Monday, July 20, 2009

Good Grief: Who Wrote Your Stupid Narrative?

There was no damage in the A and B rings---none at all! No fire, no smoke, no rescue, no drama---nada. Why would somebody need to escape out this window in any case? This is the fourth floor, so it's not likely you're going up or down from here. Or will the claim be someone needed in? At base, can't they see the real message this photograph delivers? "Oh look Martha, damage! Let's take a close-up!"

You stupid, stupid simulators! Give us back our money! Go back to your bunkers and play your video games, with your pumped-up techno-music death feeds blasting into your helmet's speakers, and take your amphetamines and your anti-psychotics, and don't forget to wear your Pampers, because when you satiate your blood lust and squirt out watery projectile diarrhea in your cock pit, it can get messy.

All of you are losers at the game of real life. We're tired of your movie. Get out of our cave now.

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