Monday, February 12, 2007

A List of IP Addresses Referred by BCO Boards

The following list contains 172 IP address that accessed stevenwarran.blogspot during a 21-hour period running from Thursday evening at 7:46 through Friday afternoon at 5:18 on February 9, apparently in response to something I posted early on Thursday morning. It is not complete for the period, as I was able to only retrieve 25 addresses at a time, and I noted several gaps.

All of these addresses accessed the blog through previously established riskus-related bookmarks, or by one of two referring BOC topic threads, except for a single case of Google search for “steve riskus,” and four referrals from a site,

The list begins with several referrals from which is a thread that contained a prior discussion of me and my work, but abandoned since November 20 until being reestablished that morning with a message

mcduh posted this on February 8th, 2007 @ 7:51:08 pm Riskus, quit hiding behind those rodents in your profile picture and accept this man Steven Warran's challenge.

Later in the morning, a captain nemo dos, leaves a message sounding administrative, satirical, peeved, and genuine: “Hmm. No response from Mr. Lee Harvey Riskus. How ODD."

Not until the next morning at 6:46 am, do we get a message from riskus, a possibly sleepy eyed, “oh Christ.”

After coffee, a new BCO thread is established at 8:16am, headed, have you guys seen this yet?” Thereafter it

becomes the referrer.

These criticalthrash referrals are individuated with 29 different numbers, which end the address, with some numbers making multiple referrals. Together with four ID's like, and the 2 ID's, a total of 35 different board identities is established. The IP address list contains some duplication.

Whether friend or foe, this grouping is an anomaly in my blog's experience, which received a total of 17 hits over the previous 5 days and only 2 non-riskus related hits during this 21 hours. I have been asked to believe that this message board is a “loose group of skateboarders who like to talk about homos and stuff.” This I do not believe. With many intriguing addresses in Japan, Argentina, Sweden, Italy and Canada, in addition to the United States, it is unlikely recreation is the glue.

I’ll let you be the judge.

22:44:14 : Firefox (no referring info)

20:16:55 Argentina

20:16:23 :

fw-asa1 9:11 9:09 8:32

08:10:1312.104.10.143 12:04 Google Reference “critical thrash” 12:16 16:49 16:51 16:32 16:34


  1. Not just about skatebording, a profound observation!!!

    What tipped you off to our other activities? Was it the "new roomate with great boobs" thread???

    This blog HAS to be bogus, nobody could possibly be this clueless...

  2. Your welcome to email me anytime to talk about the validity of shit and homo's on CT. Your paranoia amazes me but it is entertaining to see what will spout out of your mind next.

  3. Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs) are autonomous, graphically embodied agents in an interactive, 2D or 3D virtual environment. They are able to interact intelligently with the environment, other IVAs, and especially with human users.

    I'm sorry, but I don't go that way.

  4. "Thursday, February 08, 2007
    My Solemn Pledge: Absolutely, My Final Riff on Steve Riskus"

    Can't get enough Riskus huh?

    --Proud IVA

  5. Your obsession and cartoonish over-analysis of BCO and Critical Thrash is way more "big brother" to me than the far-distant possibility of posting on the same board as a glorified spambot.

    Tell us, who are the IVAs and who are the real users? Which am I?

    "'Ere I am, J.H. - The ghost in the machine."

  6. m mcgarrity, I think it's odd that you would invite me publicly to contact you privately "to talk" when my private email is posted on my profile and you could have started your solicitation there. No one else has availed themselves of my private email either, and in half a dozen cases people have left anonymous messages here but taken pains to "announce" their messages on a thread, usually under a pretense of "I bet Steve won't post this, it's so earth-shakingly sophomoric." [But I always do.]
    Just another useless pattern I note in the endless weave of your tapestries.

    The one interesting line of power I discerned, is in a thread, boss riskus asks tri-v how he ever got hooked up with me in the first place, and a few responses later some little guy pipes up with "It was I! I was cyberstalking! and I gave it to tri-v," followed by riscus's curt "ha ha." Are some of you kept on short leashes, or can everybody swim freely in the seven seas of the web? I think you're all iud's and riskus is a vagina.

  7. no I posted my email in public to show you I have nothing to hide, nothing at all. I figured if you or one of your fellow looneys wanted clarification about CT might as well make it as public as possible. As I mentioned before feel free to email me. Feel free to make an account at CT and post, you'll see quickly how far foolish paranoia has taken you.

    I have nothing to hide nothing to prove. You on the other hand have accused us of being something your not, so the burden lies on you not us and to be frank a few ip address prove nothing.

    I did find it a bit interesting that when given a chance to talk to someone who is part of you so called conspiracy or something you have made no effort of contact expect post on your own blog, where well you can never be wrong, seems like something Bill O'Reilly would do, but then that is common amonst people who are full of themselves and incapable of true debate. So I say hide behind your blog (and I assume related 9/11 messageboards) and revel in your belief of the "truths and lies" you can uncover.


  8. Mac, check your spark plugs. "Hide?" You can only hide something known. All the players known to one another are on your side--you're all anonymously hidden to me, remember? Hidden amongst yourselves--from my perspective, now, I'm speaking--you can reveal yourselves, one at a time, or in various collective fashions, surreptitiously or with degrees of transparency. But you choose the way of safety that protects you with your crew while giving no advantages to me to alter what exists, so why should I bite?. The best way I can put it:

    When posting these comments, you're given three choices: use you're established, pre-registered identity--button number one; two, the "other" button and I don't know what happens there, I've never tried it; and three, "anonymous," the open-air market category, which you choose, going on to "mis-sign" your message within the body of the message, just the way your compatriots "mis-sign" messages within the body of threads, making me, the message receiver, do all the work in making the unavoidable connection. This fails the verification process, and oversteps my manipulation threshold.

    "Feel free to make an account at CT and post?" I can't mac. Maybe I could at one time. I know I got some profile pictures once from somewhere. But whatever opportunity that represented was taken away from me. However you had the system setup to protect yourselves, this big bad wolf got you at straw--and we're a long way from sticks so you can forget about bricks. I don't mean to be cruel mac, but given your tiered hierarchal structure as it applies to logic, might I be bumped up a notch? I'm getting bored and we don't want that.

    Unless of course, you're a honey trap? In which case, send me a phrenome and I'll get back.

  9. I really wish that you are for real

  10. wow, you know how to post people's ips. if anything, all you are proving is just how much of a moron you are.

    start living in reality dude.

  11. it's quite..exciting, knowing i might be a secret government agent. i don't know if i actually am, i hasten to add, but this only adds to the excitement!

  12. With many intriguing addresses in Japan, Argentina, Sweden, Italy and Canada, in addition to the United States, it is unlikely recreation is the glue.


  13. if the japs, argies and ities are involved, you can be SURE it's some heavy shit!