Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reality Shack 9/11: The Famous hoi polloi, aka Max Konrardy at Work

Any real discussion group requires an overt organizing principle for it to be considered probable reasoning. The newly established InvisionFree forum message board Reality Shack, formed by the recently homeless members of a suddenly shuttered message board 9/ does not constitute a "real" discussion group---nor can any of the other myriad discussion boards operating under the InvisionFree model be considered as such. In fact, the very terms of service deny such a reality to exist.

Somewhere at the dawn of the computer age, a disconnect was postulated. This disconnect hazarded that internet message board users had left the real world behind them. They hence were to go forth with "nicknames"---avatar shields to their former identities and lives---into this new, vast cyber reality.

Affinity corrals were constructed with software, which allow these new denizens of cyberspace to rally round others with similar belief systems and agendas. These message boards were headed by "administrators" and "moderators" who could edit submissions and enforce orthodoxy by banning members.

The very Terms of Service [the "TOS"] or Terms of Use [the unfortunate "TOU"] underlying the use of the software demanded that all the participates refrain from posting any identifying information about the real names or origins of the membership. It became the first rule and cardinal sin not to break this "container."

The fundamental problem with this structure is that it was created by nefarious self-serving entities like the U.S. military-run program D.A.R.P.A., and other covert intelligence organizations, like the CIA. Conceptually, what might have been designed for freedom's sake, became a fearsome trap. Whatever one said or espoused online on the Internet, from political opinion to material advocacy carried with it a new price of exposure.

This eventually led to a preponderance of nonsensical intrigue, as "sock puppets" appeared---sub identities known only to board cognoscenti, who often posted on message boards alongside their master identities. They could frequently be found having discussions, fights, even flirtations with themselves!

This flawed model sought to impose on the reality of open social intercourse the conventions of a subterranean world inhabited by spooks, spies, agents, and operatives of clandestine forces, which exist ostensibly for the safety and protection of society. But these organizations---the United States military is a prime example---which have long held lustrous reputations, have in recent generations seen them tarnished as a consequence of the illegal and immoral wars undertaken at the behest of a profit-driven military-industrial complex.

Many message board communities sprang up in the aftermath of the attacks of September 11th, 2001 whose stated purpose was the quest for the truth of attacks whose narrative storyline in the mainstream media---television, newspapers, and magazines---was confusing, contradictory and chimeric. Groups ran the gamut from orthodox support of the official view, to a more and more skeptical outlook, then back again to debunk the skeptic's claims. Nobody ever claimed to be in support of something less- or else than the truth.

But that is what it would appear to me. The denizens that regrouped at Reality Shack are advancing a radical new theory about the attacks of 9/11. They suggest that out of the nearly 3000 people who were said to have died that day, nearly all of them are synthetic creations of a hidden government's propaganda machine---"vicsims" they are called, for simulated victims. This was carried off, they say, by an army of real-life actors and actresses playing the be-grieved roles of widows and orphans, surviving spouses and coworkers, aunts, uncles and cousins---coaches and school mates, all the interpersonal accouterments of the dying and the surviving, and all of them lying.

This theory naturally is predicated on the belief that tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of our fellow Americans, along with a wider world of citizenry, could somehow take part in a collective scheme---even if only at various levels of knowledge and witting complicity---which surely must rank as the most horrendous affront to human dignity and morality to have ever occurred on the planet Earth.

For the record, I believe this theory, or something like it, is true. How such a thing could be accomplished, is, for me as an outsider, still mind-boggling.

But the same group of activist researchers and 9/11 truth seekers at Reality Shack who are promoting this theory, ask us to believe that they are somehow outside of this selfsame scheming system. They want us to know that they are the great truth tellers in the drama. They have uncovered the deepest secrets. They have divined the organizational blunders. And then without a hidden motive, or ulterior agenda, they spill forth their collective knowledge for the betterment of mankind. They will settle for nothing less than the full punishment of every criminal---even if that suggests a fundamental reorganization of all societal norms and mores, a cleansing, purging, and cathartic epiphany of universal proportions.

So then, why do they act like spooks and spies themselves? Why are they afraid for the world to know who and what they are? Might not theirs be a tendentious story line equal to any others?

There is much infighting between the group and their outliers. The prominent group leader who goes by the pleasant sounding name Killtown, headed the previous message board, 9/, a board which mysteriously disappeared, taking with it a collected body of research---a loss symbolically on par with the burning of the ancient library at Alexandria. Alas, no member had made a copy, or mirror of the work, and no one seems to really care very much.

Killtown is only a junior member of the new community. The incorporating triad of the new board goes by the internet nicknames, dduck, hoi polloi, and Simon Shack.

A prominent antagonist of Killtown's, as well as several other senior contributors on both message boards, runs a blog called Killtown's Secret Archive. It is here that the tight corset of secrecy binding these identities begins to unravel.

(Apparently the rules governing free speech are looser at blog hosts than forum message boards. I should know. For four years Google Blogger has allowed me unfettered access to an internet soapbox. When a government-released image I'd posted drew the ire of unknown officials, my entire Yahoo Flickr account was terminated, but Google allowed me to repost a copy of the image without further censorship.)

The fight amongst the principles apparently has nothing to do with 9/11 truth, skepticism or denial at all. It is a cat fight of wounded egos and sexual ids, principally between two men---the unidentified Killtown---and someone I know by triangulating postings as an Australian named Vincent Scott. Scott has a serious hard on for two other board members in particular too, one named ozzybinoswald, and another Fred---both of these internet personas are likely to be Neil Edward Thomson of Sooke, British Columbia, Canada, although Fred might be a Fred Weber of New Jersey.

I was a member of Reality Shack from October 20th until October 29th---for all of nine days, and that has to be a world record for me. Being outside of the power dynamics, and a rather volatile and reactive character to boot, it is easy for me to misstep and alienate the supervisory powers. Being subject to unilateral editing and the threat of summary banishment also never suited my mood.

Understanding board dynamics is as important to success on a message board as it is to a corporate board of directors. I had been banned from the previous board incarnation by Killtown as a preemptive gesture. But with the revived board, which was founded (I thought,) by two new friends of mine, men with whom I had only recently spent an intensive week of around-the-clock researching, I really had to push the issue to get canned.

Through it all however, I gained a clearer focus on what established allegiances between a group of men who refuse to publically identify themselves portended---especially in the context of a public feud with a nominally secret opponent.

This whole sorry tale is told (mostly) on a thread here.


Hi Steve,

Thanks again for the compliments.

I see you got yourself banned from RS. That was quick. What's the deal over there? I was surprised at what happened to you, considering that you just went all the way to Italy to hang out with them. I would have though you guys were buddies? I guess not.

I'm not sure what to make of what's going on there? Especially after everything that happened to me over on **, I don't trust anyone anymore, so maybe I'm being over sensitive. But something doesn't feel right there.


Well *****, it came as a complete shock and hard emotional blow to get canned the way I did, but I'd call this God doing for me what I couldn't do for myself.

Yes, we were buddies. Visiting Simon in Rome was my great breakthrough moment, when I finally aligned myself with someone in the movement. When coincidentally (?) went down and Simon and hoi started Reality Shack I was surprised when they didn't invite me to be an administrator. The only good thing to come out of the whole episode was the revelation of the power dynamic---that Simon is beholden to D.Duck (hoi/Max is 26-years-old and seems to be a relative innocent to the power machinations.)

Simon is a *** ** * ****, IMHO. There is no evidence that he himself did the video analysis work attributed to him (Am I envious of his growing stature and fame? Is my perception flawed as a result? Open questions.) Killtown, Killtown's enemy (***** *******/******* *****,) Ozzybinoswald, and certainly now this dduck person, are all some sort of operatives in something. I have never been able to sort the good guys out from the bad guys. I fly on a wing and a prayer. I may be doing harm to responsible, good people, but I wouldn't know. (I do know who the good girls are though---SLaD and DYEW!)

I still believe in no planes and video fakery. I think someone needs to do a more sober analysis of the video record (it can wait; it's not going anywhere; it can't be tampered with.) I believe some ratio of victims are vicsims but I can't fathom what the agenda is of Simon and hoi's presentation of the material---with their autocratic unwillingness to correlate their work with other aspects of the record. "Everything is photoshopped" is nihilism. We stop dead in our tracks. Are they trying to be off-putting?

The truth is---amongst my mainstream friends, the concept that no planes hit the towers is still seen as an absolute absurdity. To rush in to a 100-percent vicsim storyline would be viewed as outrageous beyond the pale. All it would take is for a handful of legitimate grieving family members (I still believe in my theory of mock death for most of the remainder of the listed dead,) which might be the kind of destabilization that the PTB could use to effect some sort of shut down of the internet (my only possible retaliatory scenario.)

Let's keep in touch, SW

"We are the harbingers of a very new type of research so let's try to manage it well and leave it inspiring rather than alienating."


  1. The levels of betrayal are mindboggling.
    To the TV Faker Fakers, "fakery" is whatever doesn't suit the contents of their imagination.
    Part of it is a dedicated coverup of Cold Fusion.
    Part of it is just wishful thinking, like the horror of that day was overstated and fictional; while it was even more awful than we yet know, Claiming everything is "fake" covers up the nest of international military contractors who used 911 to demonstrate secret weapons and drum up business.

    Real planes can not fly through buildings and out the other side.
    The second hit videos are fakey and fuzzy with not enough colors, not enough frames, and an absurd disappearance act with explosion first on the other side of the building.

    Simon is distracting from these fuzzy absurd 'planes' by using them as an excuse to holler 'fake" about hard or impossible things to animate, like the shadow of Edna Cintron's hand as she waves for her life
    Meet Edna Cintron

    Rosalee Grable, The Webfairy

  2. It's my pleasure to have you visit Rosalee. I've followed your work for years with great interest.

  3. ALL: OPEN YOUR EYES !!! Simon Shack IS Hoi Polloi (I have hard evidence of it). Besides, three friends of mne died on 9/11. This is all BS. Keep believing a guy who says lies about his name...

  4. Simon--if you think the above comment requires a "response," then you are just being silly. Take it with a grain of salt.

  5. Dear Steven Warran, you clearly don't know what these two people are capable of doing. I would really love to show you what they did to me but I trusted them and they gave me (and currently are giving me) a very hard time (I know you won't believe me, but why should I lie...?). I'm sure you have somebody important in your family who passed away. What if I came to you and told you: this person (e.g. your grandfather) has never existed? You would show me pictures, emails, ... and still I would insult you and (against the law) give you troubles. So, after interacting with them, I came to realize that they don't want to know the truth, they just disregard any evidence against their beliefs. Should they accept hard evidence against their credo, they would admit that they have wasted a lot of their time. Again, I'm sure you won't believe me, so I don't expect you to respond to this post. Anyway, good luck: if you continue to stick to these two "journalists" you will get into trouble as I did.

  6. To the troll posing as "webfairy",
    So it was easy for them to fake footage of planes melting into buildings, but not easy to fake a fake victim's hand shadow? Give me some of what you're smoking.

  7. Smon Shack is a Shill and Hoi Polloi is a fantasy sock pupet little boy. The gatekeeping they do is meant to confuse things. 9/11 was as fake as many other events. The NEWS and history and war is more fake than not. Clues Forum and the like exist to mislead. They ignore things like digital compression artifacts and other issues in favor of their strictly enforced set of memes. They do not want you to learn that fighter jets and all the rest are fake too...