Friday, December 05, 2008

Before There Was TWA Flight 800, There Was TWA Flight 514

Look familiar?

TWA Flight 514 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I think it is fair to back into a new analysis and understanding of what took place in 1974, given the subsequent history of government complicity, such as the accidental shooting down during U.S. naval exercises of TWA Flight 800. Can we remain immature enough to continue to imagine that TWA Flight 514 coincidentally crashed into one of most secret and secure sites of the shadow federal United States government?

Passenger List

According to Wikipedia, the 212 passengers represented exactly 50 percent passenger load on a plane that sat 424.


  1. good find!

    where's that plane debris anyway??

  2. If you'd been there that day you'd have seen more debris than you cam image.
    I know. Wrote a book about the crash,
    SOUND OF IMPACT "The Legacy of TWA#514"" Viking Press, New York, NYC 1977
    Adam Shaw

  3. Yes, Adam, I've bought a used paperback of your book but I haven't been able to start it. A few pictures might have made it an enticing read, but then, pictures of damage are so much harder to come up with than your, I'm sure splendid, verbal images. And of course, there's that security issue.

    How has your writing career gone since then, if I may ask Adam?

  4. Adam, I own a copy of your book. I also did not catch the fact that you were there. I visited the site with my dad just after they re-opened the road. My dad was friends with some of the recue guys, and we were allowed to walk over the site while most of the plane debris was still on the ground. I still have a few scraps that I picked up from the ground. I was only eight at the time, but the images I saw are still very vivid. I would love to correspond with you about this. If you get a chance, e-mail me at I would like to share some haunting memories, and ask you a few questions if that would be alright. Thank you.

  5. Adam, was there a young Coast Guard officer (or cadet) on board that fatal flight? I seem to remember something about that.

  6. hmmm you sir are a nutcase

    i was 13 when this happened, lived in great falls 5.1 miles from dulles, my friends father a former DC3 pilot was way up in the FAA and we got into the crash site the next day.

    Firstly, this did not crash INTO a fed site, it is well north of the federal site u refer to, mt weather.

    Secondly, if you read the NTSB, which HAS RECORDINGS of the pilots voices, you can hear the idiot pilot trying to maintain 1800 feet over an 1800 foot mountain for quite some time during the flight, he was supposed to be at 7,000 feet.Had he maintained 1800 feet instead of 1675 he would have blown all the squirrels out of the trees as he passed over.

    Im sure it never entered your insanity that this crash ALLOWED THE POST to DISCOVER the mt weather facility a little over a mile SOUTH of the crash site and thus allowed the public to KNOW about the secret facility.

    So what was the endgame here, the govt killed these people so the post could report on their secret facility a little over a mile south of the crash site ?

    My suggestion, leave occupy and get a job,

  7. My grandmother was onboard that plane, I am of notable native blood, I am an anishinaabe, i think i was one of 2 targets onboard that plane, the other was Mr. Cartwright.

    6 weeks earlier they almost had a crash at that same spot, they talk about it in the NTSB investigation, but 6 weeks earlier there wasn't anyone there, and the crash was averted, for if the president were there then it really was a "National Emergency" so they killed them, to get equiptment up on Mt. Weather, to build F.E.M.A. up with.

    sick bastards that they are, and then later in life I knew Cyrus Vance and Marvin Marcus, I watched em plotting against you all, with a old jew named "Shinebein" who meant only the best for all of you, Mr. Shinebein was such agood guy, Mr. Vance was a Nazi and I bet his son is too.

  8. Have been trying to find pictures of the crew from this flight, has anyone come across any on the net?


  9. Well??? With the lead investigators of Flight 800 coming out and admitting that the public was lied to about the reason for the many of you "the government would never blow up a plane" people...still believe that! The government has been telling us what they want us to hear for years!

  10. My sister was on that plane and when you listen to the flight recorder it becomes apparent that this was a accident cause by confusing terminology. There was no conspiracy. And to the person that picked up pieces, that could be construed as desecrating a grave site.

    1. I had a friend on that crash. There was no conspiracy and that is obvious. If anything good was to come of this tragedy, it is that the confusing terminology was clarified. Why people are turning this horrible event into a form of entertainment I will never understand. Collecting "souvenirs" from the sight is an unnecessary, barbaric act. I certainly wouldn't bragging about it. You should be ashamed.

  11. There have indeed been shootdowns of civilian aircraft by NATO aircraft (Itavia 870, most notably) but there is no such evidence of any foul play on the part of the US government when it came to Fight 514.

  12. I'd like to visit the crash site and pay my respects. How far south (up Rt. 601) is the crash site?