Thursday, April 30, 2009

"the 9/11 pentagon conspiracy" (9815 views) Thread From 2005 is Back in Circulation! Let's Go for 10,000 Views Gang!

Press here. Little NooB Grant J. from Cornell University had this to say:
    Grant J. posted this on April 29th, 2009 @ 10:48:26 pm

Amazing thread which I have not read until now. This alone made it worth not doing work I desperately need to do:
"Perhaps an explanation for Riskus’s time lag could be that he only roused himself from a deep dope lethargy"
I didn't make it any further due to laughing so much at "deep dope lethargy".

Ha! I will drag your IP address through the numerological mud my dear! One minute and 20 seconds to devote to stevenwarran? You little bitch.

Hi McDuh! I have a Bimbo shirt too, except mine's short sleeve because my dosha is pitta. So, what's your point in this photograph? Not filling out your tees in the shoulder department yet? What about that male pattern obesity thing? You have good taste in women but horrible taste in eyewear! San Fransisco can be so provincial darling! Steady there big guy!

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi before I jetted off to Rome for two weeks in May. Simon Shack has invited me, you see, to come stay in his crumbling mansion outside of Rome. I don't think I'll be live blogging from there---I'm sure you understand---nor Twittering much for that matter.

When I was in Costa Rica for two weeks in March I was going to blog about all the operatives who were desperately trying to penetrate my assets---and now I've gone and forgotten all their names! I real writer would have taken notes!

Anyway, so I shared my Top Secret files with the nice Canadian number, and he deserves a cash bonus for a job well done. He certainly was creative in preserving the goods, and a really sweet guy in the bargain. Keep em comin' asymmetrically!

So why do I look like I have the hangover?

His friend, the Polish physicist with the Oxbridge accent, was also very nice, but just in his own way. I say $10,000 in an envelope would be good for him.

I didn't know that I could act like such a mule sometimes! Flying into Costa Rica from New York, then traveling into Nicaragua, and then back into Costa Rica---all in the same day---would leave me looking so suspicious. The frontier guard (and I'm talking mean grimace and big School-of-the-America's biceps,) just laughed and laughed at me. I made daddy laugh!

I must tell you BCO'ers, that retiring from the Hurley-Burley of the rat race at age 50, combined with an upgrade to first-class travel, sure is a splendid payout for job well done. I hope that you all get the same treatment. But that's enough about you. Where do you think I should go for my two-week trip in July?

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