Sunday, April 05, 2009

9/11 Blogger Can Eat My Dust

The hateful website that can't mention my name lest they lose their Jim Hoffman franchise. Well, they can have him. The following partial list of search terms return stevenwarran blogs AT NUMBER ONE! So let's see who wins! 9/11 Flogger, or the WAR RAN. (I've got to get my Blair Bozek numbers up, I admit. And I need to stay humble.)

lauren ashburn
ira rennert
danny suhr
jared hansbrough
father stephen mcgraw
allan dodds frank
calvin drayton
donovan upchurch
james nachway
hillary smith garrison 3
tim timmerman
brian birdwell
steve riskus 3
chris plante pentagon
michael garcia pentagon
"eric gundersen"
eric m jones
mike buchanan pentagon
jude rothschadl
james s. robbins pentagon
dawn vignola
ron sachs pentagon
"kurt sonnenfeld"
david tarantino 911
andrea roane pentagon
gary bauer pentagon
margaret falk
maj. dan pantaleo
father mychal judge pentagon
bernard brown pentagon
sgt chris braman pentagon 9/11
carmen burgess 3
blair bozek pentagon 4
steve riskus 3
bob pugh videographer 5
lloyd england
fred gaskin pentagon 911 witness
jocelyn augustino photographer 3
aziz elhallan
hyungwon kang pentagon 3
justin scott,acfd 2
lori grinker jew
juana arias pentagon
albert turi
bob houlihan pentagon 3
mark faram
kevin allen oem nyc
christopher “kit” landis
bill cosgrove 9/11 attacks nyc pd 2
dewitt d roseborough iii
dave winslow ap reporter 5
james a. parcell pentagon
brian boisvert pentagon 2
isabel james pentagon
luke frazza pentagon 2
mohammad abdi 2
dan lopez, the daily progress, 9-11
chris sanseviro
penny elgas
charles burroughs pentagon mwaa
will morris 911 2
brian mulheren 3
bco ian meyer
dave thomas us navy
daryl donley
what time did the pentagon get hit in 911
beta theta pi secrets
beyond pearl harbor novak
critical thrash
pentagon columns
ron sachs photographer
ap photo pentagon tom horan
trent munson virginia pilot
So Flogger is pimping thermite big time now. That very well may be true, but so is dustification, seen right before our very eyes, in video and still images. Also, how does thermite disassemble the nuts and bolts of the big beams, the way directed energy weapons did?

Just a question for the big boys. Ta, men.

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  1. I’ve produced a portable summary of the major 9/11 truth claims in the form of a 240×320 pixel image– just the size to fit on a cell phone display. You can read it while you commute.