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Jeannieann Maffeo, Ruth Magdaline (Clifford) McCourt, Paige Farley-Hackel, Ronald Hans Clifford (and little four-year-old Juliana Valentine McCourt)

Paige & Ruth

Try saying that three times fast.

The recent posting of "The Vicsim Report" by the 9/11 researcher known pseudonymously online as hoi.poloi, constitutes a giant leap forward in our collective understanding of the truth of the 2001 attacks. The work theorizes that a large percentage of the American casualties from that day, which variously amount to a figure just shy of 3000 dead, are completely fictitious---computer generated components of synthetic reality, models which played out in the controlled dimension of consumer-fed media and television.

I printed out the 80-page pdf and read it on a long flight to Rome, where I was coincidentally to meet up with the report's real-life author for the first time. I came at the invitation of hoi.poloi's research colleague, Simon Shack, the early and great explicator of video fakery and no-plane studies.

I immediately felt in accord with the human position laid out in the study, since I'd previously arrived at an understanding of the falsity of the victim/hero/villain narrative, without fully understanding the mechanics of how it was achieved. In creating the myth of America's wounding, I'd considered that a high percentage of insider-victims must have underwent "mock deaths," thereby entering into new identities in witness-protection type programs. I wasn't clear about the manageability of the boundaries---could surviving family members be in on the scheme and still act out their parts convincingly, or would their pain have to be "real" to pass muster? Were there degrees?

I am clear however, that given the bad acting found in the historical record, the entire narrative as unfolded up unto now was executed within a single, secretive, compartmentalized, hierarchical organization, which played out both the antagonist and protagonist roles in every drama. Contributions by individuals such as myself, self-motivated "walk=ins" outside of this paradigm, can be vouchsafed simply by their having been ignored by this narrative.

But with the work of people like Simon Shack, and more recently, hoi.poloi, beginning to take on some traction, I think we might be at a tipping point where the computer-modeled and pre-programed existence being foisted upon us might be upset in significant ways.

For instance, at what point does the cognitive dissonance between our variously held perceptions become so overwhelming as to break the hold the big Lie has over us? We can argue the physics of airplane crashes and building collapses forever it seems, but can we argue in support of people who were never there to begin with? Using Google as our new metric, can we fathom the sham nature of such poorly built Potemkin approximations, filled in with folk who lack the necessary hits-and-returns that "being real" now requires?

It was very heady for me to be in Rome this September discussing all of this, as additional proofs the theory works were developing. Simon and hoi.poloi felt, (if I remember correctly,) that upwards of ninety percent of the victim's list might be entirely computer simulated, aided by a standing army of deep-cover assets lending support. I think it's more likely to be mixed up with other manipulations using real people, or established personas at least, incorporating the element of faked death---as was spelled out in the 1960's document, Operation Northwoods.

And of course, a basic threshold of mortality would be expected when the heart of a giant scheme is the destruction of two 110-story structures---even if mostly emptied out in advance. Deaths, whether simply accidental, or as a byproduct of insider struggles for power that must have taken place, could have occurred ritualistically, or as an unfortunate, but "legitimate" part of some covert process----as the evidence of gunfire and extreme law-enforcement activity at Ground Zero on 9/11 suggests.

Because not only does the big Lie derive force from such things as faking death, it also gains strength by denying the experience and reality of actual death---like the hundreds of American fatalities incurred in the Battle for Baghdad's airport in 2003, which were never reported in the American press.

Much cross-referencing will be necessary, I think, to deconstruct the artificially created identities from the real ones, and the process is likely to challenge our grasp on the nature of reality itself. We can know for sure that Barbara Olson once existed, I suppose, but isn't it interesting to note that Ted Olson's new wife looks a lot like his old wife Barbara?

I found an interesting sub-group of related victims, (along with their corollary, a fake hero,) to form a study around, as I find their narrative shot through with much laughable mendacious detail, but it also evidences the extreme degree to which the established powers-that-be will go to keep their control on the creative levers and wheels of reality.

I may be going way out on a limb here, as the group centers on a supposedly seriously burned victim, Jeannieann Maffeo, who, we are told, died 41 days after the attack, at Cornell Medical Center---thereby becoming, like Antoinette Sherman in Washington, D.C., one of the very few "public," or marginally verifiable deaths stemming from 9/11. Or maybe not.

Maffeo's story is told repeatedly in the record by her hero rescuer, Ronald Hans Clifford, who is never described himself much beyond being an Irish immigrant out and about on important business that day, but available for interviews afterward. In still more of the quirk, twist, fluke and irony surrounding the story, he was said to be attending a meeting at the World Trade Center Marriott which had been moved at the last moment from the Marriott in Times Square, but that's an over-written and lost detail to me.

Maffeo was waiting for a bus outside the Trade Center on West Street when the North Tower was hit, spewing her---and apparently only her---with burning jet fuel from 90-stories up, which left her with third-degree burns over 90-percent of her body. We never hear from any other of her fellow commuters; apparently, since Mr. Clifford spotted her he gets to handle her---after she spun through a revolving door into the Marriott Hotel, where he doused her flames with his coat, got her into an ambulance, then picked up the mantle as her spokesman and spinmeister.

Ron Clifford binds this group together, because as he was acting out the role of hero rescuer to Jeannieann Maffeo on the ground, his 45-year-old sister, Ruth Magdaline McCourt, along with her daughter, his four-year-old niece Juliana Valentine McCourt, are crashing into the second tower. This is just after a family friend, Paige Farley Hackel, who was traveling on a second jet plane flying between Boston and Los Angeles that morning---both just a quarter-filled with passengers---had crashed. Though the two adult women drove to the airport together, and were traveling on vacation together, the desire by one of them to use her frequent-flier miles with a particular airline, necessitated their separation that the choice in service afforded.

This should give us pause. If two competing airlines are running identical cross-country services between the same cities, with departure times only minutes apart, and both routes are operating at a 25-percent occupancy rate, then they might combine the services and still lose money running at a fifty-percent occupancy rate.

Beyond such errant details in this group of stories, what damns them is both their centrality to the media narrative and their timing. Coming out within 24 hours of the crash, this telegenically tragic tale was pieced together by the shocked, unknowing survivors and was hitting the streets and airways around the world.

A brother to Ron and Ruth, John Clifford, was interviewed from Cork, Ireland by the BBC for an article timestamped 17:03 GMT, which is only noon on Wednesday, the 12th. Speaking of Ron's brush with danger, John Clifford said:
"He went through the front door on the ground floor and a lady was about three seconds in front of him. She was hit by a terrific fireball. She subsequently died."
But John Clifford is speaking about Jeannieann Maffeo on 9/12, when she wasn't supposed to have "subsequently" died until 40 days later! 2

Clifford of Cork even gets neural-linguistically tangled up---and the BBC reporter makes a very clear point in noting it:
"He said that unfortunately, while he was OK, he had a feeling that his sister - my sister - had left Logan Airport to go to Los Angeles with her daughter at around 7.30 in the morning." 2
Not only does the human interest drama sound too contrived and off-color to be real, its rapid dissemination would confirm it.

USAToday's Greg Farrell wrote an article on September 12, called Best friends died on different flights, which is illustrated with a photograph of Ruth and Juliana McCourt that is sourced to an overseas news organization---Agence France Presse. Farrell's lead paragraph highlights the irony that befell the women.
"Ruth Clifford McCourt and Paige Farley Hackel were inseparable in life. Tuesday, in a fluke of airline ticketing, they became inseparable in death."
Their inseparability was caused because they were incomprehensibly separated in flight.

By the time she makes it onto the CNN victim list, the Mrs. Hackel of Farrell's article has been replaced by a hyphenated Mrs. Farley-Hackel, where she can often be found indexed with the other F's, an issue which seriously effects her Googlebility.

Three days after I published this blog, Simon Shack posted a video to YouTube covering much the same ground.

Ruth McCourt left a widower with a stilted Google, a shadowy figure in New London, Connecticut involved in a recognizable pattern of desultory charity, which peters out after a few years, named David McCourt, owner of "Abco Welding & Industrial Supplies." He went on the Today Show program on January 10, 2002, was interviewed by Al Roker, and presented a $40,000 check to some anti-bullying organization intended for children. David McCourt has his own web page at the New London police union web site, where an annual benefit softball game between cops and firemen raised only $7,300 over the previous three years. 4

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  1. Fantastic post, Steve ! Damn -while you were here in Rome I forgot to show you one video I'm still working with: It's called (provisionally) "911 HOAXTEL" and is all about the Marriott Hotel collapse and its miraculous survivors - including John Clifford telling his wondrous tales. Of course, he weeps profusely as he recalls of how he learned many days later - by pure chance on his car radio - of the subsequent death of poor Jeannieann...Priceless !

    simon shack

    just released on youtube !

    The fake tales of Ron Clifford, Jeannieann and all, visually illustrated in video format !

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