Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Both Sides Are Manipulating Us

OMG! Ozzy is going to be so proud of me!

The following video, ostensibly of anti-Israel demonstrations in London following the ill-advised boarding of "The Freedom Flotilla," contains grotesque and sophomoric manipulation of the crowd scene meant to enhance the appearance of size, and size matters in demonstrations, if nowhere else.


At the 0:21 second mark, note the threesome who pass by: with a man in a green windbreaker looking at his cell phone and the woman who takes a drag on her cigarette. They are followed by a young, thin, grinning man wearing horizontal stripes.

Then note at the 1:07 mark the exact same threesome pass by, with the same woman taking the same drag on her cigarette, followed by the same shit-eating-grinning fellow.

This is not an one-minute-and-thirty-four-second demonstration---it is a forty-seven-second demonstration played twice! Cheap, tacky manipulation! Long live Israel! L'Chaim!

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