Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pinch Paisley's Truck Inspection Facility

When I once wrote that I thought I'd spotted buried missile defenses being built in the center of a clover leaf beside the Pentagon building in Arlington, Virginia in a photograph, I elicited a response from a Pinch Paisley, a military man who deigns to correct me occasionally in comments to my blog.

"Will you read what I freaking wrote?" He wrote. "That construction that was going on on the cloverleaf was for a construction access point and had a covered truck inspection facility built there. I know exactly where the remote delivery facility is on the north side. I would run by the entry to that section daily the summer of 2005. This west-side development was an additional facility to help out with the construction access on that side of the building. If you don't read what I write you'll never climb out of this morass of ignorance that is your world."

I hope he's not cross with me. Shortly thereafter, I'm not sure when exactly, I spotted an aerial view of the Pentagon that depicted what I already had a name for: Pinch's Delivery Facility, or PDF in military parlance. But it seemed odd (Yiddish accent to myself only: such a foundation!) Underneath what amounted to a Costco temporary boat shed...hmmm.

I had already found online some publicly sourced, high-resolution images of the base construction alone, so I was pretty sure that I hadn't endangered national security unduly. This very high-resolution image must have come from a government web site.

But I also found it in a version in the Corbis archives. So it had we say.

In another very high-resolution image I thought I was clever to have spotted the entrance to the remote delivery entrance, at the end of the lane from Pinch's remoter, remote, facility.

But it wasn't very interesting after all.

But what we are talking about was simply replacing access for the former exit off of Route 27 northbound into the RDF, which cut too closely to the actual building, and which was lost when the blast wall was built.

The following image left me feeling dizzy and very confused. It's amazing what certain lens can do with foreshortening.
But back to Pinch's pup tent (oops! sorry!) Nothing is adding up. The tight radii of the enclosing lane channelization isn't designed for trucks. What became of the entrance onto Route 27-northbound for the buses and cars who use this side of the Pentagon? Why would you have not designed access congruent with the ring road, separating out RDF traffic from traffic exiting onto Route 27? That pedestrian walkway is going to get people killed. Why all the wasted macadam under white cross hatchings?

"Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive."
I won't even get into the ramifications on the 9-11 Memorial. That already has to be the ugliest and most unpleasant memorial ever designed in the history of the world, which is a clear insight into the non-truth it wants us to remember. Obviously the designers never had to sit through a Craig Ranke/Aldo Marquis presentation videotaped at the nearby Citgo. If they had, they'd realize you can't hear yourself think for all the air traffic overhead. THAT part they'll get, for sure. Now sandwich this in between rushing traffic on Route 27 and the forbidding facade of the Pentagon, and that should make sitting on some cold bronze benches dangling over pools of water inviting, for the few weeks each spring and fall when it won't be too hot or cold to remember anything.

How magnificent anything made of sound-deadening glass by I.M. Pei would have been. A space at the center of the hurlyburly to experience silence. Look at the sky. Sit in chairs.

But no, you were too busy propelling the propaganda in straight lines like a cartoon POW!

By the way, I don't buy your truck delivery facility. I'm sticking with weapon installation. In fact, I think you placed another one north of the Pentagon, in a cloverleaf not yet built even.

But we've moved on past "missile battery," in any event. The physicists in the Pentagon's employ have obviously created much more interesting toys for warriors like Pinch to play with. Do you know what the buzz is in Judy Wood circles? Your directed energy weapons come with another new discovery-- an unlimited source of free energy. Now think about what a wonderful world of material abundance and blessings we'd have if we put that to work for us, instead of increasing power into the hands of a few.

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