Sunday, June 28, 2009

Osama bin Laden in Cave with Hookah Decor

Or is it Samovar? Are we really in the Russian Tea Room?

Someone reached StevenWarRan on an image search for "bin Laden in cave," but when I tried the same search, I couldn't find hide nor hair of this uncropped image well unto a dozen pages of hit returns. What I did find were lots of low-resolution versions of Osama talking into a microphone, sometimes with al-Zawahiri, but even if the hooka/slash/Samovar isn't cropped out, it is obscured by a logo or chyron---like "BBC," or some such.

This is unacceptable. If there is one thing we must rely on---it is the primacy of War Ran's Googelability.

More importantly, does the average Joe see the absurdity of this set dressing? My eyes have been open for so long now they're starting to dilate.

Compare it with this image. Is this the real Osama bin Laden?

al-Zawahiri by Robert Mapplethorp. Or Hanna Barbera?

As-Sahab- Wikipedia, or, Adam Gadahn, the "Azzam the American" story.

I want this picture at number one within the hour my Googelicious Googlelings!

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