Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jews on Crack

In this much-distributed one-minute, three-second news clip (safely maintained, I should hope, here at the BBC,) Sergeant David Schlosser, with the federal Washington D.C. Park Police, holds a news conference about an attack on the U.S. Holocaust Museum. Because he's in possession of such a remarkably abbreviated amount of information (the gunman is a "male;" he carried a "long gun;" two injured have been transferred to hospital, but "no information" on their conditions,) he overcompensates in his mustered sternness, to the point he comes across as Barney Fife.

As the clip begins, we see Schlosser standing before a blank stretch of asphalt. At the nine-second mark, a male with distinctive red hair and beard sidles in from the right. He is wearing payot, or payoss, the uncut locks of hair worn on the sides of the head by Orthodox male Jews. At the 17-second mark, a similar red-haired male Hasidim who could be his twin, moves to occupy the space on the officer's right, followed almost immediately afterward by a woman who appears to be dressed in a similarly colored wig, and who is smiling demonically, or perhaps pathologically. She holds the insane grin for as long as we catch sight of her---at least until the 34-second mark. At the 30-second mark, a crowd of reporters, camera people and onlookers flood the background as though released through a stanchion.

I haven't found a time stamp for this clip, but it would appear to be the earliest official report released during the day, with the least amount of information, given by the law-enforcement department with the least standing to be working the case---the others being the District of Columbia Metropolitan police department and the FBI, who had lead-agency status and control.

A logical interpretation of the clip would have us witnessing the police officer starting a news conference at a chaotic moment, without a proper head's-up announcement to the assembled beforehand, and with the late arrivals scurrying to take positions as close as possible.

But with men wearing bullet-proof vests, and what looks like FBI windbreakers joining in, it looks more like a director yelled, "Extras!" and used whoever was about to fill in.

The appearance of these Jews in this fashion is meant as a non-verbal communication claiming false-flag responsibility for the shooting, to a world-wide audience who were in on the code---in my humble, gentile opinion---and in on the joke. Nothing else explains the dance of choreography and the Cheshire-cat grin on the inappropriately emoting female.

The following AP news video is of a later portion of the interview, with the same Park Police officer,and one of the Hasidic men is still seen in the background, although it has even less of a grasp on the facts then before.

Although having to stop and correct himself, this scene is a repetition of the limited facts available, and it came after the first clip with the empty background.

This AP News video has most of the operative portion of the BBC:

FOX News has a 4:30 minute extension of the interview, where Sergeant Schlosser takes questions.


  1. Interview with Herman Rosenblat

    From 3:31: "Our interview was frequently interrupted..."

    As if they weren't able to cut that out. The "interruption" is part of the set-up...

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  4. maybe somebody know where can I find more such movies?