Monday, February 02, 2009

Hamas' Point of View

A good source for "the other" point of view (Hamas') is found at “Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades
They do a much finer job of maintaining their equilibrium than I do. They acknowledge their rocket attacks, but they are most frequently against military targets, (and Israel doesn't help, interchangeably calling a site a kibbutzim or a military base, all the while pointing the finger at Hamas hiding behind civilian shields.) And Hamas doesn't get into pissing contests denying the 40-kilometer rocket attacks Israel attributes to them---in fact, they don't even say the name of their opponent, lest it empower them---it is always just "the Zionist entity."
At that Hamas web site I found this,
"Where is the courage of this army, which fought by the technology from the air and from inside the tanks against people [who] just have a few weapons and equipments, the strange thing that the Zionist army is the only army in the world who used diapers, which means very clearly (Pampers), they do not dare to go down to the field to confront the men."
The English is bad, but even so, I don't think Hamas understands what's going on here. I Googled "military wearing pampers into combat" and only one relevant link returned, a YouTube of the same Brigade making the same charge. Israeli Soldiers Wear Diapers.

It's funny, because I think I know why they are wearing diapers. One time I was copping crack on upper Amsterdam Avenue and before the connection was completed, I got so excited at the prospect, I shat myself with explosive diarrhea in the car, and had to drive home like that. Minor impediment in that game, mind you, which is the closest I've ever come to warfare.

I think the Israelis (and the Americans in Iraq) wear diapers because in the actualization of their blood lust, in the fulsomeness of their high-tech killing, in the orgiastic moment of the annihilation of their opponents, they literally can't control themselves, tantamount to an orgasmic coming. These men and woman love the murder that they do. It is not precise, it is not proportional, it is lied about afterward is all, to minimize it for civilian consumption. The shit just explodes out their asses. This is the truth.

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