Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blog Repository For Arguments That the Jonestown Population Was Overstated By a Factor of Two

This is the theory Occam's razor would say was the simplest solution to the---no matter how you look at it---odd discrepancy in a dearth of deaths. I should think Americans thought their Guyanese tools would be going along with the plan to bury in situ. But apparently, moral scruples, or the fact that politicians are elected in a socialist system as well as in a democracy, caused a line to be drawn in the alkali soil against the incessant Yankee yammering.

I'm not stylistically opposed to letting the Black Watch and Green Berets have their much desired wet work, to let off steam, especially if Felicity Thrash is the best example we have from the camp of innocent "masses." But I'd rather indict a political system that had Sen. Alan Cranston announcing there were 150 orphans missing on the state's dime, only to be overruled by a county-level graft manager.

So, in any event, here's my first proof---can anyone say Pampers? No? Because you have to wipe your own butt with emptied cement sacks? Well, I guess then a minimum of three loads of laundry per week for the working-aged and I don't know about the young and old. Remembers, we're six miles away from the nearest body of water, so don't imagine you'll be beating anything against a flat rock. From now on  it's going to be about mildew, and fungal infections--toe jamb, crotch rot and scalp itch, pink eye. Try drying even the hand towels with the heat given off by the cookstoves. What ya think? 1,200 or 600 tops?

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