Friday, December 16, 2016

Go Esther! Go Rachel!

"Within a few minutes after Joseph Barondes began to speak he had every one of the 500 women in the temple on the verge of hysterics by the vivid picture he painted of the atrocities in Russia.

"He, and the members of the Jewish Defense Committee, of which he was secretary, he said, were in closer touch with conditions in Russia than any other persons in this city, and he said he could not send words of pacification to the men who had written him how they had been chained to posts and made to view the murder of their wives and daughters and sisters.

"'Let me tell you, and let me tell the Russian Government, that every day we are sending from here young men, supplied with funds and able to purchase arms," he said, " who will go back to Russia to defend the women of their families. We stand ready to so equip and supply every young man who seeks to go , and when he arrives there he can be assured that there are many of his brethren, more than 100,000, who are leagued together to bring about the downfall of the Romanoff's.

"'Kishineff," cried Mr. Barondess above the sobbing of the women and the encouragement of the men, "brought about the fall of Port Arthur, and so Odessa and all the other blood-stained districts will bring about the fall of the Romanoff's and the liberty of the whole Russian people. Like the Jewish women of old, I ask you to give what you can to relieve the distress, the sickness, and the destitution that exists in these places, but I ask you, wo, to give, if it be but a penny, to the fund that will lsend to the Jews that seek to protect their own families, even at the cost of their lives, the weapons and the ammunition that they need and that they are daily beseeching us to send."' 

What military, penitential, or pedagogic reason could there be for a victor in a struggle to secure the fighting age men he'd vanquished "chained to posts," expressly so that they could be made "to view the murder of their wives and daughters and sisters." Not only does this leave a potential future opponent alive--- he's free to tell the story to large, Jewish audiences in metropolises around the globe. And when he comes back he'll be even more incensed because he's pussy-deprived.

What makes this prophetic revelation of a Bolshevik revolution funded straight out of Temple Emanu-El especially real is the fate that befell the five daughters of the Czar, females who were disposed of discreetly, without surviving witnesses.

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