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When Did the Pentagon Get Attacked Exactly?

The New York Times, the national newspaper of record, cited in a September 12, 2001, article, "Plane Slams Into Pentagon," that the attack occurred "about 9:30," but in a second article in the Times that day, Hijacked Jets Destroy Twin Towers and Hit Pentagon by Serge Schemann, the attack is said to have occurred "at 9:40 a.m." Then on September 15, in an article by Matthew Wald, "After the Attack: Sky Rules," the NYT gives the time of the attack as 9:45am.

The local newspaper of record, The Washington Post, first reported (at 4:59pm on 9-11-01,) that the plane crashed at 9:20am. But the Washington Post reported the next day that the plane crashed 17 minutes later, at 9:37am, Timeline in Terrorist Attacks (9-12-01) cached

A second large news organization embedded into the Pentagon, CNN also said in an early report that a plane had struck at 9:20 a.m.---CNN, in an interview between Bob Franken & Tim Timmerman, aired at 1:46pm on 9-11-01. But then again, in a CNN timeline, Chronology of terror, the strike is recorded at 9:43am.

So, here's a list. Feel free to add on.
  • 9:20am The Washington Post By Barbara Vobejda (4:59pm on 9-11-01)
  • 9:20am CNN interview Bob Franken & Tim Timmerman, (1:46pm on 9-11-01)
  • 9:30am--"about," Reuters, (at 3:57pm on 9-11-01)
  • 9:30am--"about," USAToday, Bush Vows Retaliation, (6:11am on 9-12-01)
  • 9:30am--"about," The New York Times, Plane slams into Pentagon, (9-12-01)
  • 9:30am "about" The Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, 'Terrorists strike heart of nation's'
  • 9:30am--"shortly after," U.S. News & World Report
  • 9:36am Frank Probast, A defiant recovery
  • 9:37am Newsday,
  • 9:37am The Washington Post Timeline in Terrorist Attacks (9-12-01) cached
  • 9:38am CNN, Chris Plante, Government Failed to React to FAA, (9-16)
  • 9:38am Richard Clarke, Against All Enemies,
  • 9:38am USAToday, 'Terror Attacks Brought Drastic...'(8-13-02)
  • 9:40am AP, 'Pentagon attack came minutes after Rumsfeld predicted: 'There will be another event,' by Robert Burns, 5:58 p.m. 9/11/2001
  • 9:40am Air Force Link
  • 9:40am The New York Times, Day of Terror (9-12-01)
  • 9:40am'Lawmakers, tourists race to flee crash,' by Gary Martin,San Antonio Express-News, 9-12-01
  • 9:40am--"about," U.S. Medicine, 'Pentagon Medics Remember Ramos,'
  • 9:43am Pentagram Dennis Ryan, 'Where is safe?' (9-14-01)
  • 9:43am The New York Times, The Tragic Timeline (9-12-01) cached
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  • 9:43am CNN timeline, Chronology of terror,
  • 9:43am Daily Telegraph 'At 8.46am, the world changed in a moment,' 9-16-01
  • 9:43am The Sunday Herald [Scotland] "The roots of the worst terrorist attack in history," by Neil Mackay
  • 9:45am The New York Times, 'After The Attack: Sky Rules,' 9-15-01, Matthew Wald
  • 9:45am Scripps Howard, 'At the Pentagon, Fear & Anger,'
  • 9:45am National Electrical Contractors Assoc. 9-14-01, 'VDV Workers Dodge Death During...'
  • 9:45am "about" The Baltimore Sun, 'Fire, chaos after attack on Pentagon,' (9-12-01)
  • 10:00am--"just before,", 'Witnesses Describe Pentagon Crash,' (9-11-01)

There we have it, a full 40 minutes of variation as to the exact timing of the attack which occurred September 11, 2001 in Arlington, Virginia.

Read the following; even the army itself was looking for help pinning down a likely ETOA.
"Since the time of plane impact at the Pentagon had often been reported with large scatter, the United States Army contacted us to inquire whether we could obtain an accurate time of the Pentagon attack on September 11, 2001 based upon our seismic network. We analyzed seismic records from five stations in the northeastern United States, ranging from 63 to 350 km from the Pentagon. Despite detailed analysis of the data, we could not find a clear seismic signal. Even the closest station (= 62.8 km) at Soldier’s Delight, Baltimore County, Maryland (SDMD) did not record the impact. We concluded that the plane impact to the Pentagon generated relatively weak seismic signals. However, we positively identified seismic signals associated with United Airlines Flight 93 that crashed near Shanksville, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. The time of the plane crash was 10:06:05 (EDT)."
Seismic Observations during September 11, 2001, Terrorist Attack
Actually, the scientists only studied the seismic records from 09:36:30 (EDT) to 09:39:30 (EDT). Isn't that a wonderful way to beat the system?!
Isn't "scatter" a wonderful word. Would it be an adverb, or adjective? I'll have to ask Riskus.

On a thread somewhere, already started, is a dialog addressing the coded meaning behind the bevy of pictures of clocks found in the evidential record of the September eleventh "attack" on the Pentagon. In typically heavy-handed military fashion, the United States Department of Defense bludgeons us over the head with clocks until we're dizzy, while a simple alluding tap might have been more effective as a tactic, or does that constitute a strategy?
(Would it be rude to point out here that no precautions like this were taken at ground zero in New York to protect the health, safety and welfare of the responders? This is a very high-contrast detail between the two events, with grave moral consequences. Do government workers really consider themselves such a protected class? Well, illnesses are going to begin developing very soon in New York from the Silverstein asbestos abatement program. And Arlington, you really should have laid off on the disposable plastic gloves a bit. It was an emergency, remember, not a drill. Way ahead of the societal hygiene. curve there men.)

But in a way, we could just let the Pentagon keep steering and eventually we'd wind up at the truth. They seem almost childish in the way they unwittingly telegraph the most fraudulent details as being components of the official lie, I mean, storyline, overstating the particulars, so we want to whisper a warning, paraphrasing: "Lady, methinks thou doth place too much emphasis."

There are several categories of images to prove this point. Most notably for me personally, are those damned downed lampposts, endlessly mentioned and referenced. It's as if some scaffolding were damaged in New York City that same morning, and that was what people went on and on about. Yes, it was a good bit of business, just not good enough to launch endless war off its back, nor in contrast to the seven-million stories coming out of New York . Maybe someone congratulated themselves too soon and slouched off.

I assembled a file with a dozen published images showing Palestinians celebrating in the aftermath of 9-11. A common theme has children firing guns in the air. Who do you think organized and benefited from those images? Each is accompanied by a descriptive caption, which is more than can be said about any image from Arlington. These false, made-up scenes were widely distributed across the country on the eleventh and twelfth of September, until blow back led to a hasty recall, like Falwell's and Robertson's tone-deaf blaming of 9-11 on the homo and lesbian insistence on the right to abortion---like it's so important to them.

Was it mere coincidence the Palestinian storyline went out to do its damage? Even after the denials and retractions, the demonization of Muslims was on, which was the point.

I started collecting images relating to the Red Cross blood drive meme, but I became overwhelmed with the huge numbers. Politicians especially, near a camera, liked to roll up their sleeves for a good pricking. While everybody of good conscience did whatever they could to help in the aftermath of 9-11, a dramatic and patently absurd cry for volumes of blood was never sincere. It was a manipulative ploy run by the government, to raise the emotional stakes, to literally have us become part of events, to whipsaw us with a good feeling, but it was false. Especially in Arlington, and to a degree in New York, there were remarkably few wounded or injured casualties relative to the number who died. Likewise, the Pentagon's planting, on the front page of the first edition of the Washington Post, of a request for refrigerated trucks to store dead bodies, which were being overstated in the press by a factor of eight, was sheer nonsense, Karen "Evil" Hughes forte.

One of my earliest Pentagon files I named "Pretty Little Yellow Thingies," for some obscure reason, to store images displaying a wanton overuse of yellow police crime-scene tape. In many instances the effect is comical. But I don't need to remind anyone the Pentagon is no good at art direction. Just recall the hookah someone placed in a crevasse of a bin Laden cave setting, in one of the US-manufactured and "Al-Jazeera" released tapes "taking" credit and responsibility.

I delayed posting about the clocks because I remembered having once seen an image with a molten clock face, and I wanted to locate and include it. But perhaps I just dreamed it up, in which case, maybe I've revealed more than I intended.

On Edit, Feb. 27, 2007-- Just when I started to feel a bit discouraged as a result of some tough-guy BCO bullying and assorted threats, my higher power comes through for me by offering the following:

Photo by Martin Smith-Rodden / The Virginian-Pilot
A melted clock bears witness to the explosions and fire that devoured Army and Navy offices last Sept. 11, when a hijacked airliner crashed into the Pentagon. The attack killed 189 people. Out of Nowhere: Inside the Pentagon 9/11 By EARL SWIFT, The Virginian-Pilot.

Then I did a cursory check of the different time stamps placed on the attack in the media, and this was a good hook to hang a clock myth on. Apparently, it was not a case of airplane strikes building, makes big bang, and we're done. We had secondary explosions, (Daryl Donley now says his famous fireball photograph was three minutes in, as "rear" gas tanks exploded,) with the overcompensation of three false alarms requiring retreats, as the advanced missiles, (or perhaps propane tanks and fuel oil tanks?) meant to protect the heart of American military might, suddenly "blew up," all convenient to some subterranean infrastructure known as "ventilation ducts." What are the tubes in the following image? Exploded ordinances? Not aluminum tubes for centrifuges again?

(Blown up from High-resolution, Department of Defense release, Jason Ingersoll JPEG # DM-SD-02-03910, see also DM-SD-02-03911 JPEG INGERSOLL)

God is good! What a gift to be given the following image! I was flying on a wing and a prayer before now. From the Yale archives and certainly looking very H.E. to me.

(You know, if this image had been filed in the ROTC file in the Yale archives instead of in a forestry file, it would have been expurgated long ago, so, ha, ha, lucky me.)

The round symmetrical hole in the interior drive labeled "Punchout" should have been two punchouts. The heaviest elements in a jetliner are the two jet engines, and they would maintain their momentum as a significant force. Instead we are told the nose made the "punchout" hole. I wonder what sort of force could blow out these second-story windows in the following shot.

010912-N-3235P-029 U. S. Naval photo by Photographer’s Mate 1st Class Michael W. Pendergrass.

The damage seems more consistent with shaped charges than with jet fuel fires to my little old mind.

Do you think I'm going to let you reorganize my neural pathways around an understanding that this is what happened to the wings?


  1. Is the suspiciously staged pic here detailed enough to read the time on Cheney's watch?
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  3. Honestly, are people that ignorant? I watched a video of the plane hit. The video was from a hotel near the pentagon. The plane hit at 09:34.11

  4. Anon Medium: Your reference to the Higher Power kicking in... exactly... that is exactly whom I ask for help or give thanks to. The photo of the hole is fantastic. Best I've seen.