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Fires Burn the DoD, the IRS, and the CIA in Building 7

In addition to the evidence seen in a half-dozen photographs depicting fire on the east face of World Trade Center Building 7, emitted out windows on floors 11 and 12 (the floors occupied by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission,) other photographic and video evidence showing the west facade of Building 7 indicates fire and damage on the 24th and 25th floors. Those floors were occupied by three tenants: the United States Department of Defense, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, and the Central Intelligence Agency.

It would also appear that some of the evidence that would support this conclusion was doctored and suppressed in order to hide the fact.

I've thought that the following photograph released by the New York City Police Department appeared doctored to make it look as if an improbably large chunk had been taken out of the southwest corner. Any supporting evidence, like a clear and unambiguous photograph from the south, is strangely missing from the record. But equally relevant is an apparent dissembling concerning the two floors of burnt out windows we see at the top of the image. What floors are they?

There are no photographs in the record taken from a slightly southwestern vantage point equal to this image taken from a slightly southeastern one. But here we can establish the form of the structure and the belt courses of fenestration. We see 41 courses of windows sitting on top of a five-story base, with an unseen mechanical floor at the top counted as floor 47.

Applying that knowledge to this image with a clear view of the western facade but a completely obscured view of the southern facade of Building 7, we can count down from the top window course, number 46, to arrive at two fire-damaged floors, counting them as floors 28 and 29, which were leased to the brokerage Solomon Smith Barney. But, I believe this image has been deliberately tampered with to defeat such a purpose. It has been photoshopped in order to remove four entire window courses between the burned area and the top of the building.

My evidence for this comes from an official source: the first attempt at a study or review of Building 7, the FEMA report from May of 2002, Chapter 5 WTC7 (Ramon Gilsanz, Edward M. Depaola, Christopher Marrion, Harold "Bud" Nelson,) where it says:

"It does not appear that the collapse of WTC 1 affected the roof, or the east, west, and north elevations of WTC 7 in any significant way. However, there was damage to the southwest corner of WTC 7 at approximately floors 8 to 20, 24, 25, and 39 to 46, as shown in Figure 5-16, a photograph taken from West Street."

Photograph 5-16, unreproducible here, taken by the fire department insider Steve Spak, shows the southwestern corner of the building from about floor 11 to floor 27. Below floor 11, the supposedly chewed off corner of the building is completely obscured by obdurate smoke. But what is most clear and unambiguous are the pair of floors isolated from other damage by several unaffected floors. There is no other choice but to attribute these as floors 24 and 25, both of which were leased to three federal government agencies; the Central Intelligence Agency, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Department of Defense.

The following is a YouTube video depicting active fire coming out these windows on the western face of Building 7. I'd found the video posted at the web site gateway to respectable authority.

Debunking911 says that:
"This video shows a large rip in the south side of building 7 before it collapsed. Evidence the building was far more damaged than conspiracy theorists suggest. Note the smoke coming directly from the rip and not building 6 as conspiracy theorists suggest. At 1:33 Min into the video someone says (Firefighters and police were the only ones allowed in the area so it is most likely a firefighter or policeman) "Look at the hole in that building... 7 world... that might come down". Anyone seeing this and suggesting no one knew the building was going to come down is lying."

The videographer plants himself squarely on West Street and doesn't stray an iota to break into a view of the south plane of the building. That an official (like Steve Spak?) took the video is assured, but the chance commentary debunking911 quotes, which also likely came from a semi-official, is off a bit. What I heard said is "there's a hole in that building. There's something wrong with it. That building is coming down."

However, this recent mysticalgrove video compiles the smoke-photoshopped footage from the ABC network, but it pans up and down the gash like debunking911 will only wet dream about.

Read the following blog and take a look at the south face of Building 7 as seen through a broken window in an image by James Nachwey. I think there's a hole in that story, there's something wrong with it, and this conspiracy is coming down.

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