Wednesday, December 31, 2008

FEMA cameramen Jim Chesnutt and Kurt Sonnenfeld

I need to get this off my hard drive, if not my chest. I'm posting it here and I'll write it later on---or, if there's anybody in the house free, why don't YOU research it and write it up? I did the Google on the names a long time ago, so I'd have to start over. It is extremely rare to have any identifications in the photographic record on 9/11, so we can't just let these two slide. Just some more of your typical Christian fellowship types waiting for duty in a rumored upcoming war.

photo by Mike Reiger
They both add to the smarm quotient in any event. One of them I seem to remember, has publicity around Thai sex vacations he used to go on with his wife, and that's a new twist for me. No wonder the marriage-made-in-Heaven didn't last.

FEMA. If we had to rank the discredited federal agencies by order of their violation, where do you think FEMA fits in? Still near the top.

Signs of the Times has an interesting article about Kurt Sonnenfeld (but not Jim Chesnutt) with the wrong take on things.
Kurt Sonnenfeld - FEMA's WhistleBlower?

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