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Police Officer Vincent Danz: Vicsim or Mock Victim?

Vincent Danz in a 14.27KB image

The Vicsim Report is a new theoretical work which hazards a large percentage of the deaths which occurred as a result of the attacks of September 11th, 2001 were computer fabricated fictions. It is based on a study of the html code underlying the CNN Victims Memorial, plus an analysis of name and face similarities, and possible morphing technologies likely used to construct it.

Even though the CNN victim list strives for comprehensiveness, less than half the victims were supplied with a photographic image---although images can be found for others on memorial lists located elsewhere on the web.

An interesting subgroup was created on the CNN list, in 267 cases where images were originally supplied but then later taken down by the webmasters updating the memorial website.

Viewed through the lens that posits some of these so-called victims may in fact be imaginary constructs and not real individuals at all, logically leads us to the inference that the photographs taken down were of the most marginally journalistically verifiable personages.

A distinct pattern---inverse to the order of the stated death toll---emerges after a look at the 267 now-made-image-less names. Only 54 of those names were said to have been at ground zero in New York when they died (out of a total of 2605 fatalities there, or only two percent,) while 140 were numbered in the 246 said to be on one of the four airplanes claimed to have crashed that day, (or 56 percent,) with 74 out of 125 fatalities at the Pentagon (or 59 percent.)

Furthermore, out of the deaths in New York, only one image of a fireman has been taken down (and that is a very special case of one fireman being somehow duplicated twice on the list,) while 17 out of 23 claimed dead New York City police officers have been taken down, or 73 percent.

This would suggest to me that the police contingent---if they turn out to be synthetic constructs---were meant to beef up the numbers by "spreading the wealth" around.

However, some individuals may be "real," taking advantage of an "early retirement"-type union plan. One highly publicized police officer, Vincent Danz, grew up in my hometown of Southampton, Long Island, and I have known his parents for over twenty-five years now (Joe Danz died several years ago, but Ellen Danz is still a member of the community.)

I knew Joe and Ellen best in the late 1980's, when they lost another child, a 28-year-old daughter named Winifred, in a particularly savage double murder. She was found with her boyfriend stabbed to death with their winter coats on in a bathtub in their apartment atop a saloon next door to the Shinnecock Indian Reservation. A 22-year-old resident of the reservation, Anthony Crippen, confessed to the twin homicide. Link 1,

I recall Joe and Ellen's remarkable composure, which I attributed to their deep Catholic faith, as they endured the emotional consequences of such a loss. Their son is memorialized on a family-run website with only a 14.27KB image and a 5.25KB image




However, Vincent's grieving daughter, Winifred, is seen in a 27.21KB image, which is not only an invasion of privacy in extremely poor taste, but 13 more KB's than he was seen fit to be remembered by.
His was the first memorial service of the 23 police officers, and a highly publicized event, behind which it would have been easy to hide other vicsim P.O.'s. It is unclear to me whether Danz was supposed to be on duty on 9/11. I find his phone call to his wife while traveling up in Tower One to be utterly specious.
Squad 1 from Truck 3 returning to the office after a counter-terrorism assignment. Left to right: Tony Otero, Richie Gundacker, Sgt. Will Flores, Ray Neuman and John Latanzio.
Three fellow officers from Truck 3 never came home that day – Vincent Danz, Walter Weaver, and Jerome Dominguez.

I just found a wonderful collection of 250 images, The Staten Island Advance 9 11 Victims Photographs, images published in the Staten Island Advance of 9/11 victim-residents and former residents. Now we can all be vicsim researchers!)

Castle Argghhh:
P.O. Vincent Danz Fallen at the World Trade Center September 11, 2001
If you were in trouble who would you call to help you? You would call 911 of course and the Police or Fire Department will come to help. On 9/11/2001 a great many police and firefighters needed help. So whom do they call when they need Help? In New York they call Special Operations Division for the Emergency Services Unit or ESU.
The NYPD is a little different than many other large city police departments. They have no SWAT teams. The Emergency Services Unit functions as SWAT and much more. If you have a hostage situation, an auto accident, a derailed subway car with people trapped, a collapsed building, then you call ESU. If you need to rappel down a building to rescue a trapped jumper or thrill seeker or perhaps people trapped in an elevator you call ESU. If you need someone to handle special weapons to secure a dangerous felon or special tools to capture a “pet” tiger kept in a housing project apartment you call ESU. If you have any situation that needs special training, special equipment, special weapons and most of all special people, you call ESU.
What kind of man would be attracted to join a unit like that? Where would a man like that be on September 11th? The answer is obvious and may explain why 14 of the 23 NYPD officers who lost their lives were from ESU. And one of those was Police Officer Vincent G. Danz.
Officer Danz wasn’t born into the ESU of course. He grew up in Southampton, New York as the youngest of 9 children. Perhaps the environment and demands of growing up the youngest in a large family made him desire a life of adventure and activity. His life was one of seeking out the next challenge, the next exploit, the next way to serve others. After high school he got started in life as a carpenter with the Dockworkers Union. For many that would be a challenging enough atmosphere, but it wasn’t enough for him so he joined the Marine Corps and served in the Reserves. He then had the opportunity to join the NYPD. For 8 years his beat was the very active environment of the New York City housing projects. After taking his share of bad guys off the streets, Vincent learned that the NYPD was forming a new elite unit called ESU. It sounded like something perfect for him and he became a member of EM3.
Vincent’s brother Greg would always ask him if he had gone on any “good” jobs lately. There would always be a story about this or that accident but then he would complain that he never seemed to be on duty for the “Big Jobs”. On that September morning Officer Danz was on duty for the biggest job ever. He was among the first to get to the towers and entered the WTC after the first airplane hit but before the second. What was he doing that day? It is estimated that Officer Danz and the other first responders saved perhaps 25,000 lives that day by assisting in their evacuation. But they didn’t get them all.
While Vincent’s body was doing its duty his thoughts were in another place thinking of his wife and three young daughters. Taking a brief moment he called his wife Angela but got only the answering machine. "Hon, it's 9:50 and I'm at the World Trade Center. I'm up in the building. Say a prayer that we get some of these people out. I'm OK but say a prayer for me. I love you." It was the last message the family heard. Pray we get these people out … oh, and pray for me too. He was posthumously awarded the New York City Police Department's Medal of Honor for his heroic efforts to save others.
Aside from being a member of an elite unit, Vincent Danz sought out other ways to serve his country. Police Officer Danz joined the United States Coast Guard Reserve drilling at CG Activities New York near the Verazanno Bridge on Staten Island, just across the harbor from the twin towers. He was a Petty Officer Second Class and served as a member of the Port Security Unit (PSU).
September 27th is known as Heroes Day in the Coast Guard and is the day when all Coast Guard heroes are remembered. The day was chosen in honor of Signalman First Class Douglas Albert Munro who was awarded the Medal of Honor for saving the lives of 500 Marines that day in 1942 at Guadalcanal. It is appropriate that on September 27, 2002 in Munro Hall at Training Center Cape May, New Jersey a plaque and memorial were unveiled. A room used to train Reservists was dedicated in memory of Officer Danz and Firefighter Jeffrey Palazzo, another USCG Reservist lost at the Trade Center. Two more heroes to be remembered on Hero Day and every day.
Carpenter, Marine, Coastguardsman, and Police Officer; but that hardly sums up the life of Vincent Danz. More importantly he was a brother, a son, a husband to Angela, and a father to three daughters Winifred, Emily and Abigail. Vincent’s sacrifice is complete while theirs continues.
John 15:13
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
Police Officer Vincent G. Danz
New York City Police Department, New York
End of Watch: Tuesday, September 11, 2001
Age: 38
Tour of Duty: 14 years
Badge Number: 2166

The Danz Family Memorial Website

2,000 Mourn Fallen Officer

First memorial for police victim of terrorist attack

Daily News Staff Writer
October 6, 2001

Some 2,000 police officers turned out yesterday for the first memorial service for a city cop lost in the World Trade Center disaster.

They lined up 10 deep along a Long Island street to offer a white-gloved salute to the widow and daughters of Emergency Service Unit Officer Vincent Danz, 38, one of 23 Finest believed killed in the terror attack.

As Danz's family waited in a silver limousine outside St. Kilian Catholic Church in Farmingdale, the NYPD Emerald Society's Pipe and Drum Band marched slowly up Conklin Ave. tapping a solemn beat on the black-draped snare drums.

"Mommy, it's the bagpipes," cried out Danz's redheaded daughter, Emily, 5. His wife, Angela, walked into the church holding the hand of her oldest daughter, Winifred, 8, who carried her father's police hat.

During the Mass, Winifred hopped onto a step stool in front of the alter's lectern and read from Ecclesiastes.

"There is a time to be born and a time to die," the girl said. "A time to keep and a time to cast away."

Angela Danz, who was born in Dublin, stood before the overflow crowd of mourners who filled the church to read a letter she wrote to her husband, recalling how, as a new immigrant, she met him in a Southampton, L.I., pub.

"It would be 15 years in February that you walked into Buckley's Irish Pub and changed my life forever. I told you that day that I would marry you, and then you threw your head back and laughed," she said.

"I had just come here, and you were my personal tour guide. From the gas tanks of Queens to the World Trade Center, you loved New York and you knew everything. But then again, Vincent, you always knew everything."

The couple also has a third daughter, 6-month-old Abigail.

Deacon Jim Murphy, in a homily, said Danz, in his last words to his wife, left on their answering machine, showed his selfless nature.

"Hon, it's 9:50 and I'm at the World Trade Center," he said from his cell phone. "I'm up in the building. Say a prayer that we get some of these people out. I'm okay, but say a prayer for me. I love you."

Danz was in Tower 1 when it collapsed at 10:29 a.m.

"Some people have asked where was God on Sept. 11," Murphy said. "God was running into the World Trade Center with Vinny and our other heroes."

Mayor Giuliani praised Danz, a former Marine and a 14-year police veteran who joined the elite Emergency Service Unit in 1995, for his extraordinary sense of duty and heroism.

"He laid down his life for people who weren't his friends, people he didn't know, people he'd never get to meet," the mayor said.

So Many Saved

The deeds of the police and firefighters, he added, helped save some 25,000 office workers who were evacuated in the minutes after the suicide planes crashed.

"That's never been done before in our history. Yes, this was the worst attack on America, but it's also the biggest rescue mission ever accomplished," he said.

Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik said that when Danz entered the Police Department in January 1987, he took an oath to protect and serve.

"For 14 years, and up until his last breath, he did just that," Kerik said, noting that Danz had earned seven decorations.

First Deputy Commissioner Joseph Dunne mentioned that Danz, who also served as a reservist in the Coast Guard, was not scheduled to work the morning of Sept. 11.

"For reasons only God will know, Vinny was supposed to work a 4-to-12 shift, but switched it in order to attend engineering school" that night, Dunne said.

In a funeral without a coffin or a hearse, Danz's family members each placed a white rose in a wicker basket beneath a picture of him as a choir member sang "America the Beautiful."

Recalling a Comrade

Danz's colleagues at ESU Truck 3 of the Bronx remembered the fallen officer, an avid Rangers and Mets fan, as a "good E-man," a spit-and-polish cop who always dressed neatly and loved to kid around.

He took some ribbing over his height. "He was short, so he took a lot of short hits," said Detective Eddie Foley, who broke Danz in as an ESU cop. "We taped a measuring chart by the door to measure his growth spurts over the years, like you do for kids."

Most of all, his colleagues said, Danz lived for his wife and daughters, and they would tease him for racing out the door when his shift ended so he could see them.

"He adored his wife and kids," said Detective Eddie Foley, who trained Danz in the ESU. "That's all he ever talked about."

"He was great to his girls," said Dianne Langon, 43, his neighbor in Farmingdale for eight years. "He was home a lot with them. They were always riding bikes together, or taking walks or playing ball in the yard."


  1. You start the article with the title; Vicsim or Mock victim. And then go on to show a man who had a wife, a child, and never answer the question or try. You say that you knew the family. So is he alive? Or not?

    1. I am Vincent Danz's niece. He died saving people in the line of duty on 9/11. The author of these posts is a sick bastard.

  2. Sorry to have left confusion.

    I say I knew Vincent Danz's parents.

    I do believe Vincent Danz was a mock victim, a real person in a real role who was rendered into a new identity where he remains alive in an unknown role---perhaps still related to the NYFD.

    One of the things that leads me to believe this is how odd I found it that his widow would leave their community on Long Island shortly after 9/11 and uproot their children from their schools, lives, friends and proximity to grandparents in order to move up to the northern suburbs of New York City. That is an area riff with active duty and retired NYFD and NYPD members.

    I might imagine that after a certain period of years Vincent Danz reentered his family's lives under a new identity and perhaps with new facial features.

    How this was kept secret given the youth of the children is an interesting question. I might imagine that they underwent extensive psychological reconditioning. This would make sense of the lack of maturation and authenticity in their comments left to their father on the public remembrance boards.

    Does this help?

  3. I might imagine that after a certain period of years Vincent Danz reentered his family's lives under a new identity and perhaps with new facial features.
    -Steve WarRan
    You claim to know or have known his parents! You are clearly a deranged liar, thus rendering all of your psudo-intellectual drivel null & void.

  4. Steven, I think you should tell Ellen Danz to contact Mary Fetchet of the "Voices of September 11" memorial and ask her why there is a 'doppleganger' of her son named "VINCENT G. GANZ"(a 38-year-old police from Farmingdale,NY) listed in their official memorials.,6,13

    Surely, this must be an innocent mistake. Yet, as I see it, this 'innocent mistake' is outrageously offensive to the memory of Ellen's son.

  5. Curious as to what kind of drugs you're on, because you're a fucking nutcase.

  6. What the hell is wrong with you...I know the family and his daughters and unfortunately Vincent is not living with them, and for the rest of those girls lives never will again. This is honestly sick. I have seen over the years the pain this family has faced, because of the loss of their father. I could only wish what you said is true

  7. I'm related to Vincents Widow Angela, i unfortunatly never got to meet Vincent before he passed but one thing i know is that the impression Vincent left on Angela,their girls and all of the family and friends that i have met since Vincents death is captivating. For someone to even consider writing this story is sick and disgusting, the anniversary of that tragic day is 10 years this sunday, i for one will be praying, to say hello, thank you and well done to one of America's heros.

  8. I don't believe I've ever wished death on someone. But the writer of this so-called blog is a piece of crap, not worthy of another moment of anyone's time or attention.

  9. Ive known the Danz family personally for many years prior and after 9/11. This article makes me completely sick to my stomach. I was there to witness the families pain and suffering for years.

    Here I am searching online on this date, september 11th 2011, to remember my neighbor and friend who was a hero for his country. And I find this crock of shit, some radical hippie blogsite mocking the life and death of a true hero.

    You should be ashamed of yourself Steve Warran. You are COMPLETELY wrong, and will be rotting in hell with Osama and the rest of them. I witnessed the suffering and pain this family went through.

    I will make sure the proper justice is served for this offensive post.

  10. I should know better then to even give acknowledge this NUT JOB.

    Steve Warran is a NUT JOB. You had better hope you never run into me!!

  11. Some of these stupid commenters really should be bricked in the face.

  12. Are you literally retarded?

  13. A sad testament to a small mind, I bet you were the kid who pulled the wings off of flies. Ellen has now passed on and I pray she never saw this mess.

  14. I can't believe I came across this, years later.
    Vin was my cousin.
    If I come across this writer in my travels, I will be hard-pressed not to physically attack him.
    You're a waste of life. Die.