Thursday, April 18, 2013

Whatever became of the Guyanese Minister of Information?

November 19, 1978, San Francisco Examiner, Passengers on the Guyana plane,

Here is the list of passengers aboard the aircraft involved in the incident at Port Kaituma, provided by the U.S. State Department Bureau of Latin American Affairs:

Congressman Leo J. Ryan, D-San Mateo; Jackie Speier, legal counsel to Ryan; attorneys Mark Lane and Charles Garry; Richard Dwyer, deputy chief of mission, U.S. State Department; NBC personnel Don Harris, Robert Flick, Robert Brown and S. Song; San Francisco Examiner photographer Greg Robinson; San Francisco Chronicle reporter Ron Javers; and Charles Krause of the Washington Post.

Also on board, according to State Department Press Officer Jeff Dieterich, were: James Cobb, Mrs. Beverly Oliver, Anthony Katsaris and Mrs. Kathy Boyd.

Dieterich said that the latter four were family members of Jonestown residents.

The Guyanese Minister of information was also reported to be aboard one of the aircraft.

November 20, 1978, Los Angeles Herald Examiner / AP, Congressman Ryan in Guyana,

San Francisco Chronicle reporter Ron Javers, center, and San Francisco Examiner reporter Tim Reiterman may have been among those shot. Mrs. Carol Boyd, left, did not make the trip to Jonestown.

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