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James Wenneker Von Brunn, Stephen "Tyrone" Johns, and More False-Flag Jewish Nonsense

Coincidentally, several news articles with highly improbable narratives caught my attention recently, and after some study, I discovered what I believe to be a unifying element in them: that is an underlying false-flag Jewish authorship to events others are made responsible for. And it all comes across as a desperate, last-ditch effort to boot.

First came the recent murder of three Pittsburgh policemen who were responding to a domestic dispute call concerning an unstable bigot fighting with his mother. A good synopsis of the case---Richard Poplawski: The Making of a Lone Wolf---was put out by the Law Enforcement Agency Resource Network, a "new comprehensive and innovative initiative to assist law enforcement in the battle against extremists," a project undertaken by the (Jewish) Anti-Defamation League.

The ADL tells us that "Poplawski believed that the federal government, the media, and the banking system are all largely or completely controlled by Jews. He [also] thought African-Americans were "vile" and non-white races inferior to whites."

This theme, which pairs Jewish victimization with the African-American experience of bigotry, and makes the terms neo-Nazi and white supremacist indistinguishable, is seen quite commonly in the media, but it has never made a lick of sense to me. The national disenfranchisement and subjugation of American blacks is of an entirely different order than the Jewish experience with Nazi eugenics. Rather then fearing them as racially inferior, the attempted annihilation of the Jews under Hitler stemmed from a popular resentment at clear evidence of a cloaked Jewish superiority.

In my opinion, antisemitism is manifested within the perception of a corrupt abuse of covert Jewish power. The historical disempowerment of American blacks, in practice until only recently, is of a diametrically different origin, energy and purpose. In this case, the white Pittsburgh police victims appear to have been lulled into a vulnerability by the every-day nature of the call they were responding to. They were the blindsided patsies---payback is a bitch---while Poplawski and his family and friends were the synthetic agents in an ordered conspiracy. He lived, didn't he?

None of the details in this story make any sense. Since an "ADL investigation" found out, apparently after the fact, that Poplawski had used multiple identities, which changed over time, when he posted online to supposedly private and secure racist message boards, they can claim a pattern of escalating violent rhetoric in him, and after his "spontaneous" acting out, can now justify a larger message and meaning for the rest of us.

Regardless of his ideology, what Poplawski did in this terrible scenario was logically more akin to road rage than a planned act designed to terrorize urban police, or force the direction of some public policy. It can only be seen as "senseless" if one ignores its cold-blooded usefulness to certain agendas, like ramping up fear and cultural divisiveness.

Then, a little over two months later, comes the shooting in the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. by James Wenneker Von Brunn, an 88-year-old assassin---believe it or not---who was a "hate" figure so long-known to authorities he could be said to be pickled in formaldehyde and on auto-pilot. In the immediate aftermath of this octogenarian's extremely dispirited "attack," which claimed one life, with no one wounded, he also was declared to be a "lone wolf," which must be the new model for an updated conspiracy---although how his connections were determined so quickly escapes rational analysis.

Even one death in such a symbolic setting carries an enormous weight. By conjoining the viscerally felt victimization of African-Americans, with what I can only describe as the existential suffering of the Jews---unlike the Pittsburgh killer, Von Brunn's story goes off track. He could have waited in, or near his car, and shot any number of visitors as they entered or exited the building---maybe scoring some Jewish casualties even.

Instead, it appears he waited for a break in pedestrian traffic, then in a split-second encounter, moved directly to face a man who happened to be both black and carrying a loaded hand gun---with armed colleagues positioned nearby. For someone supposedly in possession of maps, and lists of other targets, he didn't scope out an effective strategy within his primary target---what predictably turned out to be his only chance at terror carnage.

If you study any of the compendiums listing Israeli victims of the second intifada, a similar pattern of failure emerges. How often a Palestinian suicide bomber appears to be simply an incompetent--- losing their own lives without even modestly achieving their goal of Jewish casualties.

Van Brunn displayed the same balanced combination of anti-Jew and anti-black views that Poplawski held, which apparently makes an African-American victim an equivalent in this Jewish setting. We are told the security guard, Stephen Tyrone Johns, had only the misfortune to be a well-mannered man, who opened a door for a man carrying a rifle.

The motivations of all these actors are suspect. The ADL puts it this way:
"The guards were successful in protecting the museum and its visitors from harm. Tragically, however, the 39-year-old security guard who first took action later died from the gunshot wound he sustained during the incident. Von Brunn was shot in the head and remains hospitalized."
Shooting at U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington
Given the compelling evidence for large numbers of faked fatalities in the victim rosters of the September 11th attacks, it is very possible that by design, Johns received a calibrated minor wound, surviving to be rendered into a new identity so that his old one could serve as an (overly lionized) martyr to the holocaust cause. (The construction in the ADL sentence above, which separates out Johns' "later" mortality, was an early clue.)

The criminal complaint against Brunn says that at about 12:44pm, Johns was struck once in his left chest with a single shot from a .22 caliber rifle.
"Stephen Tyrone Johns was transported by DC EMS 4 to George Washington Hospital, suffering from a gunshot wound to the upper chest. All life saving efforts failed and Steven Tyrone Johns was pronounced dead by Dr. Najan at approximately 3:08PM on June 10, 2009."
I wonder what damage was inflicted to his heart or thoracic cavity that allowed life to linger for 2 hours and 24 minutes, but then ultimately proved fatal? Wouldn't a heart/lung machine have sustained his life? How many witnesses are there who can speak to Johns' condition on arrival, and his subsequent deterioration and death? Is the autopsy report available? Can it be independently verified? (It is telling to me that the FBI can't even spell this black hero's given name consistently within the one bullet item.)

Apparently shot at point blank range, the encounter between Von Brunn and Johns was a strangely intimate and private event. We are told a video tape exists of the entire episode's choreography, which had Johns' falling inside the building lobby while Von Brunn fell outside its doors, but the complaint doesn't even offer those general terms:
As the defendant approached the entrance to the museum, Special Police Officer ("SPO") Steven Tyrone Johns, who was employed as a security guard for the museum, opened the door for the defendant. The defendant raised his rifle, aimed it at SPO Johns and fired one time, striking SPO Johns in the left upper chest area.
It's possible I may be wrong about the important detail of Johns' surviving the attack. A very good way to prove me wrong would be the display of his lifeless corpse in an open casket at his funeral services on Friday, June 19th---at Ebenezer AME Church, 7707 Allentown Rd., Fort Washington, with the wake beginning at 9 a.m., and the funeral at 11 a.m. Such visual closure would be expected, given his age, and the nature of his mortal injury. Anything short of that should be seen as suspect.

On Edit: I shouldn't get ahead of myself and shout out victory from the rooftops, but I'm tuning up the bag pipes and oiling my marimba nonetheless!

In the Washington Post coverage of Johns' funeral, Museum Shooting Victim Remembered at Funeral, Hundreds Gather to Honor Slain Guard in Fort Washington Ceremony, by Washington Post staff writers Keith L. Alexander and Hamil R. Harris, posted online at 2:24pm, today, June 19, 2009, the article explicitly states Johns' was an open-casket funeral:
"At 9 a.m. mourners were allowed in to view the body, walking up to two security guards posted on both sides of the open casket. Leading the mourners were Johns's fellow security officers from Wackenhut security firm. Several officers saluted the casket as they walked by.

Johns was dressed in a cream linen suit, a toy butterfly on the pillow next to him. A recording of local recording artist Jeff Majors's "Psalm 23" was played as mourners streamed in to view the body."
But an accompanying video by Anna Uhls of WaPo, Slain Holocaust Museum Guard Mourned in Md, reports matters slightly differently. The journalist giving the on-camera report was unnamed, but he was a young African-American with a disarming speech impediment that could sometimes get in the way of his report. He said that
"people gathered here as early as seven-thirty this morning to pay tribute to Officer Johns', who lost his life at the Holocaust Museum, when a White Supremacist [oops] walked in and shot him in the stomach---after Officer Johns' opened the door for him.

"Johns' casket was brought in by National Guard, and put at the alter of the church, um, and the first few persons who were able to see him---obviously besides his family---were his co-workers at the Holocaust Museum.

"A lot of the people I talked with, strangely enough, didn't even know officer Johns. They came out to show their support for him and his family."
He says this while the camera pans a shot of crowds of well-dressed professional white people are seen disembarking off tour buses, which helped to fill the 3000-seat church auditorium.

A single comment posted to the article, by someone with the nic LiveontheHill says:
"Mr. Alexander - don't quit your writing job. TV is not for you."
So it seems Mr. LiveontheHill may actually be DeadBetweenTheEars, as he completely misses the subtle distinctions between Mr. Alexander's written reporting and that which he lisps. I didn't miss it. The truth in what Mr. Alexander says is quite clear, and I commend him on his efforts. Revealed are some of the parameters of how things work in the real world. Now: we shall return to our regularly scheduled programing...

Although accounts vary, apparently nobody was in close range of the pair's encounter at the museum entrance, both in or outdoors, so a stage is set for possible chicanery, with plenty of room for deception. Some sources state that normally, the heavy security presence there has guards positioned both inside and outside the museum. If true, this calls into question why Von Brunn ever made it to the door, or why Johns even opened it.

A CBS Video, "Holocaust Museum Horror," interviews eyewitnesses who were nearby---a silly young woman inside the building, and an older couple outside across the street ---none of whom offer the narrative any details.

It's likely authorities would maintain a fairly consistent monitoring of individuals with Von Brunn's record and profile---that is if he truly is what his ideology purports him to be, and not some double-agent, long-embedded within the fringe community. Even his 1983 conviction for storming the Federal Reserve reads today as not being really kosher. Perhaps it was meant to serve to build his legitimacy.

That analysis would make sense of Von Brunn's lack of integration within his subculture---almost as though the true believers knew he was an untrustworthy operative. It would also account for what I take as his awesome spurt of octogenarian writing credentials---an author who only published his first hate book when he was well into his eighties.

For the FBI, the ADL, and the Southern Poverty Law Center to all claim a lack of any prior knowledge Von Brunn was up to no good, (that storyline is shifting in the second week after the attack,) smacks of the same excuses for the inexplicable intelligence failures we see in the records of 9/11 and the Iraq War. They didn't work then and this is another day entirely.
Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center said von Brunn's Web site has long been listed as a hate site.

"We've been tracking this guy for decades," said Heidi Beirich, director of research for the law center's Intelligence Project, which tracks hate crimes. "He thinks the Jews control the Federal Reserve, the banking system, that basically all Jews are evil." CBS News "Von Brunn Charged In Holocaust Museum Slay"
Several additional aspects to the case cause me to suspect this attack was entirely a synthetic psy-op, born out of a federal or military script-writer's office; and that Von Brunn is a willing co-agent to the government's efforts, with Johns, the security guard, not getting killed that day, but instead surviving under another identity.

Foremost amongst them, is the appalling performances of Stephen Johns' family members, as they milk the attack's emotional aftermath for the benefit of the media, while lining up some tidy endorsements and sinecures. Especially abysmal is Johns' eleven-year-old son, who sounds both cretinous and extra-terrestrial in the dryness of his emotional affect
Johns' son, 11-year-old Stephen Jr., is among those grieving.

"To me, he was a pretty great guy," says Stephen Johns Jr. "He was always there for me when I was down or sad.

"When I had heard about what had happened, I was just sad, mad at the guy who shot him."
His grandmother comes across as much too poised and serene amid all the unplanned attention. Her display of forgiveness of the man who killed her only child is positively Christ-like, if it seems a tad bit premature too.

They are seen in a video posted by the Washington Post, Holocaust Guard's Family Speaks Out.
"The parents and son of the slain Holocaust Museum security guard Stephen Johns talk about their loss," in the living room of their Temple Hills home.
James W. Von Brunn's family is no better, but given their limited role serving as verification Von Brunn was an evil bigot simmering with life-long rage, they pull it off better. They still sound scripted and paid for.
"I cannot express enough how deeply sorry I am it was Mr. Johns, and not my father who lost [his] life..."
So far, my advertised "coincidence" theory consists only of a series of two. But in a third reference, to Janet Langhart Cohen, the wife of William Cohen, former Secretary of Defense under President Clinton, we get definite bonus points, as loft this fiction into the realm of farce. What were they thinking, I wonder? Read it here:
Janet Langhart Cohen & William S. Cohen Meet Anne Frank & Emmett Till

Witnesses At Museum Shooting - CBS News Video

Watch CBS Videos Online

Why can't I find the following Washington Post article online? Why does the Washington Post take down the page of an article they published, even going so far as to place a robots.txt query exclusion around cached versions, which may remain in---or be kept hidden---in internet archives---within five days of its publication????? Does anybody have a hard copy they could email me?

Guards Who Stopped Von Brunn Were Retired Cop, Ex-Marine - Live...Jun 12, 2009 ... Guards Who Stopped Von Brunn Were Retired Cop, Ex-Marine. UPDATE: The second guard who prevented James W. von Brunn from getting further ... -

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Jun 11, 2009
Round Up Hate-Promoters Now, Before Any More Holocaust Museum Attacks
By Bonnie Erbe

Shooter's Son: I Wish Dad Had Died Instead. Son Of Man Charged In Holocaust Museum Murder "Deeply Sorry"; Says Father's Hate "Ruined Our Lives As Well"

Criminal complaint against James Wenneker von Brunn


In the Washington Post article, Museum Suspect's Writings Had Not Triggered a Probe

David C. Friedman, the regional director of the Anti-Defamation League, visited the museum yesterday to check in with friends and said he felt "overwhelmed" and "protected" by the police presence. Many of the lawmen who fanned out across the site were known to Friedman, who 10 years ago launched a training program there for local police and federal agents.


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