Monday, December 01, 2008

Finally, Andrea Mitchell Has Been of Some Use.

Actually, I like her, I just can't stand him.

On 9/11, at 10:03am, NBC's Senior Washington Correspondent Andrea Mitchell is on the phone with Tom and Katie and Matt and us:
"But this very interesting information, Katie, Matt and Tom, from the FBI: They have been operating a massive exercise from their hostage rescue unit, all of their top teams, about 50 personnel, helicopters, equipment, were in Monterrey California for the last two days, scheduled to fly back today commercially. So all those people are out of place, it's fair to say, according to sources we've talked to here at NBC, that the FBI rescue operation and other operations are really in chaos right now because they can't reach their officials in New York. All of their phone lines are down and now you've got all their special experts on this stuck in Monterrey California, trying to get a military flight back because there are no longer commercial flights, so they are seriously out of pocket and there is a real breakdown of the FBI anti-terror coordination team, which is of course the principal team that would lead any effort and was so effective under Jim Kallstrom in New York City during the World Trade Center bombing, and the TWA explosion, which of course, turned out to be, not to be terror.
Mitchell had a real gusher of a source on her sleeve that morning---I sense incipient PTSD setting in, amid a third-floor ladies-room stall at headquarters on Pennsylvania. While this is a very interesting item and Mitchell is right to sound a tad thrilled in her delivery, the precarious sense of vulnerability in the vicissitudes of fate that she's turned on to is not the real story here---much the same way the TWA "explosion" (Katie had just said TWA "bombing," not but seconds before!) turned out to be that awful new category of...not-terror.

Here I can find my sea legs of good and evil again, as the logistical management separates out the good team members to drills in White-Hat Monterrey, from the not-so-good team sent to the secret FEMA drills on the pier at the Hudson (take the blue pill, take the blue pill! Jump! Jump!)

It really should be that simple---just look at a CV of an FBI to see the NOCD and we have our DOA's.

I am very grateful that there are still members in these forces who simply couldn't be on hand on the East Coast that morning, because everybody just absolutely knew it wouldn't work out!

Do they talk that way in the FBI?

I'd bet more cleaving like this is yet to be revealed in every department, of every agency, at every level, just waiting for the sudden moment of clarity to act; so let the House of NSA get to cleaning, while the CIA can meet me on the down low. I sensed we were well past the paradigm-shift cut-off back-track date when Cheney couldn't get those nukes onboard that Air Force plane, just like I bet the NWO knew the game was over when Cheney shot Whittington in the face, when Whittington wouldn't get out of his for giving away the game.

I had had direct personal experience for much of my life with an older model of a man from that "greatest generation," the one sent out to firebomb Dresden, who was then paid off with a three-Martini lunch plan called success. So I knew that in a generation back at least was one example of integrity and honor. Someone who excelled on his talent and didn't have to steal and cheat. Someone who never lied to me once in 24 years. Maybe a sheeple, but an Aristotelian Harvard sheeple for the public good, and not, "what good is the public?" That is elitism motherfuckers, not this crap we've been being fed.

Having been set adrift in middle age, I admit I felt like a moral anachronism, but was that my fault? I was despairing there for a moment, but you got here in time. I'm so happy now, I went and found you this:

  • 1939
    The General Intelligence Division was created to handle FCI and other intelligence investigations.
  • 1940
    A Special Intelligence Service Division was created to send undercover agents to South and Central America to gather intelligence and to effect counterintelligence operations against Nazi agents and supporters operating there. It was closed in 1946 when President Truman created the Central Intelligence Group.
  • 1941
    The General Intelligence Division was renamed National Defense Division.
  • 1943
    The National Defense Division was renamed the Security Division (not to be confused with the Security Division created in 2001).
  • 1953
    Renamed the Domestic Security Division.
  • 1973
    Renamed the Intelligence Division.
    (Then, in 1976, Domestic Intelligence/Security investigations, including those involving domestic terrorism, were transferred out, into the Criminal Investigative Division CID.)
  • 1993
    Renamed the National Security Division NSD.
    (In 1994, the domestic terrorism responsibility moved back to NSD.)
  • 1999
    Counterterrorism Division and Investigative Services Division were created in a Bureauwide reorganization and those responsibilities were transferred out of NSD and CID, into the new division.
  • 2001
    NSD was renamed the Counterintelligence Division. The Security Division, Cyber Division, and Office of Intelligence were created out of the Counterintelligence Division in December, 2001.
Can you believe, eight name changes over the years? Do they just sit around and think about themselves all day long? Is Amber Alert a good drag name? Now I know why they call it Counter-intelligence. And do I sound like Maureen Dowd when I get in this mood? At least I get to use bad words.

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