Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rev. Jim Jones's Alternative Considerations of Life and Suicide

Not that either of us is trying to say much of anything here. But allowing him the normal human range of variation in mood and outlook, at least makes Jones sound more real, and less dogmatic.

Recordings of Cult Leader Jim Jones on the Nation of Islam and Scientology,
Research: Ishmael Bey, Professor I Self, Leila Wills,
Audio: Jonestown Institute
@ 21:25 point (San Francisco sermon, 1973)
Who likes, who likes surveillance? Who likes to have to have inquiries at a door? Who likes to have to have security patrols? Not us. But we're just going to show you that we think enough of us that we want to stay alive as long as we can. I personally have the necessity of staying alive because a great deal orientates around me as a focal point. I’m not in love with this world that much, of this earth plane and its incongruities. I'm not that much in love with it, but I will stay alive and fight to stay alive because of you. I feel I owe that to you. People talk about dying on the cross. That's a great, great heroic sacrifice. I say living is much more of a sacrifice than dying on a cross. Because if I could die on a cross and save all you people from some real or imaginary sin, I would say get me the cross and put it down on the ground quick and nail my hands as fast as you can because I'd be glad to save by one act. So living for you takes a lot more guts, and a lot more grace than dying for you. So I'm going to stay alive for you the best I can to protect you 


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