Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Driven nearly mad by his co-dependent enmeshment with the BCO Board regulars, stevenwarran lashes out in a fit of Joe baiting!

Bush signs legislation authorizing the 9-11 Commission on November 27, 2002, over a year following the attack.

Why so glum Joe? Joe Lieberman feeling sad today? What's a matter, Joe? Cat got your tongue? You know what's coming down Joe? Look at those rainbow ties you guys have on, and the suits are sure looking sharp! It's funny how people give themselves away, and boy, I see it in you Joe.

The other three, they got neutral down pat. Is that Chaney hiding, or another baldy? He can't even show his face. Bush the sociopath, just goes right ahead, as usual. Nothing fazes him, or has anything to do with him.

You know when Bush gave it away? With the SWIFT European bank-spying scandal. I saw him get really mad at the New York Times and it made no sense. But he must of got caught in some double-crosses. All the spying was to get the goods on everybody, because everybody has got something to be got. Right? Right?

That's the only explanation for what happened with Sandra Day O'Conner. First in 2000, she votes for Bush's sorry ass, then she quits with a good 10 years left in her, knowing she was the pivotal moderate swing vote. So the court can go all extremely conservative for the Christian freaks. That's all it took.

Ann Coulter revealed her sorry ass self by her treatment of the Jersey girl's. It's not a matter of conservative or liberal, Republican or Democratic, Ann simply wasn't rational in her attack. She even said she had her friends vet her manuscripts and no one spotted the book's scathing treatment. Just stupid bitter at the cost, bitter at the truth.

Joe, you feeling bitter today? Huh? You feeling bad? Joe want some hot milk?


  1. Joe is a piece of shit.

    --Proud example of an IVA

  2. Are you one of my anonymouses, or are you an anonymous anonymous? My anonymouses don't talk about the subject, they ridicule me. I'm used to it. I like it. Please don't ever talk about the subject and not about me again. Unless, IVA is about me, and I just don't understand!Thank you!

  3. IVA is about you.

    Joe is about you.

    You don't understand.

  4. You got me. I surrender. Now grab the back of my head and slam it down into that pussy and let me know how good it tastes!

  5. My goose is cooked. I don't think I have ever performed an act of greater trust, then I did tonight. I hope I live a long time and my arm gets better soon. It would be fun just to do what I was told for a while. I mean really. Actually, a fantasy is to revert to pre-verbal, but my God, I'd have to be hanging with giants to get sufficient trigger going. I think I see where this is going. I'm really in for it now.

  6. I could phrase that better. I availed myself of a spyware offering, and it found 382 dot-texts's, including about five even I recognized as very bad, then cleaned them up. Then, I willing downloaded some BCO code and my computer arched and flamed for hours.

    I felt like I'd had an enema and been fucked. Do I say thank you?