Friday, May 22, 2009

New Fillies for My Study Carrel

Over at StevenWarRan Backstage I've reposted several hundred photographs relevant to September 11 that I downloaded from a web site, The Best of Photojournalism: 2002, where I found over 800 images that were mainly new to my eyes. The Internet Archive has never heard of these BOP2002 pages before, so I don't know when they went up online---although I suspect, it was only recently.

These aren't of very high resolution, but I'm not complaining. I mean, it's a red-letter day when you get a new photograph of Father Stephen McGraw isn't it?

Why is it Christians always look like they're in so much pain all the time?

Here are some of my other favorites, in no particular order:

Wearing her pride, on her backside.

Viewing Ground Zero

The Four Horsemen of the Shanksville Apocalypse

Finally---a use for the Gothic.

He's looking the wrong way! Up, for planes dude!

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