Thursday, November 02, 2006

Steve Riskus & Critical Thrash Redux

My backwater blog, which attempts to debunk the evidence for a terrorist attack on the Pentagon on 9-11-01, by pointing out the inconsistencies in the eyewitness accounts, and by critiquing the photographic record from a performance perspective (how better to perceive reality than through bad acting?) generally receives about four hits a day, but it had a whitewater weekend with 45 hits on Saturday, as the Critical Thrash sluice gates opened, apparently at the hand of the risky American himself, the lowercase steve riskus.

Most, if not all, of the traffic was generated by a thread on a message board called the 9-11 pentagon conspiracy, a thread that originated for no especially good reason on November 7, 2005, by a man who substitutes a photo of a gerbil,

(or is it a Guinea pig?) on his profile page instead of using his own handsome face, or that of Richard Gere even. Although he tries to affect the bored detached tones of a dominant top, he winds up sounding more like a naughty bottom trying to get in or out of trouble. Whichever way he goes, he clearly has much too much time on his hands. He starts off by saying,
“After all these years people still track me down to try and argue with me about what happened. I figured i would make this thread and just post some of the shit I get from people. Thankfully I rarely get anything these days.”
But eleven months later, on October 28th, 2006, he posts a link to my blog about his thrash saying, “this shit is never going to end. I can only hope people don’t continue to point this crap out to me.”

Just for the record--I didn’t track him down, don't care to give him any shit, and I don’t want to argue with him.

In fact, I have to question why he would aid and abet me by promoting my point of view through linking his network to me, unless of course, this board is really a coded method of communicating with others, kind of like a secret handshake, or something.

But my real opinion is all this senseless effort goes only toward building some kind of record of credibility and authenticity for a person who likely doesn’t even exist, except that is, as a tax-funded Department of Homeland Security committee project. That would explain both the utter pointlessness and inanity of what passes for dialectics here, and the lack of personality differentiation between say,


and bitchy michelle

although tryviolenceis not without interest....

(but if he changed his name to tryjustice he’d be even more handsome,)

while battlechrist is my kind of dish, (braised butch bottom,) or maybe I just love his name.

Getting back to business:

Here is the entire exchange on the thread as it pertains to me:

riskus posted this on October 28th, 2006 @ 5:54:27

this shit is never going to end। I can only hope people dont continue to point this crap out to me

bitchy michelle posted this on October 28th, 2006 @ 5:56:31 pm

you are a very patient man.

riskus posted this on October 28th, 2006 @ 5:56:45 pm

but really im not

xjacktarx posted this on October 28th, 2006 @ 6:03:48

That guy says you waited months to make those photos public, but didn’t you post them on pr.n or pf.c or whatever it was on the actual day of the attacks?

roxy posted this on October 28th, 2006 @ 6:04:54

yeah you have an entire board of people who are witnesses to your witnessing।

bitchy michelle posted this on October 28th, 2006 @ 6:07:21 pm

i would’ve changed screenames, email addresses, the whole nine yards...let alone just blantantly ignoring questions. you answer them all

tryviolence posted this on October 28th, 2006 @ 6:12:39 pm


Moreover, team8plus a specialized 9-11 research group, reported that Steve Riskus had only established his avant guard web site devoted ostensibly to his abiding passion of skateboarding, one day previous to 9-11, on September 10, 2001, (Unfortunately, I haven’t confirmed this yet। I can’t, access to Team8’s website at the moment, or make the hyperlinks work—a temporarily problem I hope, but some dirty tricks being played, I well imagine by the tens of thousands of US Government employees who have too much time on their hands and should get real jobs—and yes, team8’s work is THAT good, it’s deserving of sabotage!
(Confirmed, in any case.)

BethX posted this on October 28th, 2006 @ 6:31:16 pm

My now ex-gf is still convinced a missle hit the Pentagon। sigh

Jackthedripper posted this on October 28th, 2006 @ 6:33:49 pm

Riskus, just agree with them and make shit up. get real creative. tell them you are a heavy drug user, or that they injected you in the balls with some neurotoxin that fucked you up real bad,Tell them the men in black put a hood over your head and beat you, they will leave you alone, or even idolize you if you give’em what they want to I don’t know if this has been brought up or not, so if it has, sorry.

wes posted this on October 28th, 2006 @ 8:20:01 pm

You should just say fuck it and start posting information about being a government agent for Israel and that the explosions were to generate angry from the US to attack every arab state.

fivestring posted this on October 29th,2006 @ 1:20:30 am

“of indeterminate age”


O.K. Apparently some of these people are real and this is actual discourse.

To xjacktarx, if I got my facts wrong about when riskus posted the Pentagon pictures, do you really think it helps matters by affirming he posted them on September 11 on a different forum? Why did he do that and why exactly do you care? For a dude who posts things like, What the fuck: I seriously have a canker on my tonsil. and It's twenty to three am and I'm going out for ice cream is politics, international relations, or law enforcement really your thing?

Likewise, roxy—-what’s in it for you? “Witnesses to your witnessing?” I'm sure Google cached the page, you're not really needed. You sound paid.

To bitchy michelle—I make use of my real name and contact information because it establishes my credibility (Family motto: Frequently wrong, but never in doubt.) and it sends a signal of my fearlessness. Got it? So you can hide behind whatever screen name you want, although I think thewholenineyards would probably fit you to a tee.

To tryviolence—you quote at length my report of interference when as I accessed a terrific web site, team8plus, I entered a password only to see my screen flash blank. I can only infer you do this for billing purposes, but thanks for helping to get the word out. Meanwhile, I can go to the library, and you can fuck Ashcroft. (P.S. You might care to realize the signal your choice of screenname sends out is unhealthy. Why not try lostthewar instead?)

To BethX—is that supposed to provide a little verisimilitude? *sospero* Lez action makes my eyes glaze over.

To both wes and jackthedripper—you just make yourselves sound ridiculous when you go off topic and start in on the Jewish stuff or the UFO/conspiracy garbage. It’s tired. It’s unwholesome. Israel is not the 51st state of the union, which you should love or leave. The real world left you behind a long time ago. (P.S. Jack, try a little penicillin dude.)

To fivestring—-I didn’t mean “of indeterminate age” as an insult, if “heh” was your way of communicating you’re offended. I don’t pass judgment on any of your cultural trappings. I love diversity. By the way, who’s your friend?

Father Steven McGraw and Lloyd England have both come forward publicly, even been interviewed for the new edition of Loose Change, albeit they’re rather vague about the details these days. Steve Riskus, whoever he may be, needs to come out now too. I’m glad to have at least made contact with the e-version, as a beginning.


  1. Steve Warran, what can you tell us about Spoonies, the potentially femfacist quasi-cult operating out of Los Angeles and other urban centers?



  4. Mr Warran, kindly take your head out of your ass, k thanks.

  5. --To xjacktrax, if I got my facts wrong about when riskus posted the Pentagon pictures, do you really think it helps matters by affirming he posted them on September 11 on a different forum? Why did he do that and why exactly do you care? For a dude who posts things like, "What the fuck: I seriously have a canker on my tonsil." and "It's twenty to three am and I'm going out for ice cream" is politics, international relations, or law enforcement really your thing?--

    Surely, sir, you realize that there is little more discrediting to one's internet argument than to desperately dredge up irrelevant (eg. "silly," "fun") posts from the posting history of one who disagrees with you.

    What, precisely, is it that makes you (apparently a "worker bee" employed in the "arts" according to your blogger profile) more qualified to express political opinions than I am based on a few silly message board posts? Particularly given that I got my master's degree through research related to the history of conscientious objection, anti-war efforts, and political poetry?

    Surely my comments are easily as valid as yours, particularly given your frothy-mouthed wingnut desperation to prove a conspiracy based on little more than a WHOLE BUNCH of inconsistencies which-- while intriguing-- hardly add up to some mysterious inside job. Or whatever it is you cranks believe.

    Why don't you put some of this ample, demented energy that drives you into a worthwhile project, like helping the poor or working to challenge the US military -industrial complex using some argument that isn't BATSHIT CRAZY?



    ps. If you're posting user photos, you should post mine because it features my cat. She's just gorgeous.

  6. Dear Xjacktarx

    I didn’t realize that my archived riskus redux blog had comments attached to it until just now, when I read your balanced, if belated, response to my characterization of you, and I must say you are absolutely right in calling my remark an unfair ad hominem attack. I see it for what it is and I’m sorry for it

    I have an established pattern in the best of circumstances of getting off on the wrong foot. Likewise, I’ve learned to appreciate the corrections, and enjoy the better outcomes.

    In furtherance of our l'esprit cordial may I say, I find your credential impressive, intriguingly relevant to our encounter, and most informative. In response, may I beg further forgiveness of you by my comparison. That unlike you, I came to New York City at 19, and was educated in the streets so to speak, hence the snotty tone that comes from overcompensating.

    Coincidentally, I experienced a setback in a related board matter, and while I was prepared to mount an aggressive offensive to retake the field, I think I shall, in your honor, retire from the battle. I’ve made a sort of amend there already, but if it does come up, you two can share a victory lap. Now, back to work.

  7. i don't hide.

    ps. fearlessness must equate batshit crazy

  8. I guess I'm going to have to have a word about timeliness with all of you. I'm moving a lot faster now and if you keep getting any further behind in your work...well.

    Good. I'm glad you don't. Now what do you do?

  9. Dear Daddy McDuh (Sorry, in a hurry, no time to ask, I need a daddy.) Was confused at first by spoonie femfacism, thinking somehow you were referring to feltching—orally retrieving anally deposited sperm—and it hurt my feelings. All your other IM’s are so clarion sharp (and clean,) I was let down to think you were just like all the other boys. But then I realized, I’d started it, with the restyling of tryviolence. I have no idea why I made that choice, it was like pulling a tarot, but I’m so glad I did. What a beautiful life! And passing! Anyway, gotta go get into my jammies. Come tuck me in later, OK?

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    I'm with you man.

  13. So what is up with this Spoonies? I hear Three different things. One, it's like a cult where these women get together and have ritual-like orgies. Two, its more like a society of friends that help out people in need, mostly women. Three, it is the name of Antonio Espoonazerra, wtvr., from New York that was chased to the west coast and failed, was arrested and died in prison for bootlegging, extortion and murder.
    Help clarify.