Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Paul Milora Contrives to Whet our Appetites

"This is a picture I found on the internet a few days after sept 11th. This was the exact spot I was standing with my mom and Fiance' when tower 2 came down.I think I inhaled about 2 floors of the building.I couldn't run because I had them with me.My Mom is no speedster.But I guess that it wasn't to bad because I could have been at my desk on the 84th floor of Tower 2.My company lost 61 out of 280. Paul Milora, Image #957"
My Mom is no Speedster is my new slogan, since I'm going for an overwritten effect, and I'm in on the joke---unlike Brian Clarke, the volunteer fire marshal for Euro Brokers on the 84th floor of Tower 2, which is said to have lost 64 employees. Read his story as fleshed out on Nova, and ask yourself if this man is a shocked and transformed survivor, or a foreknowledged minion pulling a James Frey on Oprah.

This AP image is the very definition of the word anonymous. No street sign, no facial expression, no kinetic butt action even. Nada. Why'd you pick it up to represent this near miss on your life?

Sorry. Doesn't fly.

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