Monday, May 11, 2009

Covering Ground Zero with Dirt

Dr. Judy Wood, in her excellent work assembling evidence to explain the range of unfamiliar phenomena observed in the photographic record of the destruction left following the events of September 11, 2001, noted what appeared in several to be loads of evenly sifted dirt being trucked onto the site, and then apparently scattered over the debris as a covering, or poultice perhaps. She questioned whether some sort of ongoing chemical reaction was continuing to occur within the debris, and if something akin to diatomaceous earth was being used as a drawing salve.

An image not found on her site is a dated aerial view published in American Media, Inc.'s commemorative edition 9/11 One Year Later: A Nation Remembers. It was to AMI's offices in Boca Raton Florida that an anthrax infected letter had been mailed 10 months prior to this publication.

The scene depicted would appear to be a good depiction of this activity, or technique, whatever its meaning may be. In the upper left-hand corner, we see a section of West Street north of the South Bridge that has had loads of dark material dumped on it, and where a mixing or spreading operation appears to be underway.

Dr. Wood's always fascinating research was a boon to my own, as she assembled the available photographic record into honest archives without tampering with them, then sharing her nascent theoretical hypothesis as a vulnerable work in progress. That her open style drew such withering attack and hostile scorn was sign to me that she was on to something. I offer up this image in hopes that it might fill some void---and in her honor.

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