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Temporary Mounds of Dirt Were Erected at Strategic Points at the Pentagon to Block Views of a Plane Strike

The largest of which shielded the Citgo gas station from direct views of the Pentagon impact zone, where an American Airlines 757 jetliner traveling over 500 miles per hour just a few feet off the ground crashed, disappearing entirely into the building's first and second stories, on September 11, 2001.

Perversely, the Citgo station became the center of media response in the days immediately following. That no professional reporter publicly questioned, to my knowledge, the presence of such massive impediments, might indicate no one had guaranteed immunity from a collective national delusion.

Compare the following two pictures: In the first, we see the firefighting response of September 11 occurring behind the dirt mound. In the second photo, taken ostensibly of promotional event, no dirt berm in place, although an erosion-control barrier has been installed, one may assume in anticipation of erection. Since the Pentagon is still whole, the picture must predate 9-11.

The pictures are deceptive, because of the unnaturally high vantage point both were taken from, it appears the Pentagon is visible in either, carrying a false implication the Pentagon was visible behind the dirt mound to anyone standing in the parking lot, where it would have been entirely obscured. Might not that have been the intent of staging a pre-dated event, complete with official press releases, the record to serve as back story, confounding analysis of the body of material surrounding 9-11?

The following satellite image, taken in the immediate aftermath of 9-11, has color notations illustrating the two-plane theory, in which a commercial jetliner overflew the Pentagon, while a missile or drone attacked from a slightly different angle.

Several buff colored earthworks are apparent, the most notable lies under the purple "Light Pole" path, extending from the elevated I-395 highway along the front of the Citgo gas station for several hundred feet. A smaller mound lies at the resumption of the green "Eyewitness" path, near the Route 27 cloverleaf interchange. It figures in a great many misleading shots taken on September 11.

A mound of earth behind the Citgo blocked higher views from the parking lot of the Navy Annex. A fourth earthwork was constructed north of the Pentagon, and can be seen in several shots.

But many other members of the Fourth Estate, including all of those on the scene in the earliest hours who produced the entirety of the meaningful public record, were clearly co-conspirators to a covert false flag operation, undertaken by agents of an international military industrial complex, to motivate, and galvanize, the American body politic into a endless future of war.

This aerial view shows the relationship of the Pentagon to the runways at Reagan National Airport and it shows how easily a second aircraft could have overflown the Pentagon and safely landed.

It is from a fascinating Russian-language website of a flight enthusiast nicknamed “Hectop,” and apparently, it constitutes one-of-a-kind documentation, leading me wonder if such information wasn't meant to remain classified. Dated 8/25/2001, just 17 days before 9-11, we must question the coincidence as possible disinformation. I think not. Labeled "Commercial Rating Cross Country Trip/Pentagon,” the image emerges from a likely context of several dozen similar images taken on a sequenced, progressive itinerary that includes a very closeup aerial view of the post 9-11 devastation in lower Manhattan! These images' folder is just one element among many files, the various postings and musings reflecting a distinct, if unknown, Cyrillic personality. The contrast in authenticity couldn't be more startling, than with the contrived website of Steve Riskus, the putative source of officially "released" photographs.

I wonder what that might be. Checking out the higher resolution photo here, can anyone get a clear determination, one way or another, if wire spools are “left-over” near the site?Moreover, has anyone questioned the legitimacy of propane and diesel fuel storage tanks being exposed in such a location? Even if only temporary, as part of a construction project, a diesel generator seems anachronistic here on many levels--useful as a smudge pot perhaps, it did that quite well--but useless and contraindicated. That is, if a permanent and manned firefighting substation be part of a standard air-safety procedure protecting a heliport that receives frequent presidential visits along with other high-level utilization, to also place exposed combustibles there as well be considered unwise.

The southern edge of the mound can be seen in this photograph in which Pentagon employees are inexplicably shown going onto I-395, as reported, to walk home.

...although there was no reason they couldn't drive their home in their cars.The earthwork barricade petered out near a grove of trees......where press conferences were held in the shade. This picture has been taken at an unnatural height and angle and it is doubtful the Pentagon is in the sight line of an average-height person here.

In my opinion, the following photograph was created with the intent to deceive. These bored seeming cameramen are perched on top of a news van--a rolled-up awning is visible at the edge, by their feet. The featured man looks at first glance to be leaning on a crutch, he appears to be standing on asphalt by inference. The distance between the van and the black plastic is foreshortened, and with tight cropping the Pentagon would seem to appear visible at ground level.
The following two aerial images show another mound of earth beside a cloverleaf interchange of Route 27. It lies in a direct sight line between the impact zone and Columbia Pike, also blocking the view from Navy Annex parking along Southgate Road.

You can get a better understanding of the lay of the land with the Google Earth overview below. The imagery shows a nearly completed restoration of the Pentagon, with the earth berms removed, but their vestigial traces can still be seen. (Correction: The berm is in place but the grass atop is dying of thirst.)
This mound is featured in several photographs taken at the Pentagon on September 11. Exactly why it was introduced as a visual element escapes me, because once you understand its location relative to its surroundings, photographs like the following become ridiculous. Why did this service member go up the hill in the first place? And since the piles were not the result of construction, why is the trailer and debris there?

Other images that present the mound are so pointless and inane, they should have raised red flags.

Some photos contain enough detail to deconstruct them, thereby revealing a disconnect with objective reality and lack of basic commonsense. They become clues to the larger truth: That this was a staged, fabricated event, a manipulated media circus from start to finish.

For instance, in the images above and below, these medical personel are walking in on the off ramp of southbound Route 27, also known as Washington Blvd, the road which parallels the impact zone. They will have to walk over a thousand feet to get to the triage area, which is a feature in many shots.

But they will have to cross over two wide concrete barriers, and two additional metal Jersey barriers, to get to the wounded at a triage location that only made sense as a public relations setup, with the background of a burning Pentagon to frame the scene.

Why didn't they just drive? We see scores of extra and unneccesary ambulances and medical helicopter transports. Multiple sources report there were only 40-50 Pentagon victims hospitalized, and according to The Washington Times there were only seven serious burn victims. That makes the visual record of a medical overresponse so excessive as to be damning. In countless images the responders simply stand around looking bored, their casual pose and lack of focus detracting from the intended dramatic effect.

Another dirt mound was created behind the Citgo, higher up on the hill. It did a good job of blocking the view from the entrance to the Navy Annex parking lot.
Another mound was constructed north of the North Pentagon parking lot. The following two shots were taken from Lady Bird Johnson Memorial Park. Several buildings accessed from the North parking lot were screened in this way.

It is scary to contemplate how the news media could have been manipulated as they were.

It was obvious they were meant to stay behind the wall.

Maybe you needed special permission for a look.

These cameramen have to crane their lens for a look over their shoulders.

They were sandwiched at the short end of the Citgo canape, with Interstate 395 in the background.

The most consistent element throughout the entire body of Pentagon 9-11 photographs is the distortion in our perception of the field of depth, the product of using special wide angle and telephoto lens, the only intent of which is to confuse our witness. These cameramen were perhaps legitimate, but kept back a great distance.

The most dominant characteristic is the homogeneity and repetition, the lack of individualized effort, artistic vision, authorial voice, within the work product, indistinguishable between professional or amateur, with only the minimum quantity of information making its way to us in every case, and rarely emotion of any kind reflecting off these beings.

Maybe it's because the real journalists were getting manhandled:
Q: Around that side of the building where the fire is and where the fire fighting's going on, I would appreciate it if you could intercede on behalf of the FBI to make sure reporters are allowed into a certain area there and allowed access in there so -- and not being threatened or, in fact, handcuffed and dragged away, that reporters do have an area close to the action where they won't necessarily interfere with things. But I -- would you --

Clarke: Absolutely. You know, as I tried to say at the beginning of this, we understand and appreciate what you're trying to do. Understand and appreciate just how difficult this all is. You know, Pam, as you said, this has never happened before. People are dealing with it remarkably, and we are going to make every effort we can to provide that kind of support, that kind of news and information to you, as we can. So we will work on that.

Q: The only reason I say that is the FBI was just -- granted they have a job to do, but they were a bit overzealous yesterday I think, and -- and just --

Clarke: Let me push back on you a little bit. The FBI is doing a phenomenal job. And they have an extraordinary task on their hands, both here and elsewhere. And we, I think, surprised them a little bit, saying hey, here we come, and we didn't give them much advance notice. But going forward -- and, you know, as you get into day two of this, we can start to put a lot more of those processes in place. So, heard and understood.
Department of Defense News Briefing--Victoria Clarke, Presenter
September 12, 2001 Torrie

An artificial reality can only look artificial.

Is this the Brave New World of the Neo-cons?
Can real people look and see and stop it?

Temporary Mounds Bar Theory Updated November 15

Concerning the earlier of two photographs of the Citgo gas station that lies between the Pentagon and the Navy Annex, which together constitute the nut of my Mounds-Bar theory, wherein the erection of temporary dirt berms that served to block views of the airplane strike impact zone on the Pentagon on the morning of September 11, 2001, is given its context and identification in a United States Department of Defense News Release here,, while the picture itself, in an uncropped, high-resolution, government-bandwidth version, here.

A writer for the American Forces Information Services, Jim Garamone, wrote an article for the DefenseLink News Alternative Fuels Help ‘Green’ the Pentagon, about an event I had the temerity to call a staged public relations happening. It was in fact an official ribbon-cutting ceremony opening the federal government's first multi-alternative fuel service station. In attendance were Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Environmental Security Sherri W. Goodman; Assistant Secretary of the Navy Robert Pirie; Deputy Secretary of Energy T. J. Glauthier; Executive Director of the National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition Phillip Lambert; and President of the Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition Richard Kolodziej.

Even with the glamorous star wattage of two civilian alternative-fuels bigwigs I still say feh! The image depicts a contrived, artificial mock event in my opinion, performed by amateur actors under poor direction and little motivation. But why was the event undertaken and the image released?

An important detail to take under consideration is the date, May 1, 2000—significantly earlier then the date of just prior to 9-11, which I hazarded given the presence of a black-plastic erosion control dike in the picture--the first step toward building the earthwork. So if my theory is holds true, that the work was intended to block sightlines of the impact zone from areas which couldn’t be secured by other means, then the staging of this event, and dissemination of photographs recording it, served both to rationalize and alibi the subsequent images sharing the same contrived camera angles and views of the Pentagon building, providing a back story if you will, for the presence of the earthwork.

Jim Garamone is a military writer who also took photographs on 9-11 at the Pentagon, initially up close, and then back from the secured area at the Citgo. The implication of the earlier date is the conspiracy of September 11, which was a false-flag controlled self-wounding meant to galvanize Americans like a “new Pearl Harbor” into starting wars of choice against innocent resource-rich third-world nations, is far vaster than I first imagined. It reveals the enormous power of the “shadow government” at the heart of this undertaking to truly be bipartisan.

Other pieces of the puzzle fall into place under this new paradigm. The TWA Flight 800 disaster for instance, which for many Long Islanders remains a clear case of a military missile strike, regardless of what the FBI or NTSB reported. If true, two possible justifications for the event would be: it was staged to frame and blackmail current navy personnel into later participation in 9-11 (and the direct targeting of Navy war-game operations in the Pentagon signifies Navy involvement, witting or unwitting, and two, contrary to U.S. law, which makes the National Safety and Transportation Bureau the exclusive federal agency to investigate civil airliner crashes, the FBI was interjected as lead investigators of the crash on no legal or logical grounds except perhaps, as now seems probable, as precedent to co-opting the Pentagon disaster investigation.

Would the U.S. government, especially this one, have any compunction about killing hundreds of its citizens preparatory to killing thousands more, as a justification to wrongly kill hundreds of thousands around the world to get what they want? Hardly, in my opinion. It is our failure of imagination that people can stoop so low on a scale so vast, that shields the clandestine from discovery. We don't want to know the truth! It is hard, emotionally devastating work to arrive at this conclusion. Our minds revolt and resist until we’re exhausted. The canard, “the government is so incompetent there’s no way they could keep such a plot a secret,” is itself a dissemination of the big lie. The motto of the NSA is They Served in Silence, and it successfully guided their 38,000 employees, at least until recently, when the extraordinary circumstance of the warrentless wiretapping leak, which is proof the system worked, not the other way around.

Like the drunk who drinks around the clock but nobody realizes he's a drunk until, one day, he sobers up and everybody sees the difference, what makes the attack on the Pentagon so difficult to perceive is the completeness of the moral horror, let alone the enormity. No cameramen were independent of the plot, except perhaps some latecomers who took pointless shots with telescopic lens. Some researchers call the early photographs “pure,” as having come before a media clampdown, which is pure nonsense. The preparation, the execution, the response, and the recording were all micro managed, but poorly, with contempt. It is only by comparing 9-11 to a legitimate air disaster that we gain some insight. In the aftermath of Flight 800 for instance, private researchers were prosecuted for keeping a small fabric swatch of airplane seat upholstery, while at the Pentagon a fiberglass section of plane tail was “donated” to the Smithsonian after it supposedly fell in the open sunroof of a private citizen's automobile, while another fragment was mounted as sculpture for display in the office of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Jon Culberson and Charles Burroughs, the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority firefighters who "happened" upon the scene moments after the explosion, happened to take especially inane shots. Never do we see pictures of water or foam aiming at fire.

What once was unthinkable is our new Rosetta stone.