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Danny Suhr: Former Quarterback & Brotherly Murder Victim

It is incomprehensibly demoralizing to read amongst the 503 transcripts of the oral histories of firemen, paramedics, and emergency medical technicians, as published by the New York Times, several which clearly and unequivocally place Fireman Danny Suhr's death about as far away removed from the location Father Mychal Judge died as it is possible to get and still be within the same World Trade Center complex.

How any member of the New York City Fire Department could feign a lack of knowledge of this discrepancy, wherein the stories of these two men's deaths have become somehow redacted into one self-serving lie, proves to my satisfaction that the New York City Fire Department members are key co-conspirators before the fact---in on the vast conspiracy of 9/11 as fully as any participant revealed, or as yet unrevealed.

And both Father Mychal Judge and Danny Suhr were murder victims, done in by their own "band of brothers."
The testimony of Captain Paul Conlon gives the fullest "official" version of Suhr's demise.

Conlon gave out the riding positions for Engine 216, with the help of Dan Suhr, who was the senior man working that day. Suhr had the control (or "hookup" as he called it, according to Conlon,) Ted Murray was the chauffeur, "Chris" was the nozzle, Tony Sanseviro was the backup, and John Johnson was a proby. "I gave him the door---he was going to be our fifth man," says Conlon.

They find Chief Barbara. He was south of the South Pedestrian Bridge, so he was somewhere along West Street between Albany and Liberty. Barbara directs the men to the lobby command post inside the entrance of Tower 2.
"Engine 216 was kind of leading the way with 205 and 217 right behind us...We get about halfway there, with no companies in front of us and Dan Suhr gets hit with a jumper. He was right to my right and behind me. It was as if he exploded. It wasn't like you heard something falling and you could jump out of the way. He gets hit... We both say, let's get him underneath the scaffolding across the way on the north side of 90 West Street, at that time there was scaffolding up."

"So we go to pick him up. He's big guy. Other firemen stopped to help us pick him up. I didn't know who at that time. I've heard who since. I think all of 205 Engine stopped to help us pick him up and think two members of 217 stopped to help us. I don't know who helped actually pick him up or who helped do other stuff. We were taking his coat off. We were picking him up. Someone picked up his helmet and things like that.

"Called Engine 216 to command post Mayday. I have member with life-threatening injury. One of the guys says he still has a pulse. They took his pulse right on the ground there. We got him under the scaffolding.

"When I called the Mayday I also called for an ambulance at West and Liberty because they couldn't have gotten an ambulance any closer to us. I didn't realize where Liberty was really. I thought I was at Liberty. I guess was at Albany. I called for the ambulance. I called the Mayday. We get him under the scaffolding, two guys come running up with a long board, two firemen came running up with an orange long board. They must have gotten it off their rig. Think they were from 217.

"We put the long board down. We put him on the long board. We take off his coat, and his mask, whatever wasn't off already. The guys were doing CPR. The ambulance came up pretty quickly. They came running down the bloc, two medics, or they might have been EMTs. They were medics.

"Two medics came running down the block with stretcher. They put the stretcher down. We picked up the long board, put it on, we strap him on. One of the medics opens up his bag and starts going through his protocol. He's starting to take out syringes, you know. I said to him, "Let's just get him to the hospital," because, very often they go through that protocol and it takes a long time." He said, "Yeah, you're right," so he closes up his bag.

"We wheel him to the ambulance, and put him in the ambulance. As we were putting him in, as the guys were putting him in, I called again, "216 to command post for police escort." Because it took us a long time, we hit lot of traffic getting there and I just pictured them having trouble getting out of there.

"Right as I called for it, a highway cop---I talked to Chief Barbara again. A highway cop comes by and I flag him down. He comes shooting over. I tell him what we want to do. I didn't know where they were going yet. I asked the EMT, "where are you going?" He said, "St. Vincent's." I went back and said "They're going to St. Vincent's." Is that all right? So he winds his way in front of the ambulance.

"When I got back to the ambulance, Dr. Kelly was in there. I don't know where she came from. She's still kind of just about about stepping out. She's looking at him. She goes to step out. I help her down. She looked at me, gave me a shake of the head like he's not going to make it.

"Two guys from 216 are in there doing CPR and I closed the doors and the ambulance takes off. I look around and its me and the proby that's the only guy that's left. I look at our gear where we dropped it, which is between us and the entrance. I think we can get that in minute..."
Meanwhile, Firefighter Christopher Patrick Murray from the 205, reports,
"At this time we witnessed a lot of jumpers, a lot of debris falling off of the building. I don't know if you want to talk about Danny Suhr because we eventually got involved with Danny Suhr.

"Question: Who is that?

"Murray: He's another fireman. I think he's from 216, but I'm not sure. Danny Suhr, it's rumored he got hit by a jumper.

"Question: You tell me everything. This will help us.

"Murray: Standing on West Street across from Liberty, watching the jumpers, we saw a jumper come off the south side of the south tower, which would be the side facing Liberty Street, say on the cross street, a good distance to the southeast corner of this parking lot, which would actually be the Northwest corner of Cedar and Washington, which is where Danny Suhr and his company, which, again, I believe was 216, they were forming up to make their way to the towers. Danny Suhr got struck. Approximately a half a minute to a minute later we came upon the scene, stopped to help Danny Suhr, dropped our roll-ups, grabbed a bunch of EMT's . There were other companies there. The companies I remember were 122. Somebody said 217, but I don't remember seeing them, which, again, doesn't mean they weren't there. There were probably about 20 firemen trying to help Danny.

"We were there for about five minutes. We helped Danny get loaded into the bus, went back, reformed, grabbed our roll-ups, put our Scotts back on, started walking north on Washington Street."
Murray never mentions the names of the other members from the 205.

Then, Firefighter Joseph Meola from the, as yet unmentioned 91st, reports that:
"We went into the quarters of 10 and 10. After we were in the quarters for approximately 30 seconds -- it was a triage center at the time. After we left 10 and 10, as soon as we walked outside the door, a firefighter from an engine company 2 -- I believe it's 216, Danny Suhr, just outside 10 and 10's quarters on Liberty Street, got hit by a jumper.

"They were pulling him away. I believe they got him into an ambulance, and they were yelling at us to get away, because jumpers were jumping from the south tower onto Liberty Street, and a few jumpers came close to us, but no -- we met up with another company, Engine 58, which is in our battalion, which was in the 12th battalion.

"I believe they were on Liberty at the time. I don't know if they were going in the building. I don't remember, but they did make their way into the building before us, not building -- not Tower 2, but Tower 3. The Vista, Marriott. They made it into the Vista before us after -- later on."
"10 and 10," is the FDNY Ten House, Engine Company 10 and Ladder Company 10. It is at 124 Liberty Street. Both Meola and Murray describe locations around 200 feet away from World Trade Tower facade and its jumpers---but in opposite directions from each other! Conlon says his company was heading toward Tower 2 and got "about half way there," which might imply somewhere in the middle of Liberty Street, but still well north and west of either of the other two. This level of inconsistency in the narrative supports my supposition that the story of Suhr's death is entirely a fabrication, without any factual basis whatsoever.

For the record, Father Judge died in the lobby of Tower 1, four blocks north on Vesey Street, and not on Liberty Street---many hundreds of feet away from the three disparate sites mentioned in these testimonies.

"Chris," Tony Sanseviro, "Ted" Murray, and John Johnson did not give oral testimonies of their experiences from that day.

But "backup" Tony Sanseviro testified at the "trial of confessed al-Qaida conspirator" Zacarias Moussaoui, that his "close friend"---his "buddy"---his "fellow firefighter," Danny Suhr," was struck and killed by a body falling from the World Trade Center's burning north tower on Sept. 11."

Now Sanseviro says he "struggles with 'survivor's guilt.'"

Of course, Suhr could have been done in almost anywhere, given the complicity of the men in the 205, 216, and 217 companies, who are telling their stories or keeping their secrets. Along with the 91rst. And the 122, 207 and the 209th.

Very much like the treatment of Father Judge as seen in photographs and videotape from that day, the photograph below, entered into evidence in the Moussaoui trial, of a wounded firefighter being yanked or dragged, is absolutely appalling in my opinion. Is this how firemen rescue one of their own brothers who has been struck by a leaping and falling body and who likely had damage done to his helmeted head, neck and spine?

That these men could be so oblivious to reality, to common sense, to decency, is a major proof to my way of thinking that Suhr was murdered in an out-of-the-way location, and then dragged somewhere closer to the action, but not close enough to the base of the building for legitimacy---or consistency.

And Danny Suhr was no ordinary fireman. He happened to be the quarterback of the New York City fire department football team, and as such, I submit, he was likely to have been picked as a necessarily visible sacrificial victim---one of only two such public parts in the entire epic New York narrative. Dead by dint of departmental notoriety, in other words, his execution apparently not very well executed, even as a stand-alone component. But when combined to serve as the plot device killing the only other publicly featured player planned for that day, Father Mychal Judge, here we can say, hope sprung eternal.

I believe that Danny Suhr was whacked by fellow brothers from within his band of New York's Bravest. Bada bing, bada boom.

Captain Paul Conlon's testimony is also useful to see how the case of the disappearing Chief is handled. Chief Barbara literally disappears that day, and everyone in the department knows this to be the case.
"Conlon: "When I mentioned Chief Barbara, he asked me, "When did you see him last?" And I told him.

"Questioner: That was my next question. Where did you see Chief Barbara last?

"Conlon: I last saw him at the command post. Where he set the command post up, it was just north of Albany. There's a building there. One Financial Center. It was right at the corner of that building, his command post, and it was on the west side of West Street. This is West Street here, not really the West Side Highway.

"The command post was just north of the corner of One Financial Center when I walked up to him. There was kind of a natural place to have a command post. There was a cutout, decorative concrete or something right there. So he was standing there.

"Question: That would have been just prior to the collapse then?

"Conlon: Well, when we reported in to him, he was there when I called for an ambulance. I'm assuming he was there, but I didn't see him there. But when it collapsed we were closer to the building than that location, so I don't think he was there.

"I thought about it a lot afterwards. He must have walked towards the lobby command post. That's all I can assume. You know what I mean? Like, were walking into the lobby command post. He must have been behind us walking in or something.

"After we put Dan into the ambulance and the ambulance took off, basically the building collapsed. We were at the corner, right at 90 West Street. The command post is across the highway and a little further south than where we were.

"That doesn't mean that he didn't get----he hasn't been found, though, I guess, so he couldn't have been there. If he was there, they would have found him, because there wasn't a whole lot of debris there, I know from afterwards. There was some steel.

"That's where I reported in to him, Chief. I reported in to him at his command post, which was on the west side of West Street just north of the corner of One World Financial Center That's the last place I saw him."
EMT Richard Erdy, an EMT tech with the city fire department's Battalion 52, along with his female partner named Solano, transported Suhr to the hospital. When the interviewer asks "what hospital," Erdy responds, "I believe it's Bellevue," implying that he isn't quite sure.

Erdy says that Dr. Kelly and an unnamed medic "walked in" to their ambulance, gravely shaking their heads to indicate the seriousness of his condition. Then two unnamed members of Suhr's Engine 216 (that would be "Chris" and Tony Sanseviro,) accompanied them on the ride.

Erdy says
"You could tell his neck was snapped because every time you hit a bump, a head don't have that type of movement."
which seems odd. Why didn't they secure Suhr in a neck brace? For what it's worth, Erdy says the scene was well documented:
"This photographer is there. I'll tell you one photographer probably didn't make it because that one definitely would have made the news because he was right in the guy's face."
That at least explains the image of Suhr being dragged by fellow firemen.

How sick and how sad to see heroes brought so low. To see them posing for the tourist's camera's, striking poses like seasoned models, makes my skin crawl. May God forgive them all.

September 08, 2002, New York Daily News, NO REPLACING 6 WHO WENT DOWN TOGETHER, Those left behind know men of Ladder 118 were side by side, by Michele McPhee,


  1. Dude...quit grasping at straws. If you're looking to make the case for the involvement of Big Bad Brother, at least focus on something with some sort of scientific evidence like the discrepancies at the Pentagon or in the collapse of Building 7...

    FDNY murder plots? Your vivid imagination lessens your credibility

  2. And your "profile not available" credibility is so hot CJ?

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  7. Right after I posted that comment, I wondered to myself..."Why bother?" Really, I find many of your musings foolhardy, but in actuality they're harmless

    My credibility? A. I'm not the one with the blog trying to get people to take me seriously B. I don't have a profile on google, just needed to sign in to post the comment C. Typing from the office, no idea how the IPA's are set up

    Seek the truth within, it'll make you happier in the long run :0)

  8. You feign indifference, but come back the next day to check up on me? I don't need a psychologist to "seek the truth within"---you need one to help you recognize the meaning left by your footprints.

    You come to me on a search for "about fireman Danny Suhr," stay an entire one minute and 26 seconds in StevenWarRanLand, and then after a single visit (unless you have rotating keys at the office,) have the temerity to say "I find many of your musings foolhardy." You muse on my musings at warp speed my dear.

    There are four identities you can choose when leaving a comment, and the one you chose lies at the bottom in terms of credibility, below "anonymous," which is anonymous on the surface, while you pose in a pretend identity. You know fully who I am. Who are you? This is the essence of credibility.

    Good---I'm glad I have your office IP. Given my extremely limited ability to infer information by monitoring traffic, I still can note there was a spurt of significant Danny Suhr traffic surrounding your loosed-lip comment yesterday.

    My work on Danny Suhr is one of my most important original contributions to 9/11 studies. It buttresses Ray Ubinger's extraordinary earlier contribution analyzing the murder of Father Mychal Judge (as well as that of Fireman Michael Gorumba) at the hands of fellow Fire Department members, as dissected in the Naudet brothers snuff film September 11th, found here:

    (Father Judge's driver, Firefighter Michael Weinberg, and Capt. Daniel Brethel, whose bodies were supposedly found laying next to that of Father Judge's in the gutter of Vesey Street before Father Judge's body was removed to Saint Peter's Church, may or may not be mock deaths. Weinberg's Jewish surname makes me believe so---with Weinberg's father's shedding crocodile tears as seen in a photograph of a ceremony at the White House, providing narrative support to that analysis.)

  9. I stayed much longer than a minute and a half...why you can't see that on your dashboard, I don't know...and of course I'll come back to check up on you! :0)

    Also, I'm confused by your mentioning of a psychologist...I'm talking about the facts that NWO will never have control of you as long as you've got a healthy spirit, so there's no reason to be afraid of them...ultimately, everyone who seeks to cling to the physical realm will fail to do so

    I've always had an interest in the events of 9/11, but I'm intrigued by guys like you and Ray and Les Raphael, moreso because I feel like your writings are part of a larger personal effort to cast blame upon as many people as possible...for what? Not sure. There is a tendency in human nature to blame others before blaming the self for one's own lack of contentment, and it helps when the blame is put on large organizations or public institutions as their intangibility allows for perpetuation of the blame.

    P.S. I'm sorry if the original comment came across as curt. I will admit frustration that the Truth movement can't seem to get its act together on some issues that might have legitimacy (Pentagon, WTC7) because the endless fringe theories and conjecture make the whole movement easier to dismiss.

  10. One of my traffic monitors has you arriving at 4:43:48; another at 4:53:55. Since your comment was posted at 4:53 (no fractional seconds recorded,) and you were last recorded at 4:55:21 (which is only your last page load, or return from a link, admittedly,) you appear to be saying that you left your comment and then stuck around to read my blog afterward. That's certainly the way your comments sound!

    I didn't find your remarks curt---I found them in-credible, but apologies accepted nonetheless.

    Do I seem like I am afraid of the NWO, Mr. Anonymous? I coulda/shoulda been whacked a long time ago and put everybody out of their misery then, but I lack even one iota of a desire for self-harm, so it's got to be somebody else to do the job.

    Even today, alone, swimming in the ocean, battling the big waves, I felt ever so free and light and protected, diving underneath the huge crests. Which brings up a question: just why are you in the office in Greenwich on these superb late-August days?

    Thanks very much for your concern about my spirit, but it is doing fine as far as I can tell. Although, my masseur was doing lots of oblique, lateral things to my body off the edge of the table today, and it's left me feeling rather vulnerable, so your sentiments towards me moves me--even if your cognitive grasp of the issues at hand does not.

    I'm not trying to "blame others" beyond the boundaries of the guilty. It is not a lack of contentment that motivates me---simply, I won my Oedipal battle at age three and it left me with enormous power. En garde!

    Peace and friendship, you feckless old fart. Dismiss me at your peril. Now I have a men's group meeting, and then dinner with friends, so should you reply, don't expect a response from me until the morrow!

  11. Actually, I’m neither old nor in Greenwich (bad bots?)…and if by feckless you mean I’m incapable of comprehending your belief that these writings on your blog constitute “important original contributions”…then yeah, I’d have to agree with you

    And yes, I think you sound afraid of the wizards behind the curtain—while you've shown that you’re outspoken and willing to take them on directly—because you wouldn’t have put so much time and effort into these writings if you weren’t scared deep down inside that shadow governments and jews are going to destroy your way of life…and make no mistake, our society will come to an end one day, and another one will take it’s place, and it’ll keep on keeping on…

    So eat, drink and be merry writing in your blogworld, where you've decided that groups of dozens of firefighters get together to murder their own because they had too much running through minds on a rather busy day to accurately describe a location within a block or two, and many hundreds of employees decide together to disappear from their jobs and families for an endless supply of green. Keep peering through the shade for that government surveillance van, and watch out for sharks while you're swimming :0)

    I'll now move on to living my life as a slave to the NWO, which includes forgetting all about Steven in Wonderland and his non-contributions to anything of substance



  12. OK, Stamford. I was trying to be kind.

    Feckless was alliteration with fart for shallow---shallow analysis, made on the run by a man of indeterminate age who self-identifies without irony as a slave. You're the shark and I am watching out for you.

    My personal mission statement is, I seek to bring a garden like Eden back upon the earth while the youth are still young---meaning a lot faster than your evolutionary scheme, I should think.

    Hundreds of the supposedly dead 343 NYC firemen are MOCK deaths---living in rendition, or in plastic surgery along with Michael Jackson. The one fire department member we can be sure died was Father Judge, and he WAS murdered by his fellow department members. Don't you just love his name?

    You are an apologist for evil, and an asshole to boot. Now...don't come back here. Remember, you swore me off. Smooches back lover. Ta

  13. I'm from Italy
    I just want to say to Mr.
    STEVENWARREN that he is crazy and he need a very good doctor and a very very good hospital.
    But I think that for him no cure is available.
    I heard strange stories in my life
    but yours is unbeatable.

  14. I run a google search every 3 months or so on my teammate and friend to revisit with him in many different ways. Your post starts off with a title highlighting Danny Suhr QB for the FDNY football, which is incorrect and the rest of the blog follows.

    Happy Holidays,

    John Walsh

  15. Mr. Welch,
    To start I would like to point out your first of numerous mistakes. When I type in Danny Suhr or Daniel Suhr on google, I am looking to see what will show up. As John Walsh said before, when I click on your post, it starts out with a highlighted tile of Daniel Suhr: Former Quarterback and Brotherly Murder Victim. This initial start to your post is incorrect. Danny Suhr was a 6 foot maybe 6 foot 1 240 pound man. With his size and frame he is far from the size of a quarterback. Danny Suhr played for the Brooklyn Mariners and the FDNY football team as a defensive lineman/linebacker. So to start you aren't even on the right side of the ball. For your so called "research", one would think that you could get something as simple as what position he played in football before you came out with these other "facts". This false statement to start your post does not come close to the other gross inaccuracies that follow.

    Second, I would like to ask where were you on that fateful day? Were you in New York City? Were you at the World Trade Center? Do you know what it was like to be on those streets as those towers burned above? Were you a part of the frantic movements of the FDNY, the NYPD, or the Port Authority Department who were trying to the best of their ability to rescue and protect the lives of thousands of people in danger that day? The men and women on the streets of New York City attempting to help the thousands in danger were in a position you will never know. They were forced to face death, and they did it without blinking. Their minds and bodies were put under such harm and stress that you will never know. So as for your claims that their stories don't add up just the way you would like them to, give them a break. You weren't the one with you ass on the line, trying to save those people.

  16. continued from post before

    Thirdly, do you know the Suhr family? Did you know Danny Suhr personally? Do you know Tony Sanseviro? I can answer all of these questions for you, you DO NOT. You do not know Tony Sanseviro. You don't know that he was a true friend to Danny. You also do not know the Suhr family. You do not know the loving and caring family that Danny Suhr came from. You did NOT know Danny Suhr personally, you were not given such an honor. Personally, I am glad you didn't. You do not deserve to have known him, or his family.

    Finally I would ask you to please take down this article. I know you have created this blog to promote your writings and your "theories", but this is nothing more than that, a theory. This post spews nothing but hurt towards those who are a part of the FDNY family and those who are a part of the Suhr family. You accuse friends of Danny's family of murdering him, such an accusation should not be thrown about lightly. I also ask you to take this down from a personal point of view because Daniel Suhr was my uncle. My family is a very tight knit group of people and upon your posting of this article, my family was extremely hurt. The things you say reopen wounds that we carry each and everyday of our lives remembering that day. My Uncle was a loving caring man who doesn't deserve to have his name smeared in such a way. So I ask you to please take down this article as to not cause us anymore pain when we search for our loved one to see what others have to say about him. This theory of him being murdered is incredibly wrong because my uncle loved his job and loved both his families, his blood relatives and his brothers in the Firehouse. We love him in ways words cant describe and his brothers of the Fire Department are a part of our family, they too loved him in ways others can't understand. This coming September will be the ten year anniversary of his death, and it would mean a lot to us if this wasn't what people saw when they searched for Danny Suhr. A response to this comment is not necessary, if you respond at all please let it be with the deletion of this article from the internet. If you wish to not honor this request will you please at least change the key words from this article so it is not the first thing that pops up on google when Daniel Suhr is searched.


  17. Steven Warren, you are actually bat-shit fucking insane. As horrid and disgusting this post is, I have shared it with the rest of the internet. We need good examples of grade A whackos like yourself.

  18. Oh my! The insanity. It is a shame that the internet as provided a way for clearly insane people to post bat shit crazy theories as reality. I hate truthers more than I hate birthers. You are denying the victims and the victims families their reality, a very painful reality. Please seek help or take your medication. Do you know how hard it is to keep a conspiracy secret with only a handful of conspirators. You now expect us to believe that thousands of office workers in NY, fireman and others have perpetrated a 9/11 fraud for TEN years. You need help.

  19. Stevewarran is the dumbest person on earth with this blog. How could someone possibly come up with a story like this and expect people to take him seriously? Is this your way of trying to get attention? You're a total idiot and I'd love to meet you one day so you can tell me how you came up with this garbage and then I'll tell you my own story..What a waste of a brain and time.

  20. You're an uninformed idiot. My dad was good friends with Danny Suhr and the rest of the 216, and nothing like that would've happened. The "harsh" treatment of them "dragging" him from the scene was removing an injured firefighter from a dangerous area the best they could without hurting his spine more. I don't see how else you would've liked them to pick him up. Also, Danny Suhr DID NOT play quarterback for the FDNY football team so wrong again there pal. Murder Schemes? Seriously? Get a hobby dude, the only murderers on that day were the 19 hijackers.

    1. Well said. Knowing the Suhr family and many killed that day this actually angers me. There are too many clueless people out there.

  21. You actually updated your blog with more bullshit. Too bad your not from Brooklyn and then we could discuss this like men. Probably over a couple of beers and then I could could inflict as bodily harm on you before you went into a coma.


    John Walsh

  22. You have quite the ego sir. Spouting bs on the internet for all to see. I will be by later to burn your soapbox. Unlike the gentleman that was willing to debate with you or the supposed family member who politely asked you to rescend this "article" I dont have patience for you. Stop breathing my air and stfu.

  23. The person who wrote this article is an idiot. Seeing these stupid "theories" on the internet actually anger me. I know many killed that day and the stuff I hear from those who did not know anyone who died, lived in New York or witnessed the attacks firsthand and spout this garbage are sad human beings.