, Photo Project, which is presently on tour to cities throughout the country." Cite as: LOUIS BRIENDEL, Image #400, The September 11 Digital Archive, 17 June 2002,
Lastly, in this attenuated nugget of narrative gold---do you think he could pronounce Minoru Yamasaki as well as spell it? Or do you think he had some help? Come on now---really?

This is a picture of a strip of microfilm which was found weeks after September 11, three blocks away at 2 Chase Plaza. The microfilm contains blueprints from 1 World Trade Center, all that remains of this strip of film is 72 frames. The film is burnt at one end and has a few holes in it. The blueprints are not the original ones made by Minoru Yamasaki. The blueprints are of the Bank of America, the Chanq HWA Bank, and a few of the B-Level Parking Areas and rooms. This microfilm is believed to be an archival film of different aspects from projects at 1 World Trade Center. The Bank of America was contacted concerning this strip of microfilm. The Bank of America stated that they did contract work in the early part of 1993, but never had the blueprints put to microfilm. After some research, it is believed that the Port Authority of New York made the microfilm for archival purposes and that the microfilm was stored in the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Photographic Services Office at 1 World Trade Center. In light of all that destruction that morning of September 11, it's amazing this 72 frames of microfilm survived! Truly a priceless historical artifact!Cite as: LOUIS J. BRIENDEL, Image #401, The September 11 Digital Archive, 17 June 2002,
With momentum, that jet plane landing gear is so heavy it would have punctured the roof top, delving many stories inside---it was traveling at 500 miles per hour! And lastly, why was the Federal Office Building referenced as the Federal Post Office in so many of the media stories? Didn't "we" sell the postal service some years ago?


  1. Steven,
    I found your article very amusing,especially since it refers to me. Yes, I am Louis J. Briendel. I'm not a jurist, a crack whore, or pimp, I'm just a construction worker.
    No, I wasn't stock piling the orange netting in advance of the attack on the morning of 9/11. I was working at 2 Chase Plaza, on the 22nd floor setback roof, I was the union steward and I was supervising men working on scaffolds doing brick renovation.
    Steven, some construction workers do earn an "outdoor rooftop specialist" credential.Those of us that work and have to rig buildings
    have to have a Suspended Scaffold License, that's our "OUTDOOR ROOFTOP SPECIALIST CREDENTIALS."
    Those same credentials is why by union asked me on volunteer to go to Ground Zero, one week after 9/11. On the morning of September 18, 2001, I did return to Ground Zero and yes I helped rig many of the damaged buildings surrounding the "pit". To rig those buildings I had to be on those rooftops. So genius, I was on roofs all around the site! But you were right about stock piling the orange netting, we carried hundreds of rolls of netting, hundreds of thousands of feet of cable, dozens of scaffolds,
    and hundreds of other things to those damaged rooftops for 12 to 16 hours a day for almost two months. By the way, we inhaled hundreds of different toxins, even thought the EPA said, "The air is safe." You were right about something else, I don't understand Physics, but Steven, I know a piece of shit and a coward when he attacks someone from behind a keyboard. I only took those pictures, I don't believe anything our government told us about 9/11, especially when scientist have proven that there was nano-themite found in four independent dust samples from 9/11 and now that medical research shows that nano-themite is being found in first responders lung tissue. Nano-thermite is produced in our government labs and not in caves Afghanistan. Have a good day, tough guy, some men don't have to show their medals, but it's clear you have too!

    1. Steven,
      I, like Louie, am not a crack whore,etc. I wondering if your mother feed you paint chips when you were little. You mentioned that the "....very heavy airplane landing gear was gently placed....."there. Wut! Have you lost your mind? A mere 10 seconds or so before, this tiny portion of the plane was part of a fully functioning huge Boeing jet aircraft traveling at five and a half hundred miles per hour when it hit the South Tower and between 110 and 125 mph after it had traversed 220 feet of office space and crashed thru the northeast corner of the building along with a jet engine, some fuselage, body parts, and another piece of landing gear that landed between 2 building north. Yep, some other brain damaged truther said the engine was "gentle placed" on Church Street. (After it had crushed the legs of a very unfortunate woman, who did survive.) For proof, there are 40 or 50 videos from all angles showing it soaring thru the air to its final resting place where the photo was taken. You need to see neurologist and have your eyes checked asap.