Saturday, November 13, 2010

The 9/11 Photo Record is Entirely a False Construction

How to prove it? Take a look at these images of the fire department response on September 11th, 2001:

(Check out my blog Rare View of Liberty Street Before the South Tower Fell for an additional image.)
Now compare the look and feel of the level of activity on 9/11 with a view taken on West Street by Allan Tannenbaum after the first WTC bombing on February 26, 1993.

Or how about these three images by Brian Fountain taken at the Deutsch Bank Fire on August 18, 2007:

I felt the 9/11 images out of New York were doctored since I saw this Peter Turnley image taken from a spot above the Brooks Brothers store in 1 Liberty Plaza on the night of September 11th. Look at the earth-mover resting on a dust-free street. I figured the foregrounds were taken in advance so as to have a supply of stock elements on hand to piece together the imagery.

Giveaways come from bad acting. Like the policemen warning the fleeing pedestrians to cover their heads, since it made for better images.

A primary reason the debris field images were doctored was because there wasn't enough debris left after much of the steel had been dissolved by unknown weaponized means.


  1. [Moved here from Luke Frazza is de Bomb]

    JC Kelly said...

    Well, for the sake of playing devil's advocate, I'll post a question about the fire apparatus:

    Couldn't it be possible that since an inordinate amount of falling debris was unique to the events of 9/11 and not the other two events, it contributed to the decision of the FDNY not to park the majority of the fire trucks right in front of the building? Didn't Chief Pfeifer radio a staging area of Vesey and West Street for incoming units?

    Additionally, couldn't timing have played a role, in that a person in one of those buildings was probably only likely to stay taking photographs for a few minutes before deciding to evacuate, perhaps prompted by the 2nd plane hitting?
    Monday, November 15, 2010 12:11:00 AM

    Why yes, J.C., your points may be valid. We don't know when the photos were taken within the sequence of the events, but my larger point has to do with the volume of the response. Was the Bankers Trust fire a five alarm fire? If falling debris was an issue only on 9/11, then why do some apparatus park directly underneath WTC1? In 1993, wasn't there any concern the buildings might topple [that was the intent, we are told.]

    Both the 1993 WTC bombing and 9/11 attacks were manufactured and staged events. The Bankers Trust debacle is what happens [organically] when you play with fire [figuratively.]

    I think my points are valid and they still stand, but thanks very much for your input.

  2. You're ignoring one important thing. It's quite possible that the first trucks that got there parked right out front, then once the first responders reported that debris and bodies were falling, they started staging the rest nearby. That'd explain why there's only a few vehicles hanging around.

    I have to be honest, I can't take most of this blog seriously. I'd pick out specifics but I'd be here all day. There's a difference between thinking that the government had a hand in 9/11 and being paranoid, and the fact you believe that almost every single thing that happened that day was directed by the government (and it all went off without a hitch or a single person coming forward about it in ten years, including the "fake" victims) indicates you're far to the wrong end of that spectrum.

    You've got a solid case for the government being involved when you look at the science. Meanwhile it just makes you look batshit when you start talking about nobody actually dying and the firefighters being in on it and the jumpers being mannequins or whatever other crazy shit you believe. If there's never an actual non-bullshit investigation into 9/11 in our lifetime it'll be the fault of people like you for making the truth movement look like a bunch of paranoid lunatics.

  3. Interesting perspective. Though how do you account for the thousands of emergency vehicles supposedly destroyed in the collapse of the Twin Towers? Obviously, the powers-that-be eventually got them in place for their photo op, no?

  4. According to the New York Times, the vehicle staging area for emergency responders was located at 6 WTC which is why you don't see very many emergency vehicles directly in front of the towers and Marriott. Except for the very first responsers to the scene, the rest were located one block north at WTC 6.

  5. Just an FYI, the 1993 WTC bombing was originally dispatched as a transformer fire, not as an explosion. It was not originally thought or known to be a bomb so there was no reason to believe the buildings would be falling down. Had they known it was a bomb intended to bring down the towers they would not have parked so close.