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I Saw Eichmann Murder

On April 22, 2009 the web site posted a scan of a hard copy of an article published in the weekly in 1960, called "I Saw Eichmann told to Arnold Fine." I was able to do the reverse, printing out a PDF, rescanning it onto my hard drive as a JPEG, and then uploading it to Blogger in order to post it here. I did so without permission.

This anonymous account, which is portrayed as a proffer of willing testimony in the upcoming trial in Israel of Adolph Eichmann, appears to be a genuine and legitimate part of the historical record, however, it would also appear not to be, for nowhere in the voluminous literature about Eichmann and his capital case is this article cited or mentioned. Put "I saw Eichmann murder..." into Google and only four hits return, all to this Jewish Press page.

Put Eichmann's name plus the author's, "Arnold Fine," into Google and 40 hits return, and although Fine contributes to a series called "Footnotes to History," this is not one of them.

Call this the missing, but then accounted for footnote, or maybe the prodigal footnote. Evidence that the historical record has been vigorously manipulated with additions and subtractions for a very long time. I have to wonder why the Jewish Press released the information---it doesn't do their reputation any good, whether one looks at it as formerly suppressed evidence, which slipped out, or as a manufactured fiction meant to stir up antipathy before the trial.

While I am not an expert on the subject of Eichmann, my general understanding is that he played a minor administrative role insulated from personal contact with the events themselves.

In Ward Churchill's book “The Ghosts of 9-1-1,” in note 131, he says Eichmann
"was a mere mid-level officer in the SS, by all accounts a good husband and devoted father, apparently quite mild-mannered, and never accused of having personally murdered anyone at all. His crime was to have sat at several steps remove..."
That the record of an event can be so deeply altered at the hands of a synthetic special interest group is becoming more and more generally known. At the beginning of this year, Peter Duveen at 9/11 Blogger posted links to scans of a hard-copy archive of five New York Times and New York Post articles written right after 9/11, which contain early reporting with inconvenient facts and analysis at odds with the standard 9/11 narrative. They appear to have been squashed effectively, (at least for seven years,) by some active mechanism, since these facts remained outside the open debate circle of researchers who pour over similar material everyday, and post to message boards devoted to the subject. Google being the new metric for all things.

Some of the work, such as "Beyond Pearl Harbor" by Robert D. Novak in the September 13th New York Post, and two New York Times articles also from September 13th---Mathew Wald's Controllers Say Flow of Information on Hijacked Planes' Course Was Slow and Uneven" and "As Remnants Collapse, Workers Run For Cover," by Jennifer Steinhauer, contain actionable intelligence which has shifted the research ground fairly dramatically.

Arnold Fine's as-told-to narration of an anonymous source's soon-to-be testimony is an extremely poor effort all the way around---riddled, to my way of thinking, with inconsistencies and dubious contentions. Things might have looked differently in 1960, but from the advantage point of a new century, a reexamination of the facts is in order.

Apparently Mr. Fine is still with us and active at the Press. Perhaps he would care to enlighten the public about where this story went, and how it found its way back. I've provided a transcript of it below.

These are the eyes that saw Eichmann murder...

I Saw Eichmann Murder
As told to Arnold Fine JEWISH PRESS Friday, July 15, 1960 Page 2

Adolph Eichmann has been charged with the murder of six million Jews---no one has actually seen Eichmann kill---except one man. This man, whose identity will be kept secret until the trial, in an exclusive interview, tells of being an eyewitness to a murder by Adolph Eichmann, himself. This is the actual eyewitness account which will be given in Israel when the Eichmann trial gets underway. Editor

I saw the butcher of Auschwitz actually shoot a seven-month-old baby to death in the Spring of 1943. I saw Adolph Eichmann take a pistol from his belt,walk smiling to the infant's side, press the barrel of the German Luger to the child's head, then turn to an SS man and say, "This is the way you do it."

Then he pulled the trigger. The half starved child stopped its whimpering---it was at peace.

I knew of Eichmann even before most of the world began to realize that this mad man existed.

It was in Prague that I first heard about him. I was a businessman in the 30's and had occasion to be at a meeting at which Eichmann and Hitler were to speak.

After the meeting I was introduced to Eichmann as " important jew in the community."

Eichmann was cordial---a forced cordiality. As I turned away I could hear him laughing with one of his aids. He pointed in my direction and laughed even more loudly.

The years passed. Then that awesome morning in 1943 I heard some commotion outside my home. I ran to the window and noticed an SS car with many German officers scurrying about.

Suddenly, an officer in the car motioned to one of his men an pointed toward me in the window.

A moment later there was a knock at the door. An SS man stood there, grabbed me by the arm and pulled me into the street.

I kept asking, "What is the trouble---please don't pull, I can walk..."

He continued to nearly drag me to a car with little flags attached to the front fenders.

I stood before the young officer, as he leaned back smiling.

His face looked familiar but I did not recognize him.

His smile turned into a scowl as he said, "You don't remember me---important Jew."

I admitted that I did not recognize him although the face looked familiar.

He rose from his seat, walked toward another car, motioned the SS to place me in the car, then returned to his car.

Two motorcycles preceded his car as we raced from the village.

About half an hour later we arrived at a building on the outskirts of the town. Eichmann left his car, walked into the building and disappeared.

A few moments later an SS man motioned to me to leave the car and follow him.

He lead me through the same door Eichmann had entered. Inside we passed through two other doorways. Soldiers with rifles guarded every entrance and exit.

Once inside the third room, we entered a huge room. This was Eichmann's office.

He was seated at a huge mahogany desk, with a large picture of Hitler hung from the wall behind the desk.

Two soldiers stood at each door as Eichmann gave orders to SS men standing before him.

He shouted another order to one of the guards at the door and the door was flung open. Five soldiers brought in two boys. One was 13 years of age and the other about 8 years old. Another guard entered from another door carrying a small seven month old infant, that kept whimpering. The child, as well as the boys looked as if they had not eaten a square meal in months.

The flesh hung on their bones, reminiscent of skeletons covered with a very sheer cloth.

Eichmann turned to me and uttered, "You will remember me after this day."

Then he ordered one of the SS men to, " teach these Jews a lesson..."

I had no idea what Eichmann was talking about but I later learned the two boys had struck one of the soldiers when the soldier when the soldier hit an old woman with the butt of his rifle.

The two boys stood silently awaiting their fate. One of the SS men took a cigarette from his mouth and walked to ward the 6 year old youth. Two other SS men grabbed the boy and held his hand out on the desk.

The SS man then placed the lit cigarette to the boy's hand and the stench of burning flesh filled the air. The boy screamed, but the cigarette held firm against his hand. The boy tossed his head in every direction, his facial muscles taut with pain.

About three minutes later, the child passed out. The cigarette was removed and the boy carried out of the room by one of the soldiers.

The other youth tried pulling away from his guard, but was held firm.

One of the SS men flicked a huge cigar lighter on Eichmann's desk and placed an upholsterers needle over the flame. He held it there until the needle glowed. Then he walked toward the 8 year old boy and placed the needle in his eyes. The screams of the child still echo in my ears. The child did not pass out but continued screaming as he was led out of the room.

Eichmann leaned back in his huge leather chair and smiled contentedly.

"You won't forget me..." he said softly.

" Oh, don't be afraid we will not harm you---after all you are an important Jew,' he said mockingly as the others joined in his psychotic laughter.

Then Eichmann turned to me and said, "the Jews are the scourge of the earth. They must be destroyed. And the only way to destroy them is to destroy all the young---the old will destroy themselves."

His comments reminded me of the pharaohs of old who sought to destroy every first born Jew.

Then Eichmann motioned to another SS man and pointed to the whimpering infant.

The SS man approached the child, looked at it hesitantly, then faltered.

"I'm sorry..." he turned to Eichmann, "but , I can't, it is only an infant."

Eichmann's face turned red with rage. "Report to your captain immediately."

As the SS man turned toward the door, Eichmann said, "but first wait---you must learn not to be soft---after all it is only a Jew."

Eichmann rose from his seat, unsnapped the luger in his belt and walked toward the child, smiling.

He turned to me and said, "now watch---you will never forget me---important Jew!"

He pressed the barrel of the gun to the infant's head, and without a moment of hesitation pulled the trigger.

The shot rang throughout the building.

The whimpering stopped, as blood oozed from the child's head.

"That's the way to do it," he turned to the SS man. "Now see your captain---I have some other things for you to do that will harden up your nerves."

He had held the gun so closely to the infant's head some of the blood splattered on his gun. Noticing the blood, he threw the gun to one of his SS men and said, "clean this---" and pointing to the blood that covered the floor added, "and get this mess cleaned up."

He then turned to me and said, "that child's meat will feed my dogs, and the bones will get ground up to make soap and fertilizer."

I managed to pull loose from my guards and tore toward Eichmann. As agile as a cat, he grabbed another pistol that lay on the top of his desk and brought it smashing down on my head. To this day I wear a metal plate in my skull, a souvenir of the butcher Eichmann.

I lost consciousness for a split second, but managed to hear everything that was said.

I was pulled from the chair and led to the car. A few miles later a name became visible to me as we approached the gate.

This was Auschwitz.

"Welcome to your new home," one of the men who was seated at my side said mockingly. 'You won't be lonesome---your wife and children have been here for almost an hour."

I later learned he was right. It was only a matter of time before my wife, my son, and my daughter were fed to the ovens of Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

I have written Premier David Ben Gurion volunteering to testify at Eichmann's trial; to face this butcher once more and tell him---" this important Jew will never forget you..."


  1. this all seems a bit far fetched.
    Fodder to whip up a headline, a story for the masses.

  2. they did so much fucked up shit that you dont have to invent shit... and the idiots that deny the milllions they killed..jews gypsies..fags..commies..poles..serbs..ect are idiots..they only saw that shoah..ect didnt exist just cuz they know it pisses jews off and its a way to still persecute jews by denied it ever happened. but to say it never happened is to say the nazis were incompetent ..i mean every right wing hate group today says the first thing they would do if they gained power would be to hang all the jews and the to say their heroes who had total control in a totalitarian state treated jews and other undesirables without malice is to deny that they were even real nazis to begin with ..i mean eichmann was proud of his lifes work as he called it.the last thing he would want to hear is that idiot subhumans like david irving are going around saying he was soft on jews and commies.

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