Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Quick Question About the Punch Out Hole

I just spotted this on a visit to (is that Jim Hoffman's site?) and I'd like to ask others for an opinion. Click on the expanded view and tell me what you make of the little squiggly paint mark on the brick wall at left.

That's not supposed to be there, is it--a military setting shouldn't tolerate graffiti, or errant marks like that of any kind. I think I got a little paranoid after Katrina, with the markings on the doorways signaling whether or not the lamb's blood had worked, and this one definitely gives off the "meaning" vibe to me. It's a tiny arrow pointing to what wants to be a circle, but was too small to spray paint right. Plus, it is so very, very small and discrete, it would never be taken for something as vulgar as a signal, like the big circle with the V in it for victory, with the words "Punch Out" alongside for the coded-meaning-illiterate among us.

I found that I had downloaded it to flickr sometime in the past without cognition, but there's nothing else like it in the record that I know about. Maybe I'm just too high on trusting right now.

Anyway, doesn't it just scream at you: Here!, Here! Punch me out here!

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