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James Bennet of the New York Times Misses the Jew

Will you be as appalled as I was when I noticed that Mr. James Bennet, writing in the New York Times in August 2003, 'Bombing Kills 18 And Hurts Scores on Jerusalem Bus,'---which covered one of the most horrific suicide terrorist bombings in Israel's history---an attack which became known as the "Shmuel HaNavi bus bombing," for the ultra-orthodox Jewish neighborhood where it occurred, and the Haredi Jews who comprised 19 out of the 20 fatalities---had omitted a salient fact in the story.

Bennet wrote that the "Israeli police said the bomber was from Hamas," however, he added, this "Palestinian attack" was "claimed by members of both Hamas and Islamic Jihad" factions. In such a context it's odd for Bennet to fail to mention what other reports did note---the evidence the attacker had disguised himself by dressing up as an ultra-orthodox religious Jew.

Over the years, there have been other stories of suicide bombers in Israel who dressed up as Hasidic Jews in order to blow themselves up. On September 5 last year, Bennet's colleague at the New York Times, Clyde Haberman, published an article with a title, 'Man in Orthodox Jew's Garb Sets Off Blast in Jerusalem.'

Bennet's article was datelined August 19, while the attack itself only happened at nine that evening. He faced contradictory claims about the attacker's political allegiances. The police had quickly identified the responsible party based on an ID card found in the rubble---and apparently he was sufficiently known to the authorities they could safely vouchsafe his role in death, if not actually prevent it in life, even with Hamas' denials.

Chris McGreal, writing in The Guardian, 'Palestinian suicide bomber kills 20 and shatters peace process,' came to exactly the opposite conclusion as Bennet.
"Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility in a phone call to Associated Press. The organization had threatened retribution 'like an earthquake' for the Israeli army's killing of Ahmed Sidr, its commander, in Hebron last Thursday...Hamas said it was not involved. 'We are committed to the truce. I don't know who carried out this action,' said Abdel Aziz Rantisi, a Hamas leader. But Israel swiftly called off a plan to hand back four West Bank cities to Palestinian control."
It will only be a short while after this interview before Israel targets Rantisi with assassination.

Bennet gets it right---what's at stake for Palestinians by not courting peace, given the possible repercussions in the David and Goliath power dynamic---best expressed by the Palestinian leader,
"In Gaza City, the Palestinian prime minister, Mahmoud Abbas, told reporters, "I declare my strong condemnation of this horrible act that doesn't serve the interests of the Palestinian people." Mr. Abbas said he offered "my real sorrow" to the families of the victims
So why does Bennet accept uncritically a statement and video provided by the "Hamas cell in Hebron," which enthusiastically dishes up the facts of the matter?

If you take at face value a statement made in Arabic such as "we are proud to offer ourselves and our lives and our houses as a present to this religion," would it still be true if were delivered in Hebrew? Do Jews have more to live for?
"Breaking off security talks tonight, Israel froze all contacts with the Palestinian leadership after the bombing. A senior Israeli official said Israel would probably seal Palestinians into their cities and towns again on Wednesday, reimposing tight travel restrictions that had been loosened somewhat as the peace effort took hold in recent weeks."
Sometimes Bennet just sounds like a conduit for Israeli arrogance and bias
''Israel cannot be the perpetual testing ground for peace proposals that the Palestinians fail to implement," said Dore Gold, an adviser to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon."

"Fireworks burst over Hebron tonight as Palestinians there celebrated the bombing."
I don't buy for a minute the video as legitimate; his pose with gun and Koran; the grandstanding language switch from Arabic into English; abandoning his young family and pregnant wife, while she stays on-message, avowing, "All his life he was saying, 'Oh God, I wish to be a martyr.'"

Aug. 19, 2003 - The attack takes place in the midst of a "cease-fire" declared by Palestinian terror groups and on the eve of a planned transfer of several West Bank cities to Palestinian Authority control.
A Palestinian suicide bomber, dressed as an Orthodox Jew, strikes on a Jerusalem bus.
23 murdered, including several children. More than 100 are injured.

June 11, 2003 - The attack comes a week after the "road map" peace process is launched at a summit in Aqaba, Jordan, with the leaders of Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the United States. A Palestinian suicide bomber, dressed as an Orthodox Jew, blows himself up on a bus. 17 murdered.

Man in Orthodox Jew's Garb Sets Off Blast in Jerusalem By Clyde Haberman

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