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False Flag Scud Missile Attacks, Circa 1991, Something Similar, Circa 2010

"To reveal the false flag nature of reality, and to forgive the perpetrators of it"---my own personal mission statement.

A new proof has presented itself---that Israel was responsible herself for the Scud-missile attack on her homeland during the first Gulf War in 1991. Call this one both false flag and Munchhausen syndrome!

I found the following eleven images from a Life Magazine series after a Google search for 'scud missile remains.' Several of the captions are dated November 12, 2001, so the publishing date in Life Magazine would have to be over eight months after the First Gulf war ended.

The picture below displays some classic 9/11 attributes---like a severe disconnect between the actors poses, as they studiously ignore the large piece of still-hot debris, which has just landed at over 5000 miles per hour, but failed to make a dent in the macadam.

"Israeli Army troops surround the engine of an Iraqi Scud missile soon after it landed January 19, 1991, in the town of Ramat Gan, Israel."

"An Israeli army officer inspects the wiring in the tail section of an almost whole Iraqi Scud missile November 14, 2002 in an Israeli Defense Forces base in central Israel, where the remains of the 39 missiles Iraq launched against Israel during the 1991 Gulf War are displayed.

But I think it was the caption above, which generated the rush of adrenaline, what John Gartner of Psychology Today would call my schizophrenic dopamine release, which comes after breakthroughs in researching the events of September 11th. Why did I think it a weird concept to say, "the remains of the 39 missiles Iraq launched against Israel during the 1991 Gulf War are displayed."

"An Israeli army officer inspects the wiring in the tail section of an almost whole Iraqi Scud missile November 14, 2002 in an Israeli Defense Forces base in central Israel, where the remains of the 39 missiles Iraq launched against Israel during the 1991 Gulf War are displayed."

"American troops stand guard where they deployed Patriot anti-missile batteries March 11, 2003 on beachfront lot alongside an airport in north Tel Aviv, Israel."

"Israeli men wander through the ruins of their apartment building the morning after it was destroyed by an Iraqi Scud missile February 12, 1991, in the town of Ramat Gan, Israel."

This is an obviously staged or doctored photograph of the single name in the public record of any of the wounded Israeli casualties from the first Gulf war back in 1991. Having had my eye trained in fraudulence and manipulation by the researchers at the Reality Shack forum, I instantly recognized it for what it was.

"Israeli Michael Duwer is buried alive in the ruins of his home shortly after it was hit by an Iraqi Scud missile February 12, 1991, in the town of Savyon, Israel."

A little white plaster dust in the hair would have been a good decoration. Any high-school drama department would understand this concept.

"An Israeli looks at the ruins of an apartment building the morning after it was destroyed by an Iraqi Scud missile February 12, 1991, in the town of Ramat Gan, Israel."

Writing in PajamasMedia on April 30, 2010, 'Scuds in Lebanon: Israel’s Déjà Vu, Again and Again,' Lenny Ben-David, said
"In the first days of the 2006 war in Lebanon, the Israeli air force succeeded in destroying 54 of Hizbullah's mid-range Zelzal missile launchers (approximately half the range and half the warhead of the Scuds). Many of the Zelzals were deployed in civilian neighborhoods ...Presumably, Hizbullah will hide the Scud launchers better than it concealed the Zelzal launchers."
So, Ben-David's loosed lip bit of privileged chat, if true, reveals that it's not so hard in 2010 for professional military folk, backed by real intelligence, to ferret out and dispose of any sort of installation as this, whether mobile-launched or fixed site.

So why does Dan De Luce, when discussing the same issue recently, make it look so hard? Is it because it's the same people presenting both sides to every argument? In Tracking smuggled Scud missiles not so simple: experts,' [Agence France Presse, April 22, 2010,] he informs us that the American military was unable to locate and extinguish Sadam's Scud missile sites in Iraq.
"In the 1990-91 Gulf war, allied aircraft -- along with US and British special forces on the ground -- struggled to track and take out Saddam Hussein's mobile Scuds, which were hidden in gullies and culverts and quickly shifted out of sight after any launch.

"We flew thousands of missions to try to destroy Saddam's Scuds which he was firing at Israel and Saudi Arabia. After the war we discovered we had missed every single time," said Bruce Riedel, a former CIA officer and fellow at the Brookings Institution."
But if true, might it not be because there weren't any Scud missile sites in Iraq to destroy?

Mr. Riedel sounds really tapped in and and very credible, and I thank him for his quote. All the other sane and moral men and women in the American military have also awakened to an understanding---of any of us, they were handed the worst cards in the deal.

It has been interesting watching the reaction in the media over the past month concerning this charge made by Israel, who accused Syria of transporting part of their stock of anti-ballistic Scud missiles into positions in Lebanon, under the control of Hezbollah.

Since Haifa is 79 miles from Beirut [126.94km], and 88 miles from Damascus [142.4km], they both are equally within the range of attacking Israel, so what was the motive for moving the covert munitions across an international boundary?

We must detach from listening to the Israeli narrative in any case, because it's so laced with lies. I thought it creative when a piece in the New York Times laid out a plausible arms-sale scenario that providing Hezbollah with an alternative source for better rockets. The article from August 7, 2006, 'A Disciplined Hezbollah Surprises Israel With Its Training, Tactics and Weapons,' begins with this paragraph:
"On Dec. 26, 2003, a powerful earthquake leveled most of Bam, in southeastern Iran, killing 35,000 people. Transport planes carrying aid poured in from everywhere, including Syria. According to Israeli military intelligence, the planes returned to Syria carrying sophisticated weapons, including long-range Zelzal missiles, which the Syrians passed on to Hezbollah, the Shiite militia group in southern Lebanon that Iran created and sponsors."

"But Iran, so far, has not allowed Hezbollah to fire one of the Zelzal missiles, the Israelis say."
But this penchant for Israeli's to write both sides of the dialogue can become absurd. In 2006, during the forth week of the Israeli-Lebanese war, the same Times article above reported that
"Some Israelis say they believe that Syria has provided Hezbollah with the Russian-made Kornet, laser-guided, with a range of about three miles, which Hezbollah may be holding back, waiting for Israel to move farther into southern Lebanon and extend its supply lines."
We are told Hezbollah possessed two types of missiles, but failed to make use them, then had them confiscated---so what is the reasoning Israeli intelligence could give us?

Such glaring flaws in the logic of the Israeli storytelling riddles their narrative. For instance, the earthquake story reminds me of a similar explanation Israel offered for the sudden and dramatic increase in the range of the Hamas rockets fired from Gaza, in the six months prior to Israel's Cast Lead incursion into Gaza.

The theory Israeli authorities offered attributed a doubling and tripling in Grad missile firepower to a brief window of smuggling opportunity, which occurred when a temporary breach in the security fence between Egyptian and Gaza opened up in January 2008---blown, we were told, by Hamas militants. Hundreds of thousands of Gazans surged across the border into Egypt to shop---in response to their deprivation under an Israeli embargo on basic foodstuffs and necessary supplies. Like the earthquake relief flights, this opening provided Israel with a convenient rationalization. That in hindsight it sounds overwritten, means it was.

On this map, we see the range of the standard 122-mm Grad rocket indicated at 20.4 km, so an alternate "standard" Grad range twice that distance was inserted, albeit in the same caliper of jet fuel.

The next diagram implicates a larger circle of accomplices--like the entire worldwide network of intelligence agents, and figures in the military-industrial complex. The "WS-1E" refers to a Chinese rocket which Global Security tells us wasn't available to Hamas.

The recent story about the Scuds was seeded into an obscure Arabic-language daily newspaper in Kuwaiti called Al Rai Al Aam,

Since then, the central claim, that 33-foot-high Scud missiles, weighing 2,200-pound each, were moved into Lebanon, has backtracked and morphed. That Israeli knew they were making a false accusation, with grave consequences, is unassailably clear to me---as is the likely political motivation for the act. It is in keeping with a larger pattern of self-serving deceit that is fundamental to the worldview of the Zionist entity. Once you recognize this nature, there is no going back.

Given the context of the times, this misstep may prove to be of a profoundly unfortunate---it is the sort of error which can't be handled as before. The people who control our collective perception of reality---the media, corporate operators, politicians, military and intelligence, literally unfold it before us---but their blend-brushes, which once tamed the rough first drafts of history, have become clogged by the variety of information publicly available in the internet age.

That a Jewish methodology exists which consists of artificially creating an existential threat and then "reacting" to solve it, has long been my understanding of the Mideast situation, and most likely the earlier history of the Jews too.

In January, 2009, I began posting blogs about the synthetic, false-flag nature of the Hamas rocket attacks launched out of Gaza into Israel, which gave rise to a the collective Palestinian punishment of savage Israeli reprisals. In Israel Fakes Rocket-Fire Fatalities in Order to Launch Offensive Against Palestinians, Israel's Transparent Bullshit Justification for Invading Palestinian Gaza, and A. B. Yehoshua, I begin to make the case that things are not what they seem to appear; that Israel is not an innocent victim reacting honorably to her hostile surroundings, but in most cases, if not all, she is the operative agent provocateur, and the Casus belli of her fate.

Let us remember that the crowning glory of Zionism was not the establishment of the state in 1944, but the conquest of the Temple Mount in 1967. How convenient for Israel to have encountered Arab aggression! Cui bono!

Repeatedly, officials acknowledge that they cannot prove that Scud missile batteries were set up so close by, when instead they should be asking themselves to disprove an existence. Certainly, the job would entailed some "chatter."

When intelligence agents start sounding dumb, I think of the failures of September 11th, and the rational for invading Iraq.

A May 4, article by Jeremy Scahill in The Nation, speaks to an intelligence gathering effort in Afghanistan, 'Were US Special Forces Involved in the Arrest of Faisal Shahzad?'
"A US Special Operations Force source told me that the planes were likely RC-12s equipped with a Guardrail Signals Intelligence [5] (SIGINT) system [6] that, as the plane flies overland "sucks up" digital and electronic communications. "Think of them as manned drones. They're drones, but they have men sitting in them piloting them and they can be networked together," said the source. "You have many of them--four, five, six of them--and they all act as a node and they scrape up everything, anything that's electronic and feed it back." The source added: "It sucks up everything. We've got these things in Jalalabad [Afghanistan]. We routinely fly these things over Khandahar. When I say everything, I mean BlueTooth would be effected, even the wave length that PlayStation controllers are on. They suck up everything. That's the point.

"Guardrail has been used for years by the US military. In recent years, particularly in Iraq an Afghanistan, the military has also used the "Constant Hawk" and "Highlighter" aerial sensor platforms. All of these programs have recently undergone a series of upgrades."
Israel's ability to surveil their antagonistic neighbors is probably at least equal to their ability to data-mine my ATT telephone account.

I still haven't gotten around to my explication of the most important piece of evidence which suggests that at least the component of the Scud missile attack on Israel in 1991, if not the entirety of the 1rst Gulf war, was a faked, false-flag enterprise. That would be the statistically impossible dearth of any significant casualties caused by the attacks. Sounds like 9/11?

But some wonderful intellectuals working at M.I.T.'s Defense and Arms Control Studies program have beaten me to the punch. In a scholarly article, "CASUALTIES AND DAMAGE FROM SCUD ATTACKS IN THE 1991 GULF WAR," the three authors, George N. Lewis, Steve Fetter, and Lisbeth Gronlund, give a short title to the work: "Why were Scud casualties so low?" It's wonderful work. You can find it here : Here's a sampling:
"The 39 modified Scud missiles that reached Israel directly killed two people and injured about 230 more. Almost all of the injuries were light, with only ten classified as moderate and one as severe. The number of Israeli deaths and serious injuries produced by the modified Scud missiles at first glance seems remarkably low compared with previous ballistic missile attacks. In fact, the total number of direct deaths and serious injuries in Israel was less than that caused by just one average missile impact in London or Tehran."
Little do this threesome realize that even the figures they are using as casualties have been inflated. For instance, many report that there were no deaths resulting from the Scud attacks---likewise the 230 figure also includes the dusty and the dazed. I wonder what they will think of my new theory.

The Kuwaiti daily newspaper, Al Rai, in Arabic Hussain Abdul-Hussain in Washington, DC.

The Al-Hussein travels at speeds of 2,000 to 2,200 meters per second,
Operation Dessert Stoker, Data Does Not Exist to Conclusively Say How Well Patriot Performed --

"Military personnel examine a Scud missile shot down in the desert by an MIM-104 Patriot tactical air defense missile during Operation Desert Storm. Date May 26, 1992"

"Israeli school children, taking part in a nationwide civil defense exercise, wear gas masks as they are evacuated by soldiers in full chemical warfare suits from their school February 19, 2003 in the central Israeli town of Or Yehuda, close to where Iraqi scud missiles landed during the 1991 Gulf War. Israel continues to prepare its population for a possible Iraqi missile strike if U.S.-led coalition forces attack Saddam Hussein's regime."

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