Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Google Loves Me

This I know, cause my StatCounter tells me so.

For hundreds of search terms relevant to the attacks of 9/11 in New York and Arlington, Google consistently returns hits to StevenWarRan blogs in the top ten results. Although the search results can vary from day to day, many specific terms have remained permanent fixtures for several years now at the top of the list, and this blog post is a quick tabulation with links to over 100 searches by name or phrase, which currently come in at number one, along with a couple hundred extra that placed or showed.

Many of these terms will return multiple StevenWarRan blogs, which can rather dominate the findings. Not bad for the marginalized and ignored work product of a mostly unaligned truth researcher whom nobody likes, or gives feedback to. Here are a few searches that found their way to me recently:

when did the pentagon get hit? 1
bucket brigade 9/11 1
Robert Novak, inside job 1
The Finnlist 1
Pentagon Columns 1, 2 & 3
90 West Street, 9 11 1
American Media Headquarters Anthrax 1

Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Ann Coulter 1
Margaret Falk 1
Richard Scheier 1
Chief Joseph Pfeifer 1
Chief John Perrugia 1
Danny Suhr 1
"Chief Albert Turi" 1
John Schroder WTC 1
Darren Harkins 1
Kevin Shea, Todd Maisel 1
Vincent Danz victim 9/11 1
Ricky Flores 9/11 1
Kevin Allen OEM NYC 1 & 2
Paul Rieckhoff 911 experience 1
Paul Milora 1, 2 & 3
Louis J. Briendel 1
Jim Macmillan 9/11 photos 1
Jordan Schuster NYU 1
Michael Allen Noeth 1
Ron Moser OEM 1 & 2
Todd Maisel, The Hand 1
Jeannieann Maffeo 1
Ronald Clifford Marriott 1

Blair Bozek 1
Penny Elgas 1
Sgt Carmen Burgess 1
Dawn Vignola 1
Aziz El Hallan 1
Father Stephen McGraw 1
Tim Timmerman Pentagon 1
"Isabel James" pentagon 1
Lieutenant Commander David Tarantino, 1
Jason Ingersoll 9/11 1, 2
Stuart Snyder 9/11 1
Kevin Rimrodt 1
Courtney Platt 911 1
Jim Chesnutt 9/11 1
Hillery Smith Garrison 1
Daniel McAdams pentagon 1
Michael Garcia, Pentagon photos, 9/11 1
David Pheall, Carl Mahinken 1
Sgt Nate Orme, Army Reserve 1
Dan Lopez, the daily progress, 9-11 1 & 2
Deb & Jeff Anlauf Pentagon Amoco 1 & 2
Eric Gundersen, National Security News Service, 9/11 1 & 2
Jared Hansbrough 1 & 2
Daryl Donley 1 & 2
Juana Arias, 9/11 1 & 2
Dave Slatter, 9/11 1 & 2
Van A. Harp, Arthur Eberhard, FBI 1 & 2
Dewitt Roseborough 1
Firefighter William Dunleavy 9/11 1
Will Morris, associated press, pentagon attack 1
Heather Cabot pentagon 1
Omar Campos pentagon 1
Jude Rothschadl 1
Don Chauncey 1
Tony Knouf 1
Jocelyn Augustino  9/11, 1
"Larry A. Simmons" 9/11, 1
Michael Kleinfeld pentagon 9/11, 1
Martin Smith-Rodden The Virginian-Pilot 1, 2, 3
Jen Schauer, riskus 1, 2 & 3
Pentagon eyewitness General John Jack M Keane 1
SSGT. Brian Boisvert, ASAF 9/11 1, 2 & 3
U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Louis Briscese 1, 2 & 3
James A. Parcell, 9/11 1, 2 & 3
critical thrash message board 1, 2 & 3

Is Peter Hanson a real person? 1
Jeff Johns, Transit Authority foreman, 1
Bill Cosgrove 9/11 attacks NYPD 1 & 2
transcript William Cosgrove call 9/11 1
Orio Palmer, smoking gun 1

I'm often found working the same research ground as some of the good folks who post at the Reality Shack forum, and I'm glad their work is also getting the kind of recognition it deserves in Google returns alongside mine. They are definitely good company, and the best of a bad lot:

Simon Hytten 1, 2, 3 & 4
reality shack 1
Max Konrardy 2, 3 & 6
Phil Jahan 1 & 2
let's roll forums 6
vicsim 1 & 2

Allan Dodds Frank, CNN 2
Louis Nevaer  2
Mohammad Abdi 2
Lynn Spencer 2
Bronston Jones 9/11 2 & 3

Firefighter Dean Beltrami 2
Eunice Hanson 2
Chief Daniel Nigro, 2
Paige Farley Hackel 2 & 3
Firefighter Zachary Vause 9/11 2, 3 & 4
Peter Turnley and David Turnley Photographers 4
Chris Sanseviro 2, 3, 4 & 5
Rick Newmann, 9/11 3
Thierry Meissen 3
Ed Fahey, NYFD 3
9/11 missing persons posters 3
the falling man Norberto Hernandez 2
Gwendolyn Briley interview 2
Jan Gadiel wall street 2
where are 9/11 airplane fragments 2

Lloyd England 2
Mike Buchanan 2
Dan Pantaleo 2
Bernard and Sinita Brown 2
Jim Varhegyi 9/11, 2
Luke Frazza pentagon 2 & 3
Janice Ann Jackson, pentagon 2, 3
Trent Munson 2, 3
Tomi Rucker, D.C. firefighter 9/11 2 & 3
Mark Faram 2 & 3
Fred Gaskin, pentagon 911 witness 2 & 3
"Dave Winslow" AP reporter 2 & 3
Justin Scott, ACFD 2 & 3
Paul Haring 9/11 2, 3 
Trent Munson Virginian Pilot 2 & 3
AP photo pentagon Tom Horan 2 & 3

Meghan Daly, Ted Brennan 3
Jules Naudet jumpers 3
Edward Fahey NY firefighter 3
Firefighter Richard Boeri 3
"David Handschuh" 3
Peter Hayden 9/11 3
Melissa Trumbull, windows on the world 3 & 4

I get lots of [putative] attention for my work dealing with the securities firm Cantor Fitzgerald, and that is good. The overarching fraud is more transparent within this fiefdom, which can be spotted and grasped:

mary kimelman cantor and fitzgerald 1
james quinn of cantor fitzgerald brooklyn, ny 1
aaron horwitz cantor 1
James Quinn 9/11 cantor fitzgerald 1
michael dominique cantor fitzgerald 1
bryan bennet cantor fitzgerald 1
dominique denardo cantor fitzgerald 1
Sean Schielke, cantor 1
samantha weiss cantor fitzgerald 1
Eric Sand, Cantor Fitzgerald 1
Marina Romanova Gertsberg, Cantor 1
Aaron Horwitz, Cantor 1
Elaine Gentul 911 2
CEO Howard Lutnick walked kid to kindergarten 1 & 2
Claudia Trevor, 9/11 1 & 2
Heidi Olson Cantor Fitzgerald 2
James A. Gadiel, Cantor 2
Amy O'Doherty 9/11 2
Scott Rohner, Cantor 2
Goldstein cantor fitzgerald 3
Douglas B. Gardner, 9/11 Cantor Fitzgerald 3
Lourdes Perez Berkeley 3
Matthew C. Sellitto, Cantor 3
Joshua David Birnbaum, Cantor3
Joshua Reiss 3
Connie Chung, Howard Lutnick 3
Joshua Vitale, Cantor 3
Ann de Sollar 3
Liz Gallello 9/11 4 & 5
Marc A Murolo, Cantor 4
Maureen Meehan Darien 4
Cantor and Steven Goldstein 4
Bryan C. Bennett, Cantor 4
Andrew Rosenblum cantor fitzgerald 5
Robert J Shay, Cantor
Stephen M. Bliss, Cantor 6, 7 & 8
Brooke Alexandra Jackman, Cantor 10

When your results come in at number three, it's no big deal! Still no need to strain your scrolling tendons.

Don Wright pentagon 3
Andrea Roane 3
Lark McCarthy 3
Father Stephen F. McGraw 3
Christopher Landis suicide 3
Michael Garcia pentagon 911 3
Paul Marshall, Arlington Firefighter 3
Kevin Schaeffer 2001 3
Heesoon Yim, AP, 9/11, 3
board crewcial 3
Jocelyn Augustino 3
Robert Van Antwerp christian 3
Steve Riskus 3 & 4
Nastasha Makshanov 3 & 4
Brian Boisvert usaf 3 & 4
Gary Bauer 9/ 11 eyewitness 3 & 4
Louise Kurtz pentagon victim 3 & 4

Amy Waldman, 9/11 4
Jennifer Steinhauer, 9/11 4
the falling man 4
Kevin Sutavee 4
Aman Zafar 4
Brian Birdwell 9-11 4
Ron Sachs photography 4
Bill "Pinch" Paisley 4
Noel Sepulveda 4
Captain David Thomas 9/11 4
"Charles Burroughs" pentagon mwaa 4 & 5
Luke Frazza photojournalist 4 & 5
Donovan Upchurch honor guard 4 & 5
Hyungwon Kang pentagon 4 & 5
Father Mychal Judges chauffeur 5
Anthony Correia, 9/11 5
Bob Franken, pentagon 9/11 5
Larry Simmons pentagon 5
General Van Antwerp 5
Spc. Jacqueline Kidd pentagon 5
Michael Kleinfeld 9/11 5 & 6
Glen Petit 9/11 6
Timothy Martins 6
9/11 missing posters 6 & 7
Sean Boger pentagon 6
Steve Gerard pentagon 6
James Nachtwey 9/11 7
Phil Hirschkorn, CNN reporter, 7
John Valceanu 9/11, 7
Chris Plante, pentagon 7
James S. Robbins 7
Gary Coppage 9/11 7, 8
Audrey Barnes, FOX News D.C. 8
Calvin Drayton 9/11 9
Richard Benedetto, Gannett, 10
Lauren Ashburn, 10
Army Staff Sgt. Chris Braman 10

My focus has remained fairly narrow as I've explored over the past five years the attacks in New York and Arlington, but one area I stumbled across seems to resonate with whatever forces there be, which determine the outcome of these sorts of things. [And I don't know how to say that in any other way!]

This has to do with the long history of Israeli and Jewish false-flag attacks in general, and what I take to be a particularly Jewish role in leading any mendacity. I paint with a broad brush to the best of my ability here, and the facts are clear to me, even if the outcome is in doubt. My thesis provides evidence of a structural system by which an international war-based financial plot, such as 9/11, could be hatched by the tens of thousands of its participants, with an even larger number of the silent and damned who felt powerless to oppose it. I consider this work to be integral to uncovering the conspiracy of 9/11, although some will accuse me of muddying the waters with an off-topic slur as a disinformation tactic. Tough. Google loves me---and it would seem obvious, especially for my efforts in this direction. If I am wrong I have only myself to blame.

1991 scud attacks 1
number of deaths caused by rocket attacks on Israel 1
Israeli Michael Duwer 1
Iraqi Scud missile Israel apartment building 1
Eichmann shot baby? 1
James Wenneker Von Brunn, false flag 1
David Ray Griffin, holocaust 1
scud missile Israel false flag 1 & 2
Ashdot rocket 1 & 2
videos of Iraqi scud missile into Israel 2
Patriot missile hit Ramat Gan 1991 2
Lech Walesa, Lejba Kohne 2
Martin Sommer Nazi 2
jack werber 2
Goering Nuremberg the big lie 3
Katyn Nuremberg trial soviet 3
Irit Shitrit 4
Wilton Sekzer 4
Ira Rennert 4
Mohammad Abdi 4
why were scuds casualties so low 5
Israel rocket attacks deaths 5
Janet Langhart Cohen, William S. Cohen 5
hamas+bomber+dressed+orthodox+jew 6
James Bennet NYT
Israeli deaths rocket attacks 8
Israel lied about rocket attacks 8
Iraq Israel missile 1991 9
Stephen Tyrone Johns funeral 9
The Nuremberg Tribunal 10
Beber Vaknin 10

Can you believe I got on the first page with a search term as general as "The Nuremberg Tribunal"? What's up with that? But it's a good point to mention that those proceedings were not Trials---Nuremberg, having more to do with the outrages and abuse we see in the sham Guantanamo legal system, than with the rule of law we must expect in a democracy.

However, I do have a few complaints for you Google. Several searches are in sorry need of improvement or repair, and maybe if I ask you for help publicly you'll be able to work your magic algorithms to my benefit.

For instance, put "Don Hewitt 9/11" into Google and a stevenwarran blog does indeed return at number one---however it's the wrong blog, containing only an outline of the information I intended to convey, which is summed up in the title: "Major Television Networks Suspend Competition at the Suggestion of 60 Minutes Producer Don Hewitt 'Share Footage of 9/11 Terrorist Attacks'" This is a reposting of a little known article by the AP's television writer, which literally spells out the technique the broadcast industry used for command and control of the international airwaves.

The blog that Don Hewitt is currently misdirected to, is about Beverly Eckert---another name which Google sadly fails to provide stevenwarran his usual mojo. The piece does need to be updated with a reference to Timothy Martin, the wandering, junior G-man posing as a punk pilot, who happened to work the Colgan crash scene for unknown reasons---that is until he clumsily outed himself by his own hubris.

Another wonderful name which Google ignores my contribution on, is Barbara Honegger, the military writer and historian. I have changed the name of my blog to incorporate the important information that it signals: "Barbara Honegger Reveals the Secret Bunker Under the Pentagon. The Secretary of Defense’s fortified basement Counterterrorism Center (CTC) lies directly under the spot Hani Hanjor crashed into the Pentagon on September 11th 2001. What are the chances? This is a really important and little known fact, so I'd welcome some positioning."

I also get nowhere with "Lech Kaczynski, Katyn"----I think because I spelled the name with a stress mark on the letter n, like KacziƄski.

I wrote a charming [but unknown] piece about Andrea Mitchell on 9/11, and I see no signs of life for over 80 Google return pages. Please rectify, if possible, as it contains useful facts.

What's so hard about "Andrew Garcia, Flight 93"? Usually you're so good Google, but here, I really think you must be getting money under the table to look the other way. Help!

I'll save other complaints for another day, because truly, I'm grateful. But get busy, pronto! You're desperately needed by someone who thinks he's saving the world!

On Edit, November 29, 2010:

An article by David Segal in the November 26, New York Times titled, "A Bully Finds a Pulpit on the Web," speaks in an oblique way, I believe, to the phenomena of how my blog places so high in Google search results.

Ostensibly, the article is about an online retailer of designer eyeglasses who achieved prominent placement on Google search returns due to bad business practices and behavior, such as "flout[ing] the conventions of courtesy, which he does with such a perverse flair that it can seem like a kind of performance art."

That phrase caught my eye. I've often wondered if my blogs didn't represent a kind of performance art in their approach to understanding the truth of false-flag undertakings such as 9/11. And I imagine, surely critics would use the word "perverse" to describe some of my conclusions.

The premise of the article is
"that Google is unable to distinguish between adulatory buzz and scathing critiques when it scours the digital universe and ranks the best and the brightest,"
which thus unfairly benefits bad guys over good guys. We're told that "for competitive reasons, Google won’t disclose whether its algorithm includes 'sentiment analysis.'"

But the rationals offered for the method by which Google ranks returns doesn't seem to apply to my case. We are told that
A crucial factor in Google search results, the spokesman explained, is the number of links from respected and substantial Web sites. The more links that a site has from big and well-regarded sites, the better its chances of turning up high in a search.
Furthermore, Google has an "augustness scale" that favors "large Web advocacy sites," which must mean the most popular and orthodox sites.

That certainly does not describe me or my work. Even within the far-out environs of the 9/11 truth and skepticism movement I am almost totally ignored and unreferenced in any serious or substantial way. That the thousands of web personas who work the 9/11 research field alongside me, who claim the same high ground of truth as I I do, would neglect to integrate their work with my own, either in condemnation or praise, means only one thing to me---ultimately, they must be comprised of falsehoods.

I might think my contributions were going nowhere if it were not for Google. I have some ideas about my relationship with Google, but I'll save that for another day. Suffice it to say, I used to work by putting rough drafts of blogs online, and then further editing the work, but I had to give the practice up. It seems Google ranks everything of mine almost instantaneously.

I hope I'm not being tempted to hubris in this matter. Several important topics I write about fail to manifest the same high average Google scores. Maybe they're simply judged to be poorer efforts. What I can know for a fact, is that given the stakes, none of this is arbitrary.

Here are a few recent searches that came my way...
"Not [on] the tippy-top, where the paid ads are found, but under those, on Google’s version of the gold-medal podium, where the most relevant and popular site is displayed."
caterair and 9/11, 1
Terry Wright Herald Dispatch, 3
Palestinian hanging, 5
Captain William Bennett acfd, 4
Julie Sweeney widow, 1
marines save babies at the pentagon, 1
pentagon mezzanine, 2
art lost on 9 11, 4
jewish officers at katyn, 2
Barry L. Ritholtz, 9
maxho, 3
edward grogan, 2
father francis grogan, 1
simon schochet, 2
9/11 missing flyers, 1 or 3
pentagon basement, 2
U.S. Park Police 9/11, 14

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