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81st Floor, North Tower, World Trade Center

December 4, 2000, 12:00 PM,, Hale of a company, by Susan Biagi,
The sales force is key to that effort. Of its 900 employees, Network Plus has 375 sales people split among 14 offices. The sales organization is highly regimented, Crowley says. All reps go through a three-month training period and learn to sell the same way. They also follow the same schedule: Monday and Thursday they stay in the office to set up appointments for the week. The other three days they don a suit and tie and call on their customers.

Crain’s [first crawl on Oct.14, 2001]
Bank of America, Banks/Financial, 9-11,81 
New Continental Enterprises Transportation 81 2055
Network Plus Communications 81 8500

Gary Stock: UnBlinking
Bank of America (Bank America Trust Co) 9-11, 81 Suite 8101 2001
Network Plus Corporation    81 Suite 8121 2001
New Continental Enterprises 81  Suite 8129 2001
Bank of America, Banks/Financial, 9-11,81
Network Plus, Telecommunication, 81
New Continental Enterprises, NA, 81

September 12, 2001, The Jacksonville [FL] Times-Union, [Associated Press]
List of World Trade Center tenants -- North Tower
Bank of America Banks/Financial 9-11,81
Network Plus Telecommunication 81 
New Continental Enterprises NA 81  

World Trade Center Aftermath. [Source: coStar]
Crawled Dec. 14, 2001

Network Plus, Communications Employ: 60
New Continental Enterprises, Transportation Employ: 8

StevenWarRan: 79 Firms Said To Be Operating in the North Tower of the World Trade Center Were Unknown to Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet World Trade Center Business Listing As of 9/11/01
050014393 Network Plus Corp.
No listing for New Continental Enterprises,,
81st Floor
Bank of America, Network Plus, New Continental Enterprises, Blue Star Line North America (?UB), Network Plus Corporation

June 28, 2002, World Socialist Web Site, Threatened collapse of WorldCom sends political establishment into crisis, By Joseph Kay,

July 21, 2002, The Law Journal [UK] Enron, WorldCom and the Corruption of Society, by Brian Risman,

April 3, 2011,, 79 Firms Said To Be Operating in the North Tower of the World Trade Center Were Unknown to Dun & Bradstreet

Let's Roll Forum thread.

World Trade Center Business Listing As of 9/11/01From the Let's Roll Forum Port Authority FOIL request tenant's list for the North Tower, WTC 1

NETWORK PLUS INC. 1WTC 81 8121 1/24/1997 12/23/2007
NETWORK PLUS INC. 1WTC 81 8122 1/27/1999 8/31/2008
BANK OF AMERICA CORP. 1WTC 81 8101 8/1/2000 6/30/2010
NEW CONTINENTAL ENTERPRISES (U 1WTC 81 8129 7/1/1997 6/30/2002
GIFTCERTIFICATES.COM 1WTC 81 8101 4/1/2000 10/31/2000

North Tower Tenants List

Bank of America Banks/Financial 9-11,81
Network Plus Telecommunication 81
New Continental Enterprises NA 81

BANK OF AMERICA CORP. 1WTC 9 901 10/8/1993 6/30/2010

BANK OF AMERICA CORP. 1WTC 10 1001 12/5/1993 6/30/2010

TES (USA) CORPORATION 1WTC 11 1147 12/1/1999 11/30/2004
TES (U.S.A.) CORPORATION 1WTC 11 1147 8/1/1994 11/30/1999
ALLSTATE INSURANCE CO. 1WTC 11 1145 1/4/1996 12/31/2000
CANDIA SHIPPING (USA) INC. 1WTC 11 1111 7/1/1998 2/28/1999
PORCELLA, VICINI & CO., INC. 1WTC 11 1151 5/1/1999 4/30/2004
BANK OF AMERICA CORP. 1WTC 11 1115 11/19/1993 6/30/2010
SYNS TECHNOLOGIES, INC 1WTC 11 103 8/1/1997 7/31/1999
JAMES R. TUCKER 1WTC 11 1153 10/27/1997 10/26/2000
PRIMARK DECISION ECONOMICS, IN 1WTC 11 1109 5/15/1999 5/14/2009
M.J. BRUDERMAN & COMPANY, INC. 1WTC 11 1155 5/16/1999 5/15/2002

BANK OF AMERICA CORP. 1WTC 12 1201 9/13/1993 6/30/2010

BANK OF AMERICA CORP. 1WTC 13 1301 4/8/1994 6/30/2010

BANK OF AMERICA CORP. 1WTC 14 1401 10/7/1994 6/30/2010

LANDMARK EDUCATION CORPORATION 1WTC 15 1501 11/23/1998 6/23/2013

ZIM-AMERICAN ISRAELI SHIPPING 1WTC 16 1601 3/1/1996 2/28/2006

EMPIRE BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD 1WTC 17 1701 12/10/1997 12/31/2018

BANK OF AMERICA CORP. 1WTC 18 1801 3/11/1994 6/30/2010 

1 captures December 27, 2010, ABC News / KERO23, Scripps TV Station Group, Twin Tower Tenants, North Tower,

These are the companies that were located in the Twin Towers, displayed by floor. The rows in red were impact zones struck by planes.

110CNN; Channel 2 (WCBS); Channel 5 (WNYW); Channel 11 (WPIX); Channel 31 (WBIS); Channel 47 (WJNU);
107Greatest Bar on Earth; World Trade Club
106Windows on the World
105Cantor Fitzgerald Securities
104Cantor Fitzgerald Securities; Channel 4 (NBC)
103Cantor Fitzgerald Securities
102Alliance Consulting; Cantor Fitzgerald Securities; The Nishi-Nippon Bank Ltd
101Cantor Fitzgerald Securities; Kidder Peabody & Co
100Marsh USA Inc
99Marsh USA Inc
98Marsh USA Inc
97Marsh USA Inc
96Marsh USA Inc
95Marsh USA Inc
94Marsh USA Inc
93Fred Alger Management Inc; Marsh USA Inc
91American Bureau of Shipping
90The Chugoku Bank Ltd; American TCC International Group Inc
89Barcley Dwyer; Broad USA Inc; CIIC Group (USA) Ltd; Daehan International; Drinker Biddle & Reath; Metropolitan Life Insurance Co; Mutual International Forwarding; Strategic Communications Inc; Wai Gao Qiao USA Inc; Wall Street Planning Association
87May Davis Group
86Julien J Studley Inc
85Thermo Electron; SMW Trading Corp
84Bright China Capital Ltd; David Peterson; KITC Investments; LG Securities America Inc; San-In Godo Bank Ltd
83eMeritus Communications; General Telecommunications; Global Crossings Holdings Ltd; Lava Trading LLC; Taipei Bank
82NY Metro Transportation Council; Temenos USA Inc
81Network Plus, New Continental Enterprises
80Agricor Commodities Corp; Intrust Investment Realty Inc; Noga Commodities Overseas Inc; RLI Insurance Company; Shizuoka Bank Ltd; The

Inside the North Tower: Witness Accounts Floors 91-60

81st floor, didn't hear impact.

Michael Wright: "All of a sudden there was this shift of an earthquake. People ask, "Did you hear a boom?" No, the way I can best describe it is that every joint in the building jolted...we all got knocked off balance...the flex caused the marble walls in the bathroom to crack...I opened the bathroom door, looked outside, and saw fire...The doorjamb had folded in on itself and sealed the door shut...There was a huge crack in the floor of the hallway that was about half a football field long, and the elevator bank by my office was completely blown out. If I'd walked over, I could have looked all the way down. Chunks of material that had been part of the wall were in flames all over the floor. Smoke was everywhere." 
us to leave everything behind as we would need both hands free to hold the railings in the stairwell as water was flowing down the stairs from the sprinklers on the upper floors. I led our group of eight as we began our escape. They directed us to the stairwell where another fireman held the door open. He advised me to proceed down to the 78 floor, exit the stairway and cross the floor to another stairway which we were to follow all the way down. Initially the smoke was heavy and there was a stream of water going down the stairs. The firemen advised the smoke would lessen as we went further down which it did. As we made our way down I don't recall meeting any other people for about 30 floors. Then we began to meet firemen going up as we were going down. I would estimate that we passed about 50 firemen. Though you could see the concern on their faces, there was an air of calm about them. They continually reassured us and advised us to take a brief rest if we need one. We encountered office workers carrying their injured colleagues down the stairs. One of my colleagues gave his nitroglycerin to someone who was suffering an apparent heart attack. As we proceeded further down we encountered firemen on each of the lower floors. They had broken into soda machines and were handing out drinks to ease our parched throats. As we approached the 10th floor, we heard a loud noise. I asked a fireman what it was. As I recall, he said the 65th floor collapsed. Shortly thereafter, a rush of dust came up the stairwell and stopped everyone in their tracks. The firemen on the floor motioned us out of the stairwell and into a hallway on the floor. They advised us they were opening up another stairway from which we could exit the building. Another five minutes passed as we waited in the cramped hallway. Finaaly, I heard a fireman behind me say the stairway we had been in was clear. I grabbed ahold of my client and we ran down the remaining floors to the main lobby. As we exited the stairwell and proceeded to pass the security area we heard what appeared to be an interior wall or elevator shaft collapse behind us. The main lobby was almost unrecognizable. Debris covered the walls and floor and all the windows were shattered. We exited through a window onto the street where we only saw a single policeman. He directed us to go under the covered walkway over Water Street where we ran into a group of firemen. they directed us to another policeman who told us to go towards the waterfront. We ran to the waterfront and tried in vain to call our families on cellphones that were offered to us. Within five minutes I looked up at the North Tower and noticed the antenna begin to lean. Soon the whole building began to implode. We ran up along the river but soon realized we were well away from the debris cloud. We boarded a ferry boat that had pulled up along the seawall and rode the boat back to the safety of Union Station in Hoboken where we were finally able to contact our families.. CBS News. What We Saw: The Events of September 11, 2001, in Words, Pictures, and Video. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2002.

81st floor
A fellow who had been on the 81st floor told me his floor was set on fire immediately after the first
plane struck.

81st floor
Sujo John: We all gathered together and made our way to the stairwell. The World Trade Center was designed with the elevators of the building in the center, with offices surrounding them. As we stepped out of our office, we could see flames, stoked by the jet fuel that was pouring down the shafts, shooting out of the elevators; the doors had buckled and given way. Keeping ourselves as near to the edge of the wall as we could, we passed the elevators and reached the stairwell.

(Sujo) John said as he and his coworkers made their way to the stairwell, the elevator shaft at the center of the building sent “balls of fire” past their floor, where jet fuel from the main impact of the 88th floor (sic) had drained.

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