Friday, February 16, 2007

A Trogdor Fetish Object & Its Home Revealed?

They Serve in S...S...Silence

Well, I feel the tiniest bit pretentious having captured a screen grab of my frat monster to find what looks to be glazed papier-mache. Nor can my tone be one of such great assurance in describing it as wielding a ritual fetish object, i.e. a frat paddle. It could even b e a chainsaw. With one arm in flesh tone, and the presence of blood red, I simply think it to be in the worst possible taste given what our country is experiencing right now in Iraq. The same distastefulness which is found elsewhere in Trogdor's birthday Flash presentation: like the headless child, and the motionless little girl lying at the mouth of a "chalk" dragon.

In any event, within my perception, this object had power, but it doesn't any longer.

So, what's it going to be? Right handed or left? You can't have it both ways.

Well, that’s a first for me. As I was making superb--if I do say so myself--clarifications and additions to the Trogdor wiki entry, on a page devoted to the third birthday Flash presentation, someone was coming along right behind me and deleting them. So rather than get into a pissing contest, I came here.

The section we engaged in an editing conflict over is described thusly:

On January 13, 2006, the three-year anniversary of the week Trogdor debuted on the site, a "Happy Trogday" animation was released, featuring fan-submitted pictures of Lite-Bright drawings, tattoos, Halloween costumes, pancakes, license-plates and other things inspired by Trogdor. []

The Flash Presentation itself can be viewed here: []

Apparently someone else thought this rapid-fire sequence of screen images of mostly amateurish “fan-based” art was significant enough to record with Wiki-ticks. Although my visual acuity is not what it once was, I’d stack my anal compulsivity against any one's. After repeated viewings I spotted this factoid:

A Virgina license plate reading "Trogdor" {It reads "BRNIN8R"}'

{And it's from Victor Van Bortel Subaru, in Victor New York, making it likely a Subaru registered in New York.} I added.

Then, I added the following in bold font to Trogdor House:Trogdor house" {It's apparently at some Texas university (notice the sign on the right)}'{It is a substantial, mounted, bronze plaque, on which the map of Texas is apparent. Two additional square bronze plaques flank the entrance. These memorizations would indicate the establishment carries a heavy tradition. This makes it odd that after a diligent internet search, I found no reference to a Trogdor House at a Texas University. This might indicate it is a secret society on par with Yale's Scull & Bones.

Another image is described as: *{{tick}} A sculpture of Trogdor ''{really evil looking; it's holding a [[Big Knife]]}''

I slashed a line through Big Knife, having learned how that very moment, and added this:

It is most clearly a fraternity hazing-ritual fetish object (commonly known as a fraternity paddle) being wielded mid-stroke by an elaborately wrought and artistically individuated winged dragon, symbolic of the devil. This design stylistically pre-dates significantly the various Trogdor variations, and may be their conceptual basis. It may also be that a relationship between this powerful votive object and the mysterious Trogdor House exists.

I went on to say, in a contribution that didn't have a chance to be saved, even for a second, that since the source or origin of all the images in the sequence was being determined, that if it proved indeterminable where these two images originated from, that meant they were likely linked, and should be given added significance—being the meat and the potato, if you will, floating in the “smalled” soup of contrived offerings, being my theory.

I made a small additional contribution by noting that one shot was identified as from the List Visual Arts Center at M.I.T. It goes along with this:

*{{tick}} A picture of Trogdor done in "post-its" ''{note: this is the MIT "hack" documented at [[School Sightings#Trogdor: MIT Hacker]]. Should be linked in a Fun Fact.}''

I didn’t get a chance to remark upon a cigarette lighter, hand-engraved with a Trogdor image, which has some ritualistic connotations, in my opinion. One similar is shown being used in the animation where Trogdor was born: (Editing page)

One person named is a sort of leader in the construction of these pages. Her page can be found here:

Her entry was of some interest to me because she says her name, which she changed not too long ago, was a combination form with robotics. Determine for yourselves her name and her role: You may also want to check the Subaru dealer: An alternate spelling is Tragador, a con-founder and a ruse.

I might add, that any right to privacy, or the maintainability of any tradition of secrecy, is lost when items deemed sacred by their holders are proffered in the public arena as inside jokes, as these were. That secrets can be maintained in full view is one thing. That doesn't mean they must be. They're secret until someone spots them.
“Evil cannot stand to be seen, for when it is truly seen, it is not unconscious anymore, and its seeming power over us gets taken away. Just like a vampire can’t stand the light of consciousness, once we see evil, we take away its autonomy - it can no longer act itself out through us unconsciously. The energy locked up in evil then becomes available to serve what is best for the whole, which is to say it becomes transformed so as to feed and nourish life, instead of creating death.” Paul Levy


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  2. "Ginsberg: . . . many different forms of magic warfare or peacefare are available, apocalypse, classical Armageddon, destruction of the planet, millennium, all this is a possibility. So it's now unlike it has ever been in history, this should mellow everybody out and make it possible for everybody to work together, to create a revolution that had no enemies, a revolution by apokatastasis.

    Le Pellec: What do you mean exactly?

    Ginsberg: Apokatastasis is the transformation of satanic energy to celestial energy."

    God bless, Steven.