Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lynn Spencer's Big Beautiful Breasts - Touching History in All the Right Places

For the hottest in Lynn Spencer girl-on-girl action, visit Equus. "You'll never go back."
Equus: The Outing of Margaret Falk

Hey! Lynn Spencer Got Married and Moved to Michigan!
Where they know her as Rollo--the One-Eyed Truck-Stop Momma. She'll Wear Your Shit Out!

For the sheerest experience in the "alternate" scene---be careful when she straps on that big
Retouching History: Running the Alternate Lynn Spencer Persona

Over 18, Our little Lolita will slur her Ssssss's all over your Author's Plots.
Lynn Spencer: Authoress and Pilotess

XXXX Meet Lynn Spencer in your hometown tonight! XXXX

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  1. This post both confuses and arouses me at the same time. What this has to do with anything on this blog is beyond me but im always greatful for any random photography of big naked breasts.