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January 26, 1891, New York Times, Russia's Christianity; Rabbi Gottheil Says a Word On the Persecution of Jews,

January 26, 1891, New York Times, Russia's Christianity; Rabbi Gottheil Says a Word On the Persecution of Jews,

The Rev. Dr. Gustav Gottheil delivered an address entitled "An Earnest Word to Christians," a the Temple Emanu-EL yesterday morning. The persecution of the Jews in Russia and the absence of any united effort on the part of Christendom at large to prevent such a state of things as exist there Dr. Gottheil referred to as a standing reproach to Christianity.

After summarizing the charges that are brought against the Jew---that he is exclusive, that he is not an agriculturist, that he is a consumer and not a producer, and that he is not apt in the mechanical arts---Dr. Gottheil brought in rebuttal the facts in relation to the treatment of Russia's population of 5,000,000 to 6,000,000 Jews by the Christian population which represents nearly one-quarter of Christendom,

Said the doctor: "How does Christianity appear in the light of these proceedings? How can Christianity allow its name to be tarnished in this manner?

Let me quote to you an extract from an article by a Christian, Mr. E. B. Lanin, in the Fortnightly Review. He says:
"'Any one of the measures employed against the Jews would be enough to "convert" three-quarters of the Christians of Russia to Shamanism or Buddhism in a week, and the fact that about six millions persecuted and miserable wretches remain steadfastly faithful to a religion that causes their life to be changed into a fiery furnace without the angel to keep it cool is the nearest approach to a grandiose miracle that has been vouchsafed to this unbelieving generation.'
"My appeal is that Christians study what passes before their eyes before they again condemn the Jew. The pulpit of every Christian church in the land should ring with protest against such degradation of humanity."


The article above isn't found on any of the research collections online, like the two hundred 'Six million Jews'' allegations from 1900 - 1945 (dated July 14, 2012), the 236 references to "6,000,000 Jews", (dated March 23, 2013), and the 271 references to "6,000,000 Jews" prior to the Nuremberg, (dated February 8, 2012), lists which strangely grow smaller as time passes. But hey---that's metaphysics for you.

I would like to contribute a discovery to the intelligence work underway. This article has an apparent reference to the trip to the ovens the Jews were collectively to undergo. There is a charming tabulation of Jewish faults---like being clumsy with their hands, or reaping what they had not sown---but as an accounting for why they endured such enmity it's irrational.

I thought I'd made a discovery with the oldest reference to six-million Jews I found in the New York Times, since it's also not on any of the lists:
October 31, 1869, New York Times, page 8, Religious Intelligence,
But tthe had already done a separate page on the mystical significance of the number turning up so early in print.
A quick study has turned up several other articles which are not included in the compilations, like an important Sunday Times Magazine piece:
August 27, 1911, New York Times, page 41, Ritual Murder Libel Encouraged By Russian Court, by Herman Bernstein,
To my thinking, it reads like nonsense rather than successful propaganda---like the list of professions prohibited to Jews, "restrictions that should be introduced..." However, several pages at Wikipedia use this article as a sole source to prove "racial discrimination" against the Jews. But if you want to see real racial discrimination, peruse editions of the Chicago Tribune from 1946 to see how differently African-Americans were treated while Jews kvetched.

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