Friday, June 05, 2009

New York Firefighter John Schroder Finds a Dead Body in a Closet on the Third Floor of the North Tower, Moments Before It Collapses


"New York Firefighter John Schroder, a 9/11 first responder at the World Trade Center, finds a body in a closet during the attack. Could this have been John O'Neill?" posted by jaymzdean, September 16, 2008

"Ladder 10/Engine 10 are located on the south side of Liberty Street across from Tower 2. Before the 1993 bombing, we would respond 15-20 times a day to the World Trade Center. After the bombing it dropped to four or five runs a day. Each building has an individual fire command station. I was working 24 hours. I went upstairs to wash up. I heard a boom. It sounded like a steel plate shifting in the street. John Schroeder yelled out that a plane just went into the World Trade Center." FF Mike Cancel - Ladder 10, in an interview with magazine

If there is one spot in Manhattan where we could safely assume that it would be impossible to see the flight path of American Airlines Flight 11 as it crashed into the north face of Tower 1 of the World Trade Center, it would have to be from the headquarters of the "10 & 10," the firehouse on Liberty Street that was home to Ladder 10 and Engine 10. No other New York City Fire Department members were as familiar or sophisticated about the World Trade Center as were the men of the 10 & 10.

For John Schroeder to have yelled out that a plane just went into the World Trade Center, is convincing evidence that he was foreknowledged. The incidental nature of the reporting of his colleague, Fireman Mike Cancel, in his interview at WTC: THEIR STORY, can consequently be trusted as truthful, and not agenda-driven.

Neither Cancel or Schroeder gave interviews in the World Trade Center Task Force project.


  1. maybe Cancel's appearance before the Task Force was cancelled.

  2. steve,
    i'm new to your site but i'm so glad i found you.
    last night i was reading your commentary on the dirt mounds placed to block the view of the pentagon.
    i have one comment about the promotional event that took place previously. i believe the main purpose of it was to determine the exact required dimensions of the berm. look at the white building and the shed to the left. they provide a perfect frame of reference in both the promo event shots and the 9/11 shots. plus some pics taken at eye level would have been compared to the elevated shots to determine exactly where and how high to pile up the dirt.
    i think this was the primary purpose of the grand opening event.
    keep up the excellent work.